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Betting Odds Calculator

Calculate the total odds of your sporting bets and see your potential winnings with our odds calculator!

How do you calculate the odds on your sports bet?

We all wish to have fun when we place a bet when watching a sports event. Isn't it better if we can win some money as well?

Can you calculate how much you can win from a bet?  First you need to know the total odds, then multiply the stake by the odds. You know the potential winnings from a bet before placing it, regardless of the sport or competition on which the bet is based.

This quick calculation must be based on the total odds of the bet, whether we are talking about a single bet (on one outcome), a double bet (on two different events), a triple bet (on three different events) or an accumulator (on several events).

These total odds are obtained by multiplying all the odds that make up the bet, and are not always easy to calculate off the top of your head. That's where our odds calculator comes in.

How do I use our sports betting odds calculator?

In just a few clicks, our odds calculator gives you the total odds of your betting slip, and the potential winnings from it.

You can calculate the odds for a single bet, a double bet, a triple bet (sometimes called a treble), or an accumulator covering several events (also known as a combination bet).

It's easy to do, all you have to do is : 

  1. Select the type of bet
  2. Click on "Add odds" and enter them in the boxes

The total odds of your bet are directly calculated, and at the same time you have access to the “Stake” box to enter the amount you intend to bet.

By using this tool, you can see the winnings you can expect, as well as the net profit of the bet. What are you waiting for?

Calculate the odds and winnings on a single bet

With the SportyTrader odds calculator, you can determine the potential payout on a single bet. Simply enter the odds of your bet and the stake you intend to place with the bookmaker. 

You can see right away how much you can expect to win if your bet is successful, and the real profit on your bet.

Calculating the odds on a double bet

Do you want to bet on two different events at the same time? Whether it's the same sport or not, our odds calculator lets you know the total odds of your bet in a second.

All you have to do is enter the two odds corresponding to the two bets you are considering (e.g. 1.95 for Real Madrid to win against Sevilla, or 3.35 for Spurs to win against the Lakers in the NBA) and the “Total odds” box will show you the final odds of your bet slip (in the case of the example 6.53).

Calculate the odds of a triple bet

Our odds calculator offers you the Triple bet type. You can therefore calculate the total odds of your bet slip, when it is a combination bet of three selections.

It's easy: just enter the odds of your three bets in the corresponding fields, and our tool will give you the total odds you can bet on. It couldn't be easier! 

Calculating the odds of an accumulator bet

More generally, our odds calculator allows you to calculate the total odds of an accumulator bet, from 1 to over 100 selections.

In other words, you can calculate the odds of your sports bet, no matter how many events you wish to bet on at the same time.

To make an accumulator, you can simply enter the odds for each bet in the "Odds N" boxes and click "Add odds" if you intend to build on more. “Total odds” box will give you the overall odds for your bet and potential winning in the end. A real time-saver for punters!

What is the difference between the net profit and the total profit of a bet ?

On our tool, you can see two different types of winnings information: the total win and the net profit. So what's the difference between these two figures? 

The total win is the gross win on your bet. It is simply calculated by multiplying the total odds of the bet by the amount you bet. 

For example, if you bet €10 on total odds of 3.00, the gross win would be €30.

For its part, the net profit of the bet is the profit you can expect in the event of a winning bet. In other words, the money you actually win if you are successful, minus the initial stake.

Another example, if you bet €10 on total odds of 3.00, the net profit will be €20 (i.e. the gross winnings from the bet of €30, minus the initial stake of €10).

For your bankroll and your various prize pools on sports betting sites, it's the net profit that's more interesting. Don't forget that even in the event of a winning bet, your initial stake is spent when the bet is placed.

Why use our odds calculator and calculate the potential winnings of your bet?

Using our odds calculator allows you to determine the potential winnings of your betting slip, and whether or not it is worth betting with a bookmaker.

For example, if you realise that by combining 6 different bets the total odds are only 2.85, and the potential winnings €28.50 for a €10 stake, you'll probably think twice before placing this accumulator bet.

In betting, if you are betting on something as risky as a huge accumulator, it’s better for higher odds and therefore higher potential winning to compensate for the risk you are taking. In the example above, however, is it really worth it to risk losing €10 to win merely €18.50 net, when the chance of six bets all winning at the same time is fairly low? That's also what our odds calculator is for: you can see directly if you are making the right decision with online bookmakers.

By way of conclusion on the use of our odds calculator, we would like to remind you that it is important to always bet at the best odds on the market to obtain the best possible winnings. 

Use our odds comparator to find out how helpful it can be! Our odds converter is also at your service if you need to convert American or fractional odds into decimal odds.

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