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KPL Season Predictions & Betting tips

Find our free Kenya Premier League prediction on who will be the champions in the 2023-24 Kenya Football Championship. We also look at how to predict the weekly matches played in this exciting league. Lots of information for your sports betting!

FKF Kenyan Premier League Presentation and Prediction 

Kenya premier league prediction

Predictions on the Kenya Premier League (the Kenyan first division football championship), are increasingly popular in the UK and throughout Europe and Africa. Throughout the competition, bettors have the opportunity to bet on every match of the top 18 clubs in Kenya, whether they are in the fight for the league title, a European place or avoiding relegation.

The new season runs until June 23, 2024 and we’ll be providing you with free in-depth previews of the top matches. You can find below our general predictions, but also our best advice and important statistics in order to correctly predict the Kenya Premier League. How to bet well on Kenyan football? Time to find out.

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Kenya Premier League prediction: who will win the Kenyan championship?

Kenya Premier League trophy

Gor Mahia will be defending the Kenya Premier League title they won last season. They finished just a point ahead of Tusker who had won the title in the previous two seasons. Another tight season is expected in 2023-24.

These two clubs have dominated the Kenya Premier League in recent years. Not since 2010 has the title not been won by one of those two clubs. The last winners other than Gor Mahia or Tusker was Ulinzi Stars in 2010. Since then, Gor Mahia have won eight titles and Tusker five.

In third last season were Police FC who finished ahead of Nozia and KCB with all three clubs totalling 64 points. They were all five points behind the top two in the table.

It’s hard to see the monopoly that Gor Mahia and Tusker seem to have on the title. It’ll be close between them again and we believe it’ll be Gor Mahia that retains their title.

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Kenya Premier League - the odds to win the title

Odds are not available at present. Each week there are odds available for the individual matches and we recommend you go to for all the latest prices.

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Relegation prediction: which Kenya Premier League club will go down?

Shabana Kenya premier league

The bottom two clubs in the table at the end of the season are automatically relegated to the Kenya National Super League. The team in 16th place goes into a relegation play-off with the club that finishes third in the National Super League.

We believe that clubs such as Shabana, Posta Rangers, Muhoroni Youth and Nairobi City may well struggle this season to avoid ending in the relegation places.

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Prediction Kenya Premier League - the odds for relegation

The odds are not yet available from the bookmakers for this bet concerning who’ll be relegated. In the meantime go to to see the latest odds for the Kenya Premier League.

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Kenya Premier League top scorer prediction: which player will score the most goals?

Benson Omala

It's not just the clubs you can bet on in this league. It’s also possible to bet on who will finish as the top scorer in the league. Last season the top scorer was the Gor Mahia forward Benson Omala who scored 26 goals. That was one more than the total scored by Elvis Rupia who plays for Police FC. They are both expected to be scoring plenty of goals again this season. Another contender is Okok Deogracious of Tusker.

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Prediction Kenya Premier League - the odds for the title of top scorer in the Kenyan League

The odds are not yet available from the bookmakers for this bet concerning the top scorer in the Kenyan championship. A visit to will find other Kenya Premier League betting markets.

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Beginners Guide to how the Kenya Premier League works

The Kenya Premier League is the top division in the country. It consists of the top 18 teams in the country. They all play each other home and away, so that gives us a total of 34 matches for each of the competing teams. 

The bottom two teams go straight down to the National Super League. Finishing 16th takes a team into the relegation play-off against the side who finishes third in the National Super League.

At the end of the season many places have an impact on the future of clubs:

  • The club finishing top of the table are the Kenyan champions and go into the qualifying rounds of the CAF Champions League.
  • The 16th ranked club goes into a relegation play-off
  • Those finishing 17th and 18th are relegated to the National Super League. The top two in that league replace them next season.

As you will have understood, there are therefore many issues in this Kenya Premier League. That's why the Kenya Premier League forecast has grown increasingly popular for UK bettors.

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How to make good predictions on all Kenya Premier League matches?

Kenya Premier League Predictions

To make a winning prediction on the Kenya Premier League, several factors must be considered. This requires in particular a good knowledge of the championship and how it works, which we discussed in the paragraph just above, but also by good practice that the bettor must adopt. Specialist of the Kenya Premier League for a few years, SportyTrader and its experts give you their major advice in order to make a good prediction on the Kenyan championship:

  • Check the form of Kenya Premier League teams
  • Take into account the form/absence of Kenya Premier League top players
  • Pay attention to games without stakes at the end of the season
  • Analyze the odds and bet on the most interesting
  • Analyze the latest stats in the Kenya Premier League

These very important tips according to our experts if you want to predict Kenya Premier League matches are obviously not the only ones, but those that you absolutely must respect. Find the details of each of them below.

