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Europa League Betting Tips

Discover our detailed betting tips & predictions for the next matches in the 2018/19 Europa League of football.

Europa League Presentation - Football

europa league betting tips

The Europa League is the second most important European football competition. Less prestigious than the Champions League, it has nevertheless evolved over the past ten years to become a prestigious exercise and is increasingly followed. For proof, the last winners were Manchester United, Sevilla FC, Chelsea or Atletico Madrid. It brings together some of the best teams in Europe, thanks to their rankings on the national scene or their success in national cups. Once the group phase is over, the Europa League also sees the third team of each pool of the Champions League arrive for the round of 32. A rich and spectacular competition in itself, which could do a lot of good to your sports betting pools. Last year, Atlético Madrid won against Olympique Marseille.

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Europa League experts predictions

maurizio sarri

What you need to know about the Europa League is that it remains one of the most spectacular competitions in the world over time. Whether in the group stage or in the final phase, the overall goals average is 2.71, one of the highest in the world. Needless to say, the competition offers entertainment all season long, to the delight of fans of the genre, and sports tipsters who regularly try the "Over 2.5 goals" in their predictions Europa League.

Another important figure to remember to bet on the Europa League, is the bewildering number of draws. For many seasons, and this has largely been the case in 2017-2018, nearly one in four matches ends with a tied score, in 24% of cases to be exact. Given the odds offered by sports betting sites - between 2 and 10/4 - we will have to try this our luck with this bet, on more than one occasion for the 2018-2019 edition of this Europa League! For information, know also that during the last exercise 48% of meetings have resulted in home victories, against 28% of success of away teams.

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To bet well on the Europa League, it will also be necessary to bear in mind that it often rains goals. For example, in the last edition of the Europa League, 56% of the matches saw more than 2.5 goals in the match, and 21% more than 3.5 achievements. Bookmakers' proposals can be interesting so do not hesitate to try the over. In the long run, your bets will inevitably win!

Another key statistic of the Europa League, the offensive performance of away teams. Last year, 67% of the games had seen the visiting teams score at least one goal in the group stage, increasing to 70% in the final phase. A market that you will have to prioritize during your forecasts on the 2018-2019 season of the Europa League.

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Then, if you love to bet on goals by quarter of an hour, note that the Europa League is not like other competitions. Where in general the last quarter of an hour is the richest in achievements, the past three years, the time lapse 60'-75' has shown the most goals. A total of 26% of all goals were scored in this timeframe last year, so do not underestimate this market which is often offered at odds around 12/11 at different sports betting sites.

Finally, if you want to bet on the long term with the Europa League, just know that last year 13 scorers reached the tally of 5 goals in the Europa League, also know that 4 of the last 8 winners came from the group phase of the Champions League, and nearly 70% of the teams that hosted the 2nd leg last year qualified for the next round. To keep in the back of your head when betting.

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How to predict Europa League matches


Let's now discuss the subject that will interest you greatly: the parameters to be taken into account before betting on a match of the Europa League. First, you will already monitor the form and performance the strong players. By this we mean that a team will often depend on its greatest talents in European competition. If a player of the caliber of an Aubameyang is not in shape for Arsenal, then we must avoid betting too much money on a success of the Gunners against a trap team. In the same vein, suspended or injured players will have to be known before you bet, otherwise your pre-bet analysis will be completely altered.

Beyond the form of key players, the real intentions of the clubs will also be true pillars for your predictions on the Europa League. As you know, sometimes qualified clubs for the Europa League don’t try to win silverware, and focus more on national competitions. Especially during the group stage, if a club does not give you the impression of wanting to perform in this Europa League, you will have remove them from your bets on the tournament. Especially since from the start, teams considered "less strong" will want to shine to make a name for themselves on the European scene.

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Then, the stake of the match on which you wish to bet will be also determining for your sports predictions on this Europa League. For example, if a formation is already qualified for the round of 32 in the group stage, it will be necessary to avoid placing a play on it against a formation that can still hope to qualify. In the opposite spirit, remember that a meeting between two already qualified clubs can be important, especially for a first place finish with an easier route to the final at stake.

Finally, and we cannot repeat it enough, do not forget look at numerous sports betting sites and compare the odds before betting on this European competition. As you know, for the same bet, bookmakers can offer different odds. For your part, it will be necessary to have an account at different sites, to place your bet for the best potential earnings. Be vigilant, in the long run your earnings could be multiplied!

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How to bet on the Europa League groups


In addition to the matches themselves, know that you can also bet on different groups of the Europa League in 2018-2019. As every year, the bookmakers will propose to you to determine which teams will qualify for the next round, or even those who finish at the top of their group. A bet necessarily reserved for the first round of the competition, and which can sometimes be interesting in terms of the odds proposed.

If such a prognosis on the Europa League groups tempts you, know that there will again be some parameters to take into account before betting. For example, the calendar will be important and a team playing in the Europa League, considered a less strong team,  will be likely to drop points in the competition. In the same spirit, a club that wins their opening two games can also have a head start over their opponents. In terms of psychology and acquired points, it’s a good idea to keep in mind before betting on the groups of this edition of the Europa League.

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The 2018/19 Quarter Finals

As the Round of 16 has now come to an end, sixteens teams have progressed to the third knockout phase of the competition. The first leg of the Quarter Finals will take place on April 11th, with the second leg taking place a week later on April 18th. Plenty to look forward to, with two English sides in Arsenal and Chelsea still remaining in this years conpetition.

  • Arsenal vs Napoli
  • Slavia Prague vs Chelsea
  • Benfica vs Eintracht
  • Villareal vs Valencia

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Betting tips on the Europa League top Scorer


As on many competitions, online betting sites will offer you this year to bet on the top scorer of the Europa League. As we mentioned above, regularly the competition is raging in this particular classification and many scorers can hope to glean the title of top goalscorer. If you want to make a prediction on the top scorer of the Europa League, some simple rules will have to be followed for you make an educated guess.

For example, taking into account the usual tactics of the club to which the target player belongs will be intelligent. Despite all the talent of the World, if an attacker finds himself in a team playing the defense it will indeed be difficult for him to stack the goals in the competition. In the same vein, it will also be your choice to a player likely to play a lot of tournament matches. Thus, a scorer of a team that may go far in the Europa League will be favored for your prediction on the top scorer. A talented player for the likes of Slavia Prague will for example have less chance of becoming a top scorer than another playing at Sevilla FC.

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Europa League 2018/19: Our free betting tips


Finally, let's tackle an important issue for you: the big favourites of this edition of the Europa League. If it is still difficult to choose a favourite - the summer transfer window, the qualifications or the ambition of some clubs will be important - a handful of clubs seem cut out to go far in this European competition.

Chelsea, for example, or Arsenal, seem to be the two best teams to lift the trophy next May. If the Gunners play the game, they can also count on the presence of Unai Emery on their bench to perform, he who won 3 of the last 4 editions of the tournament. 

Who will win the Europa League?