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Where is the 2022 World Cup being played?

by Kevin Richard | by Kevin Richard

image Where is the 2022 World Cup being played?
The 22nd World Cup finals will be held from 20 November to 18 December 2022 in Qatar. It will bring together the best national teams in the world and see most of the top players in the world taking part. Throughout the tournament we'll be producing top quality 2022 World Cup betting tips

2022 Football World Cup : Stadiums Map

2022 Football World Cup : Stadiums Map

The competition will take place in five cities in total, with eight  stadiums that have been built or renovated for the occasion. With stadiums ranging in size from a minimum of 40,000 to a maximum of 80,000, the matches will be held in some of the most modern stadiums in the world. Want to know which stadiums your World Cup predictions will be played on? Here's a look at the stadiums for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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Khalifa International Stadium

Khalifa International Stadium 2022 FIFA World Cup

Built in 1976, the Khalifa International Stadium is the most iconic stadium in the country. The stadium has been renovated for the 2022 World Cup with a capacity of 40,000 seats. It is equipped with advanced air-conditioning technology, which will allow the players and the public to enjoy the event in ideal conditions. It is located in the centre of Doha!  As you can see below, there are some key games being played in this stadium. We'll be writing World Cup betting tips for each and every fixture.

Matches taking place

  • England-Iran (21/11)
  • Germany-Japan (23/11)
  • Netherlands-Ecuador (25/11)
  • Croatia-Canada (27/11)
  • Ecuador-Senegal (29/11)
  • Japan-Spain (01/12)
  • Round of 16 n°1 - 1A vs 2B (03/12)
  • Match for 3rd place (17/12)

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The Al-Bayt Stadium

The Al-Bayt Stadium 2022 FIFA World Cup

The Al-Bayt Stadium, located in the city of Al-Khor, 60kms from Doha, is probably the most difficult to access for fans. It is advised to go there by taxi or bus. With a capacity of 60,000, it is the second largest stadium staging matches in these finals. This inlcudes the opening match of the 2022 World Cup, Spain v Germany and one of the semi-finals, all of which will be covered in our 2022 World Cup betting tips service.

Matches taking place

  • Qatar-Ecuador (20/11)
  • Morocco-Croatia (23/11)
  • England-USA (25/11)
  • Spain-Germany (27/11)
  • Netherlands-Qatar (29/11)
  • Costa Rica-Germany (01/12)
  • Round of 16 n°3 - 1B vs 2A (04/12)
  • Quarter-final n°3 - W51 vs W52 (10/12)
  • Semi-final #2 - W59 vs W60 (14/12)

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The Al Janoub Stadium

The Al Janoub Stadium 2022 FIFA World Cup

Designed by the  world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, this 40,000-seat Al Janoub Stadium is located in Al-Wakrah, 20kms from Doha. A subway line has been specially created for the fans!  We will be producing World Cup 2022 betting tips for every game played in this stadium and that includes matches played by France and Uruguay.

Matches taking place

  • France-Australia (22/11)
  • Switzerland-Cameroon (24/11)
  • Tunisia-Australia (26/11)
  • Cameroon-Serbia (28/11)
  • Australia-Denmark (30/11)
  • Ghana-Uruguay (02/12)
  • Round of 16 n°5 - 1E vs 2F (05/12)

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The Education City Stadium

The Education City Stadium 2022 FIFA World Cup

The Education City Stadium is located on the campus of Qatar Foundation's Education City (this is where the name is from), 7kms from downtown Doha.The full capacity of 40,000 in will be split in two after the 2022 World Cup, where the other half will be reconstructed to other sports facilities. Some great games are being played here, including one of the quarter finals, don't miss our 2022 World Cup betting tips for that vital game.