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Consult the current form of the Kenya Premier League teams

Nzoia Sugar

This is certainly the advice that is given first, and this for all competitions and all sports. Indeed, in order to offer the most reliable Kenya Premier League prediction possible, it will be essential to consult the form offered by the two teams concerned by your bet. This is therefore the case for the championships, and it will also always be in the Kenya Premier League.

For example, a team like Talanta FC has lost their last four games and now host Tusker who are on a five game winning streak. On paper, the two clubs are not at the same level and it’s Tusker who has a much better squad. Look at the form to see just how clubs have been faring in recent matches and use that knowledge to make your prediction.

Take into account the form/absence of Top Kenya Premier League players

The second tip is also very important. Indeed, as we know, football is played with 11 players but there are always players more important than others in a squad. It will then be important to target them for each club, then to follow their current form or their potential injury or absence.

Indeed, seeing that the best player of a team is out of form, injured or suspended will prevent you from losing a certain number of bets, but also from making better quality predictions. Don't forget, before each match, to take into account the squad called up by the coach, and the form shown by the players during the last matches.

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Pay attention to games without stakes at the end of the season

 Police FC Kenya Premier League

Some games will be far more important than others as the end of the season approaches. If a team is battling to win the title or avoid relegation, then their games are important and full strength line-ups will be fielded if possible.

However, if a side is in mid-table and with no chance of the title or relegation, then they may decide to rest players. Perhaps experiment by giving some youngsters a chance to show what they are capable of. Look to see how important a match is to each team.

Analyze the odds and bet on the most interesting

Fourth advice: it is obviously necessary to analyze the odds and enter the most interesting on your bet slip. Indeed, the bookmakers shape the odds themselves, and there may be differences from one operator to another. And the most popular don't always offer the best!

It will then be important to take the most interesting, to earn more money in the event of a successful bet. If you find odds at 1.90 and another at 1.95 for the same bet, why take the former? You would lose £5 in the event of a winning bet with a stake of £100! Do not hesitate to register with as many bookmakers as possible, and not just the best site, in order to ensure that you can benefit from the best odds, but also from everyone's superb welcome bonuses!

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Analyze the latest stats in the Kenya Premier League

Talanta Kenya Premier League

Finally, it will also be important to analyze the statistics of the championship on which you wish to bet, in this case the Kenya Premier League. First, it will be interesting to see the overall statistics recorded on last year's edition, which you will find a little further down this page. This will give you an overview of the type of championship that awaits you.

Secondly, the statistics of the last matches played by the teams concerned by your bet will also be very interesting for you. Indeed, a team can have bad results for 2 or 3 games, but remain dominating and lack luck. The change of dynamic should then arrive soon.

Note that, for the best Kenya Premier League prediction, as reliable as possible, our editors systematically take into account each of these tips, but also many more.

To ensure a comprehensive and accurate view of each match, you can consult the match predictions from our editors. So don't hesitate to read our predictions before each Kenya Premier League weekend!

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Betting on the Kenya Premier League: what not to do for Kenyan football predictions

In order to achieve the best football predictions for Kenya Premier League matches, remember that there are also things you should not do. According to our experts, here are the things to absolutely avoid before making a prediction for a league match: 

  • Not looking at the statistics.
  • Only betting on high odds in Kenya matches
  • Chasing losses
  • Betting when tired or upset
  • Bet too often in-play
  • Attempting too many boosted odds offered by bookmakers
  • Betting too often on your favorite team in Kenya
  • Betting large sums on the Kenya Premier League

Still too often, many bettors (whether they are beginners or experienced) lose money by maintaining one of these behaviors to banish to succeed in sports betting. Keep this list in mind before embarking on your predictions for Kenya Premier League matches.

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The Kenya Premier League statistics to know for your predictions

Kenya Premier League Statistic

In order to improve the chances of your bet on the Kenya Premier League being successful, you need to have a good knowledge of relevant statistics. Below we have some key statistics from last season.

  • Best defensive record - KCB with only 19 goals conceded
  • Top league scorers - Police FC with 57 goals
  • Most league draws - 13 for Ulinzi Stars
  • Least number of draws - Mathere United with only 2
  • Best home record - Tusker 39 points
  • Tusker were the only side unbeaten at home
  • Most home goals - Gor Mahia with 31
  • Most away points - KCB with 37 points
  • Most away goals - Police FC - 27 goals
  • Best defensive away record - KCB with only eight goals conceded

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In short: how to correctly predict the Kenya Premier League?

Tusker Kenya Premier League

In order to make reliable predictions on the football Kenya Premier League, you will therefore have understood after reading this page that a certain number of aspects must therefore be taken into account. Whether it's analyzing each match, putting the advice given into practice, knowing how the championship works or even having the major statistics in mind, betting on the Kenya Premier League does need some time spent doing research. 

If you think that analyzing each league game in depth will take you too much time, then read our previews. They are full of helpful information and will hopefully lead to you getting plenty of winners during the Kenya Premier League season.

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FKF Kenya Premier League: Best odds

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