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Best Serie A Betting Odds (Italy)

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Odds are an essential aspect in the field of sports betting, and as encrypted values directly associated with proposed bets, they will often determine the action to bet - it is odds that influence the amount of potential winnings that could result from a bet. When we talk about Serie A betting, logically, we are also talking about the odds offered on the Serie A: for the greatest pleasure of betting fans of the Italian Football Championship.

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Serie A odds: determined by several factors

The first thing to know about odds on the Serie A is that they are directly related to the probability of a bet occurring. To put it simply, odds are encrypted data, the value of which essentially depends on the chances of a wager coming to fruition. In essence, for an outcome that has a higher probability of occurring during a match, the odds offered will be relatively low. Likewise, an outcome that has a lesser chance of occurring will be offered at much higher odds. To illustrate this, take the example of a league match between Juventus and Parma, for which the Old Lady is favoured to win. In this context, the bet 'Juventus to Win' will be proposed at quite low odds (e.g. 11/10), while a bet on 'Parma to Win' will be offered at much higher odds (e.g. 9/2). The difference in odds between these two Serie A teams remains logical, and is reflected by both team’s probability of winning the match.

Secondly: the calculation of these odds. Whether on the Italian Serie A results, or any other sporting competition, the odds will always be determined by bookmakers based on a number of different factors. First and foremost is the mathematical aspect, which takes into account statistics such as: the number of points acquired since the beginning of the season, goals scored, away wins, or red cards received, all may be considered when calculating odds.

And that is not all, there are also a variety of more subjective aspects surrounding a match that must be accounted for. The feeling of a bookmaker can be decisive, as the way in which a team plays must be taken into account - the injuries of key players, the fixture schedule that awaits either club, and historic rivalries are some of the many factors that can influence the calculation of Serie A winner odds.

Finally, it is also important to note that Serie A odds are never fixed, and are subject to variations over time. These evolutions are based on different events related to the wager concerned, and may occur before or after the start of the match, such as: the injury or suspension of a major player or the resignation of a coach to name a few. Examples such as these will raise the odds of the team they are related to, and vice versa - good to know before placing your bet.

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Why take interest in odds for Serie A betting?

And so to the function of odds, know that there are two main roles of interest that odds hold for punters. The first, of course, is the calculation of the potential winnings of the bet - by multiplying the odds by the amount you are willing to bet you can learn of the potential winnings of a successful bet (odds x bet = winnings). A more concrete example: if you bet £100 on a team with odds of 5/2, you stand to win £250 in the event of a successful punt.

Beyond this, Serie A odds will also allow you to compare your opinion on a match to that of the bookmakers. In simple terms, if you think that Naples will win against Bologna, and you see that the bookmakers are offering odds of 6/5 on 'Naples to Win', you know that your opinion correlates with that of the specialists. On the other hand, if you realise that the odds on the same bet are abnormally high (e.g. 2/1), it may be necessary to hesitate before playing your bet, as you may have missed some recent information surrounding the meeting - injury to key players, lack of stake etc..It is thus important to always check all details surrounding the match so as not to endanger your Serie A winners bet, and to ensure the chance to maximize your winnings - nice odds are not everything!

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Finally, to conclude this page dedicated to Serie A odds, know that it is imperative to  register with all UK online bookmakers in order to maximize your winnings on the Italian football championship. Indeed, it seems pointless to use our comparator of Serie A odds if you do not have an account on the site which proposes the best odds of the market. To always take advantage of the best odds, and thus to benefit from the best possible gains, it is indeed necessary to register everywhere to maximize your Italian Serie A predictions. Word of experts!

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