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Best Premier League Betting Odds (England)

England - Premier League
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As all sports betting enthusiasts know, odds are inseparable elements of the online betting game. Values that are associated with the different bets offered by bookmakers, odds are particularly decisive when making an action bet. It is often the value of the odds offered by bookmakers that will cause a bettor to place their wager, whether on football or on any other sports discipline - and the odds on the Premier League are obviously not out of the question.

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Factors to take into account when calculating Premier League winner odds

Firstly, Premier League betting odds will be directly related to the probability of an event to occur during a game of this English championship. More specifically, when the object of a bet is strongly anticipated during a match, the betting odds offered on this bet will be quite low amongst bookmakers. On the other hand, an outcome with a low probability of occurring will lead bookmakers to offer higher odds on the bet associated with it.

Let's take the example of Liverpool and Manchester City, two of the strongest offensive teams in the English League. In this context, a bet of '+2.5 goals in the match' will be offered at relatively modest odds (e.g. 7/5), unlike the bet of '-2.5 goals in the match', which will be offered at much higher odds (e.g. 5/2), as such a highly anticipated meeting is likely to see a number of goals hitting the back of the net. As such, the differences in odds are logically explained by the difference in probabilities between the two scenarios presented.

Regrding the calculation of these odds, there are a number of factors that are taken into account  by bookmakers. Certainly, one will find numerous statistics and numerical indicators surrounding the Premier League meeting concerned - league position, the number of goals scored and conceded since the beginning of the season, etc., will all have an influence on the value of the odds proposed. But that's not all!

There are more subjective factors beyond these mathematical aspects that bookmakers must also take account of when determining Premier League odds. For example, if a coach decides to rotate his squad before an upcoming European fixture, a favoured team will see such a factor have a direct influence on their proposed odds. The team concerned will see their odds increase significantly, while those offered on the opposing club will potentially see a decrease.

Finally, always remember that the odds on a Premier League match can vary in value at any time - before or during the game. Several circumstances may cause a change to bookmakers odds, such as the injury of a key player, a change in coach etc.. Then, once a match is in-play, the team who opens the scoring will see a drastic reduction of their odds, while the proposed odds of success on their opponent will be increased. Not to be forgotten, as the gains of your Premier League wager could suffer.

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Why the interest in odds for your Premier League Predictions?

In determining the odds on a Premier League match, the potential winnings of  bet can also be determined. It is simply by multiplying the odds proposed by the amount committed that the bettor can know the amount they could receive in the case of a winning bet - odds x bet = winnings. For example, if you intend to place a bet of £100 on 'Chelsea to Win', against Liverpool, of which the odds are offered at 5/2, you stand to win £250 in the case of a winning punt: easy as pie.

Beyond this financial aspect, the odds offered on Premier League matches also serve another purpose: to validate your own pre-match feelings. To simplify, if before a meeting between Arsenal and Burnely you want to bet £100 on the Gunners, the favourites, and you see odds of 7/5 proposed on this bet, you know that your feelings were logical. On the contrary, if you realise that bookmakers are offering much higher odds, for example 3/1, you might have to reconsider before placing your bet. Given the gap between your own expectations and those of the bookmakers, you may have missed some key details leading up to the match, such as they injury or suspension of a key player, or the lack of motivation of a side in the meeting. It is very important to thoroughly review the context of a match when Premier League betting.

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Last but not least, do not forget to open a player account with a maximum of bookmakers before betting on the Premier League. It is not uncommon to see a difference in the odds offered on the same bet by different bookmakers, bet it on Premier League Relegation odds or Premier League Top Scorer odds. As such, it makes sense that wagering on the highest value will be smart in order to maximize your potential winnings. It is here that a multiplication of subscriptions will become important, as indeed, what would be the point of comparing the Premier League title odds if you do not have an account with the operator who offers the best odds? Indeed, if the best odds come from Bet365 - sports betting premier league football odds - it is necessary that you have registered an account in order to capitalise on bigger potential gains.No doubt, you will need to register with a maximum of bookmakers to make the most of your Premier League winnings.

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