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Champions League Betting Tips

Find our tips on all the Champions League matches and all the information you need to bet on the Champions League.

Champions League Presentation - Football

Champions League Betting Tips

The Champions League - or Champions League - is the most beautiful of all European competitions. Each season, it sees the best teams from Europe compete, who have earned their tickets thanks to their respective results on the national stage. For example, for France, the champion and 2nd place, and the club ranked third goes through barrages to get his sesame. The running of the finals is simple, eight groups of four teams are drawn, and the formations of the same pool meet at least once in home and away matches. At the end of the six days of this group phase, the first two are qualified for the round of 16, the third are qualified for the Europa League (find more on Europa League predictions) and the last are eliminated. Then follows a phase of knockout in round-trip meetings, until the final in the month of May which crowns the champion of Europe. Last year, as in 2016 and 2017, Real Madrid was crowned in the Champions.

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Champions League experts predictions

Champions League Prediction

What we will remember above all for the Champions League is that it is very prolific! Last year, for example, 3.21 goals per game were scored on average throughout the competition, better than in the previous edition during which 3.12 goals were scored per game. Let it be said, if you want to win your bets on the competition it will be necessary to bet on goals in the Champions League!

The other important information for the Champions League is the number of victories at home. Last year, and the figures are similar for the past five seasons, nearly a match in two ended with a success of the locals (44%), against less than 30% of wins away . If you are unsure of an uncertain meeting, then lean more towards a home team success. The rating will certainly be lower, but the probabilities of much higher earnings, and that is what counts to be profitable in the long run.

Then, and this goes back to what we mentioned earlier, this competition is without a doubt one of the most spectacular competitions in the world, either in terms of play or goals scored. Know that nearly six games out of ten have had +2.5 goals in the past season, and the figure skyrockets to 7 out of 10 in the final phase! The odds of bookmakers being often beautiful, we do not hesitate to combine several over the Champions League. Even an average bet of £10 can pay big! Do not forget for the season 2018-2019.

On the contrary, if you are fond of betting on exact scores we advise you to limit your bets on the competition. In the Champions League more than elsewhere, the results are very heterogeneous and vary enormously from one group to another. However if you want to try it know that last year 17% of matches ended on a 1-2, the largest ratio of the competition with the "0-2". Difficult to bet on this kind of market so, turn rather towards the bet "Goal of the visitors", validated in 60% of the meetings during the last exercise.

Another key stat in the Champions League, the goals after the hour of play. In the Champions League more than in any other competition, it is the interval 60'-75 'which is indeed the most spectacular with 25 % of total goals last year. A huge ratio - a goal in four - which is explained by the fact that the teams play for everything in the last moments of the meetings. The odds for a goal in this slice of game often running between 2/3, go for it! Expert advice.

Finally, for your prediction on the Champions League, it will be necessary to take into account that last year, during the final phase, 58% of the teams that received the second leg have qualified for the next round, ie almost 6 cases. 10. When the football experts say that receiving the return match is a chance, their word is rather reliable.

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How to predict Champions League matches

salah liverpool

After having discussed the statistical part, which should give you some indications for your bets, let's talk now about the unavoidable stages to realize before placing your bet on the Champions League. Already, it will of course be necessary to analyze the shape of the teams, and especially that of the executive players present on the pitch. For example, last year when he wore the colours of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo could do it all on his own for Casa Blanca, evidenced by his huge ratio of 1.16 goals / match in the competition for 5 years. If stars such as Lionel Messi, Neymar or Mohamed Salah do not shine in recent weeks with their clubs, it will be necessary to think twice before betting.

In the same vein, watching injured and suspended players will also be important before predicting a Champions League match. If a major player (eg Sergio Ramos at Real Madrid) is unavailable for a game against a big opponent, it could obviously weigh on the final result of a match, regardless of the stage of the competition.

Then, of course, it will be necessary to take into account the real interest of the meeting. For example, if a favourite team has already qualified for the round of 16 in the pool phase, and its underdog opponent plays its qualifying ticket, it may be necessary to favor a bet on the latter, more interesting than the first one. who could turn his staff. Same reasoning for the knockout phase. If a team beat their opponent 6-0 in the first leg, we will avoid playing on their return win.

Finally, it will of course compare the odds on the Champions League before placing your bets on the competition. You are not unfamiliar, sports betting sites usually offer different odds for similar bets. To ensure the best potential gains, you will need to increase the number of bookmakers, to take advantage of the best values offered on the bet of your choice. On an average meeting of the Champions League, Bet365 may for example offer a score of 2 on a victory of PSG against Bayern Munich, where William Hill will offer 3/2. In the long run, your winnings on the competition will inevitably be impacted.

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How to bet on the Champions League groups

Lionel Messi Champions League

Beyond the games themselves, know that you will also have the opportunity to bet on different groups of the competition each season. In the program for example, you can bet on the teams that will qualify in the round of 16 of this Champions League edition, as soon as the qualifying phase begins..

To succeed your sports bets of the kind, various parameters will be there also to take into account. In addition to the value of the teams present in the group, or their history in the competition, it will be necessary for example to look carefully at the complete schedule of meetings. Thus, if a formation meets a direct competitor at home on the last day (ex: Munich who meets Liverpool at home on the sixth day), it may be necessary to focus on their qualification in the final 8, or even their place of final leader.

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Betting tips on the Champions League top Scorer

Top Scorer Champions League

Another market that is often praised by bettors, the top scorer in the Champions League. Each year, you can find the best bookmamers offers on the individual who will finish top scorer of the competition, for the duration of the tournament. A type of bet that is also very popular, since the amount of money achievable through the best bonus as well as the odds are pretty crazy. If you want to try your luck, you will of course have to take into account the ability of your chosen player to score in this Champions League in recent seasons, the tactics adopted by his team (attack orientated versus defensive), And the number of games potentially contested by the latter. Indeed, if on paper Messi is less likely than Lukaku to score more goals, it may be necessary to favour the first rather than the second as Barcelona are more likely to play more games than Manchester United in the tournament.

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Champions League 2019/20: Our free betting tips

Who will win the CL?

It was Liverpool who claimed the 2019 Champions League title, the sixth in the club’s history. Jurgen Klopp’s side beat Tottenham 2-0 at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, with a penalty from Salah in the 2nd minute and a goal from Origi in the 87th driving the Reds to victory, just one year after their Final defeat to Real Madrid. This win also established Liverpool’s place as the most successful English side in the competition - with Manchester United following behind with three CL titles.Should the 2019/20 Champions League be as thrilling and full of surprises as this season’s edition, it seems that at the moment it is complicated to determine a clear favourite. As always, the transfer window will likely change the fortunes of many clubs, particularly those who struggled this season (such as Real Madrid and PSG). As usual, the big names of the competition will likely have their say - such as the reigning Champions Liverpool, Barcelona, Manchester City or Bayern Munich. Having qualified for the group stage, Europa League winners Chelsea and this year’s runners up Tottenham will have their work cut out for them - the forecasts are already looking intriguing.

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