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Compare Football odds for better earnings

When we talk about betting, or more specifically, sports betting, odds have a very important role to play. They serve not just a reference but to show how popular the selection is in its market and an indication as to whether or not you should place a bet or not. The odds are a numerical value, corresponding to the probabilities that an event takes place during a sporting event. The higher the probability of something happening according to the bookmaker, the lower the odds. Take for example a football game between Liverpool and Crystal Palace. The odds for a Liverpool victory could be set at the decimal odds of  1.3 (3/10 in fractional odds which is one of several other ways odds can be expressed), for example, against 5.0 (4/1 in fractional odds) for a victory for Crystal Palace. When you know that the bookmakers multiply your stake by these fantastic odds to determine your winnings, we now understand why their role is important.

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How to calculate football betting odds?

As we have just explained, the odds for a football match will be calculated by the bookmakers with a football odds calculator, according to the probability of the event to which it is related occurring. To put it simply, an event with a high probability of taking place will not be given very high odds by the bookmaker  (ex: Odds of 1.30 for a victory of the Liverpool against Crystal Palace), unlike an event that is unlikely to happen (ex : Odds of 5.00 for a victory of Crystal Palace against Liverpool). The calculation of the odds is made by the bookmakers based on figures and statistics, in order to propose the best possible offer on the market.

On the side of punters, the football odds will allow for increased earnings. By multiplying the amount you wish to bet, by these odds, you will see the potential winnings of your bet. If you want to bet £100 on Liverpool to beat Crystal Palace (odds of 1.3), you can earn £130  gross if Liverpool win. If you would rather lean in favour of Crystal Palace and you bet your £100 on the success of Crystal Palace (odds 5.0), you could win £500 gross. The difference in potential earnings is therefore high depending on the bets, since the probabilities for the events to unfold are very different.

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How do I place a bet?

The odds are thus elements in their own right as far as sports betting is concerned. Importantly, these can vary in value from one bookmaker to another, for the same market. That's why it will always be useful to compare football odds before betting.

The first interest of ratings will therefore be to compare them, to grow your potential gains over the long term. Indeed, by making a comparison of these, you will be able to quickly check which sports betting site can offer you the best potential gains, according to the bet of your choice. Keeping the example of the football match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace, for which you want to bet on a victory for Liverpool. Before placing your bet, you decide to make a quick comparison among bookmakers: Bet365 offers a rating of 1.36 for Liverpool to win compared with only 1.28  at William Hill. In this situation, it will be better for you to bet £100 on the odds of 1.36 at Bet365, than that of the 1.28 offered by William Hill. Indeed, in the first case you can win £136 gross, against  a return of only £128  in the second. For the same bet, a difference of £8 will be earned, hence the interest of always placing your bets at the bookmakers offering the best odds on the market.

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Beyond this financial aspect, sports betting odds on a football match also have another interesting aspect: It will confirm or refute your opinions on a given meeting. Before the start of the match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace, it seems logical that Liverpool are favourites. After having seen the proposed rating (1.3), you realize that your opinion feeling is shared by bookmakers specialists. You are therefore reassured, and try your luck on this bet. This will not always be the case, however.

If in this meeting between Liverpool and Crystal Palace you realize for example that Bet365 offers a rating of 2.0 for a Liverpool victory, which is (probability of 50% that Liverpool win), while you evaluate it more to 1.3 (70% probability that the Liverpool wins), you can try your luck to maximize your winnings. Logic. This also makes the use of our comparator of odds interesting to use before betting on football.

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Best Football Odds: Multiply Registrations!

For the same scenario of the same match, different odds can be proposed by bookmakers. The interest of comparing seems obvious to maximize your earnings, as well as to register with many online betting sites. Indeed, comparing the proposed odds will not really serve much if you do not have a player account at all operators. Let's say you want to bet on the Premier League match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace: you can select ‘football odds today’ section on Bet365 and see that the bookmaker has a rating of 1.36 for a success of Liverpool, against 1.28 for William Hill. If you only have one account, you can therefore only potentially win £128, against £136 if you had an account at the first. Therefore there is very good reason to be opening multiple accounts with several bookmakers. In addition signing up with those sites will see you receiving welcome offers and other bonuses. 

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Now that everything is understood and you want to go ahead and place your bet on a football game, with the best odds. Our betting odds comparison clearly tells you which bookmaker has the highest odds on upcoming competitions and football matches. Our odds comparator allows you to compare the odds on your favourite competitions, just click on the heading of your choice: 

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