Best bookmakers

  1. 1
    9.3 / 10 Our mark
    gift icon Welcome bonus
    Many matches on live streaming Usually the best odds on many sports Bet365 detail
  2. 2
    9.2 / 10 Our mark
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    Lots of special offers launched on a regular basis A wider range of alternative bets offered compared to the competition 888Sport detail
  3. 3
    8.9 / 10 Our mark
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    Superb sports betting offers Very high betting odds Betway detail
  4. 4
    8.8 / 10 Our mark
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    Large number of events to place bets on Good set of promotions available Karamba detail
  5. 5
    8.7 / 10 Our mark
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    The variety of competitions The quality of the live betting section Bwin detail
  6. 6
    8.6 / 10 Our mark
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    Traditional bookmaker and betting exchange A very practical "cash-out" system Betfair detail
  7. 7
    8.5 / 10 Our mark
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    A huge number of alternative bets A multitude of exclusive special offers William Hill detail
  8. 8
    8.2 / 10 Our mark
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    Established high profile brand. Deep menu of betting markets. Unibet detail
  9. 9
    7.8 / 10 Our mark
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    The level of the pre-match odds A large number of live bets Bet at home detail
  10. 10
    7.0 / 10 Our mark
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    Comprehensive range of betting opportunities on a classy website Extremely broad choice of alternative bets on football Sportingbet detail
  11. 11
    6.5 / 10 Our mark
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    The best bookmaker for beginners Competitive Money Line odds Betclic detail
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To experience an unforgettable gaming experience and multiply your winnings in sports betting online, each player of course searches for the best bookies to place their bets. If each sports betting site has its advantages, some obviously stand out and will be a priority when you register. On this page dedicated to the list of the best bookmakers, we offer you a comparison list drawn up by our experts, who will help you in your search for the top bookmaker.

What is a bookmaker?

But above all, what is a bookmaker? If you are new to betting and you are not yet familiar with this world of online betting, be aware that a bookie is professional gaming that will offer you to win money by betting on sports events, all in exchange for an initial bet. Originally from the United Kingdom, it has become popular all over the world, first physically, then online today via the heyday of internet sites. At sports betting sites, the principle is simple, each probability around an event is accompanied by a rating on which you can bet money. Let us say you want to bet on a Marseille win against Paris in Ligue 1. If the odds given for a success of the OM is 2.00 and you decide to bet € 10, you will get gross winnings of €20 from of the bookmaker in the event of a triumph. On the contrary, if PSG loses or the duel ends in a draw, your bet of € 10 will simply go to the bookmaker. This is the essence of sports betting, and more generally online betting.

To frame this market in the UK, an institution was born in 2013 called the Gambling Commission. It is an executive non-departmental public body of the Government of the UK responsible for regulating and supervising gambling. It keeps gambling fair and safe for all, and to ensure that the winnings of bettors will be well paid without abuse. It is for this reason that deciding to bet at a bookmaker off the Gambling Commission is strongly encouraging in the world of betting. Remember that your bank details, your identity or your gambling habits will always be required when registering on a betting site. If they are fully secured and guaranteed by an official state institution, you can rely on them with your details.

Comparing Bookmakers

Name Test security Service clients Transactions Ratings site Betting variety Mobile Live Global mark Visit
Bet365 9.0 8.0 8.5 8.0 8.0 7.5 6.5 5.5 9.3 REGISTER!
888Sport 9.2 8.0 7.0 8.0 7.0 7.5 7.5 6.5 9.2 REGISTER!
Betway 8.9 8.9 8.9 8.9 8.9 8.9 6.0 5.0 8.9 REGISTER!
Karamba 9.0 8.7 8.7 8.6 8.6 8.8 8.6 8.7 8.8 REGISTER!
Bwin 8.7 8.0 8.5 8.0 8.0 9.0 9.0 8.0 8.7 REGISTER!
Betfair 8.5 7.5 8.5 8.5 8.5 8.5 7.5 6.0 8.6 REGISTER!
William Hill 9.5 8.0 8.5 8.0 8.0 8.5 9.0 9.0 8.5 REGISTER!
Unibet 7.0 6.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 7.5 5.0 6.0 8.2 REGISTER!
Bet at home 8.5 7.0 8.5 8.0 8.0 8.5 7.5 7.5 7.8 REGISTER!
Sportingbet 9.0 8.0 9.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 7.0 7.0 REGISTER!
Betclic 6.0 7.0 7.5 7.5 8.0 7.5 6.0 5.5 6.5 REGISTER!
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As you can see in the comparative table above, different online bookmakers exist on the English market. If you are still advised to register at each of them to promote your earnings including, it remains important to know which site to take a habit of betting, and especially why. We explain here how we have established our ranking of the best online betting sites, with some of the criteria taken into account by our specialists.

In addition to reliability (financial strength), reputation (licenses obtained), the quality of transactions (means of payment accepted, fees on money deposits ...), or the offer of live bets, we analysed in a first time what really interests you, namely the level of odds. Whether on football, tennis, basketball or rugby, each discipline is open to betting on all sites, and is subject to betting. To rank the bookmakers in our comparison, we first took care of comparing the proposed values ​​on hundreds of proposals. To be concrete, if William Hill offers a score of 2.00 for a win against Marseilles Paris while Bet365 offers a rating of 1.80, the first bookmaker cited will be rated better.

Second important point to determine, is the best sports betting site, in terms of the quality of the site itself. Since you will spend many minutes, even hours, on the site of your choice, the proposed interface is of extreme importance to us. Whether it is the quality of the design or the navigation performance (loading time of a page, fluidity, intuitiveness ...), many aspects are in the line of sight in this criterion and will be essential for your experience. After many tests, which is continually updated daily, our team has noted each bookmaker to constitute a second note in our ranking.

Third point that we wanted to highlight, is the diversity of bets proposed. A little like the level of odds offered, the variety of markets on which you can play also account for a lot in our classification. The sites that therefore offer more bets on specific events, new markets or various competitions have thus been rewarding by our specialists in their rankings.

Then, the fourth main criterion that has been considered in our ranking is the quality of the welcome bonus. In addition to special promotions and other challenges that you find throughout the year on betting sites, each bookmaker offers a welcome bonus to newcomers. After having analysed all the bookmaker bonuses, we have therefore noted each site for the interest of its proposed bonus, the amount granted to its nature through its conditions of obtaining. A criterion that you will undoubtedly appreciate, coming directly into play in your first steps with the bookmaker.

Last but not least, customer service. While other notes were of course taken into consideration when we compiled our complete list of the best bookmakers, this remains one of the most important. Whether to answer simple questions, solve small problems or simply inform you from a practical point of view, each bookmaker must be available to you. We have learned about all the resources that each site provides (email, phone, chat, letters ...) to help you. One of the priority criteria for Sportytrader, since it is the one that will guarantee you a perfectly controlled gaming experience.