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The Best Tennis Betting Odds

Odds Comparison - Tennis

Tennis odds: Compare to win more

When we talk about betting on tennis, odds are obviously something of huge importance. They can be used as benchmarks and importantly, an indication of who is likely to be the winner of your selected match. The odds given are numerical values, corresponding to the probabilities of events taking place during a tennis match. The greater the probability of something occuring, the lower the odds offered by the bookmakers. The lower the chance of something happening in the match, the higher the odds that will be offered. Take the example of the match between Rafael Nadal and Robin Haase at the 2018 French Open. The odds on a Nadal victory wouldn’t have been high (eg 1/5) while the odds on his lower-ranked opponent were a lot higher (eg 4/1).  Knowing that your stake will be multiplied by the odds offered will determine your potential winnings of your bet, you can now understand why their role is important.

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Tennis Betting Odds: How are they calculated?

As explained above, the odds of your tennis bet will be calculated by the bookmakers, depending on the probability of the event happening. If the bookmakers believe there is a strong chance of a player winning, this will be reflected by shorter odds being on offer (for example, 1/5 on the Nadal victory). If they believe an event won’t happen, they will offer higher odds (4/1 on Haase to win).  The calculation of odds is made by the bookmakers based on figures and statistics, in order to propose the best possible offer to the punters.

For bettors, tennis odds will provide more opportunity related to earnings. By multiplying the sum that you wish to bet (£5, £10, £50) by the odds (3/10, 1/1, 5/2), you will obtain the potential earnings of your bet. If you want to bet £100 on a success of Novak Djokovic against Roger Federer at Wimbledon (odds of 8/10), then you can win £180 gross if the Djokovic wins the match.  On the other hand, if you want to bet on a Roger Federer victory in this match, (odds of 2/1), your earnings would be £300 gross, which is a lot higher. The difference in the potential winnings is because the bookmakers believe the probability of Djokovic winning are higher than those of his Swiss opponent. This example applies to all meetings of the Tennis World Tour, ATP and WTA included (check Australian Open tennis odds, or US Open tennis betting odds).

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Why it is important to make a Tennis Odds Comparison?

In tennis as in any other discipline, odds are an important elements of sports betting. Please note that the odds can vary in value from one bookmaker to another, for the same bet. Comparing them will always be important before placing your bet online.

Therefore it is important to compare the odds that different bookmakers are offering for the same event. Indeed, by comparing the tennis odds offered by different bookmakers, you will quickly be able to ascertain which site can offer you the best potential winnings for the bet you wish to place. Let's take again the example of the match between Rafael Nadal and Robert Haase at Roland Garros, for which you want to bet on a win for the Spaniard. Before placing your bet, you decide to make a quick comparison among bookmakers: Bet365 offers a rating of 1/5 for the success of Nadal. You check then William Hill tennis odds and the odds given on a Nadal win are 1/7.  In this case, it will be better for you to bet £100 on the odds of 1/5 at Bet365, rather than 1/7 offered by William Hill. You can win £120  if Nadal is victorious, compared to only £114 if you had bet with William Hill. For the same bet, a difference of £6 could be won, hence the importance of always placing your bets on the best odds offered.

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In addition to this purely financial aspect, the odds on tennis will also have another aspect to them, to confirm or deny your intuition on a specific meeting. For example, before the start of the Nadal-Haase match  you are convinced that the Spaniard is strong favourite for a victory. Two scenarios are available to you. Either the bookmaker offers odds confirming your opinion (ex: 1/5 for Nadal to win against 4/1 for a Haase victory), in this case it is logical that Nadal is the favoured player to bet on. Or, in a second case, you realize that sports betting sites overestimate the success of Nadal with a rating of 1/3, so you do not hesitate to bet big given the probability of his being the winner. Unlike bookmakers who rate the winning of the match for Nadal at 67%, you believe that the latter actually has more than 80% chance to win. Regardless of the scenario, it will be very interesting to bet a substantial sum to maximize your winnings in this match.

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Multiply Registrations!  

Different bookmakers will offer differing odds for the same tennis match. While it is important to compare the odds being offered by individual bookmakers, it is important to register with multiple betting sites. Comparing the live tennis odds will not help you if you do not have an account at all operators. Say you want to bet £100 on the Davis Cup match between France and Spain: Bet365 has a 1/1 rating for a success of the Blues, against odds of 7/10 offered at William Hill. If you only have one player account at the second bookmaker mentioned, you can only win £170 for a French victory. On the other hand, if you had opened an account with both operators, you could bet at the better odds of 1/1, and therefore maximize your winnings with a return of £200. Hence the interest of having multiple  accounts with various bookmakers. As well as that, each bookmaker offers exclusive welcome bonuses. It would be a shame to keep this information from you!

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