Matches taking place

  • Denmark-Tunisia (22/11)
  • Uruguay-South Korea (24/11)
  • Poland-Saudi Arabia (26/11)
  • South Korea-Ghana (28/11)
  • Tunisia-France (30/11)
  • South Korea-Portugal (02/12)
  • Round of 16 n°7 - 1F vs 2E (06/12)
  • Quarter final n°2 - W53 vs W54 (09/12)

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Al Rayyan Stadium

Al Rayyan Stadium 2022 FIFA World Cup

Built on the site of an old stadium (Ahmed bin Ali), this new 40,000-seater gem Al Rayyan Stadium is located in Al Rayyan, next to the desert and just outside Doha. Once again, a subway line has been built to reach the stadium. That'll be used by supporters of countries such as England, Wales, Belgium and Croatia. Our 2022 World Cup betting tips will give great coverage of all those fixtures.

Matches taking place

  • USA-Wales (21/11)
  • Belgium-Canada (23/11)
  • Wales-Iran (25/11)
  • Japan-Costa Rica (27/11)
  • Wales-England (29/11)
  • Croatia-Belgium (01/12)
  • Round of 16 n°2 - 1C vs 2D (03/12)

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The Al-Thumama Stadium

The Al-Thumama Stadium FIFA World Cup

The Al-Thumama Stadium is also located close to Doha (12kms), the Al Thumama Stadium will accommodate up to 40,000 people during the 2022 World Cup. At the end of the event, the stadium will be cut in half and 20,000 seats will be donated to other sports facilities. This is another of the grounds that has had a subway line has been designed for the occasion. Make sure you read our betting tips on the World Cup for every game being played here and that includes a quarter final.

Matches taking place

  • Senegal-Netherlands (21/11)
  • Spain-Costa Rica (23/11)
  • Qatar-Senegal (25/11)
  • Belgium-Morocco (27/11)
  • Iran-USA (29/11)
  • Canada-Morocco (01/12)
  • Round of 16 No. 4 - 1D vs 2C (04/12)
  • Quarter Final 4 - W55 vs W56 (10/12)

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Stadium 974

Stadium 974  FIFA World Cup

Made from containers and reused materials, Stadium 794 is located in Doha with a capacity of 40,000 seats. It will be dismantled after the competition and the salvaged parts will be used for other projects. The stadium is right next to the sea, which will provide an exceptional setting. Also exceptional will be our 2022 World Cup betting tips on all the games including a great clash between Brazil and Switzerland.

Matches taking place

  • Mexico-Poland (22/11)
  • Portugal-Ghana (24/11)
  • France-Denmark (26/11)
  • Brazil-Switzerland (28/11)
  • Poland-Argentina (30/11)
  • Serbia-Switzerland (02/12)
  • Round of 16 n°6 - 1G vs 2H (06/12)

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The Lusail Iconic Stadium

The Lusail Iconic Stadium FIFA World Cup

The Lusail Iconic Stadium will be the biggest stadium of the 2022 World Cup. It will host not just a semi-final but the World Cup final on December 20. The stadium can hold over 86,000 people so a great atmosphere is gurateed. It is located in the city of Lusail (15kms north of Doha), a city that is a bit unusual. In fact, it was almost created and built for the event!  It's a stadium where history will be made, so don't miss out on our 2022 World Cup betting tips for all the matches.

Matches taking place

  • Argentina-Saudi Arabia (22/11)
  • Brazil-Serbia (24/11)
  • Argentina-Mexico (26/11)
  • Portugal-Uruguay (28/11)
  • Saudi Arabia-Mexico (30/11)
  • Cameroon-Brazil (02/12)
  • Round of 8 - 1H vs 2G (06/12)
  • Quarter-final n°1 - W49 vs W50 (09/12)
  • Semi-final n°1 - W57 vs W58 (13/12)
  • Final (18/12)

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With these eight stadiums, Qatar is thus equipped with exceptional conditions to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup  At the end of the year, the matches that you are going to try and predict the results of  will be held in these stadiums. Our 2022 World Cup betting tips will help you every step of the way,  The biggest sporting event of the year will be a major event at online bookmakers.

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