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Ligue 1 Betting Tips

The season has been ended early with PSG declared champions

Find our free predictions and expert tips on all matches of the French football championship (2019/20). Full information for your sports betting.

Ligue 1 Presentation - Football

ligue 1

Ligue 1 is the first division French football championship that pits 20 professional teams against each other to compete for the title of champions of French football. At the end of a season made up of round-trip meetings, the two top-ranked teams in the league qualify directly for the Champions League, while the third-place team gets the rights to participate in the play-offs. Fourth place joins the winner of the Coupe de France in the Europa League for the upcoming season. At the bottom of the standings, the two teams that finish in 19th and 20th are automatically relegated to Ligue 2, while the team that finishes in 18th enters the relegation play-offs, where they will face the top-ranked teams from Ligue 2.

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Ligue 1 experts predictions

villas boas ligue 1

The first thing that you should know about Ligue 1 is that it is becoming an increasingly technical championship. While set plays and defense were usually prioritised over ball touches, these past season have seen a change in attitudes. The ratio of goals scored from set plays has decreased, and now represents only a third of all goals scored in the league. Last year, in total, the various players in the French football league managed to find the back of the net an average 2.56 times per game - a figure which could easily rise in the 2019/20 season given that a number of teams have increased their offensive strength. Therefore, for your predictions on Ligue 1, keep in mind a preference for the ‘Over 2.5 goals’ market, which is often offered at odds of around 2/1.

The second point, which confirms the previous statistics, is that the bet ‘Both teams to score’ was validated in the majority of Ligue 1 games in recent years. Often offered at odds of around 9/10 by online bookmakers, this market will often be interesting to consider with the bookmaker bonus of your choice - it came to pass in half of the Ligue 1 games last season. So if you’re unsure about placing your Ligue 1 bet, this market could be very promising to try on the match of your choice.

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Next, let’s talk about the exact scores market. We are sure you are already aware, the different sports betting sites on the market offer you odds on the exact score of each meeting in Ligue 1. Considering the associated probabilities, this betting market can be one of the most complicated to predict, but offers some of the highest potential gains when one analyses the proposed odds. If you are interested in trying this kind of Ligue 1 prediction, know that it is a trend that has continued in the last four seasons - with the ‘1-1’ scoreline being the most common final score. As in 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18, the past season (2018/19) saw the aforementioned scoreline in 13.2% of matches. If a Ligue 1 bet on the exact score tempts you, don’t hesitate to try your luck - a 1-0 scoreline is also one of the most frequent results in top-tier French football.

Another factor to take into account is the volume of home victories. In France, perhaps more so than in any other European league, playing at home is often a guarantee of success - last year 43.3% of games resulted in victory for the locals. This figure has added weight when you also consider the low ratio of success amongst away teams (27.8%). If you decide to place a bet on a tight match, consider favouring the side playing in front of their home crowd - or even a draw (28.9% of matches last season), which is often offered at odds of around 3/1.

Finally, the last interesting statistic to consider is the goal-times, considered by the bookmakers in 15 minute intervals. This market offered by online bookmakers can yield significant gains in the long term, and can prove to be very beneficial to your kitty - with odds values falling at around 2/1 last year. During the 2018/19 season, the 75’-90’ interval was the most prolific, seeing 232 goals in total (23.87%). If you want to try your luck on this kind of prediction, then you know what to do!

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How to predict Ligue 1 matches


Now that we have discussed the key statistics and figures for Ligue 1 betting, let’s turn to the main parameters to take into account before establishing your football prediction. First of all, the recent form of both teams involved in the game of your choice will be crucial in predicting the outcome.It goes without saying, but if a stronger team that has just suffered two defeats is playing against a weaker club who are on a winning streak, a bet on the underdogs might be the preferred option in this scenario.

In the same vein, you should also consider the form of the key players on each side, as it is generally these players that can impact the outcome of a Ligue 1 match. If a club’s key player is in poor form in the lead up to a match, this can affect the team’s chances of winning - which is especially true for the clubs on the lower end of the Ligue 1 table. In a similar way, injuries and suspensions can impact the final result of a Ligue 1 fixture - so make sure that you are up-to-date on all the player news surrounding the match of your choice before you make your prediction. 

The real stake of the meeting must also be analysed before placing your bets. Towards the end of the season, a match between two mid-table sides will not be of the same importance as a game between two teams fighting it out for a spot in Europe. Before betting, always consider the ranking of both clubs in question to find out whether you chosen club will have the right motivation going into their next game. The season calendar can also affect a club’s motivation, as a side that has an upcoming game in the national cup or in European football will likely prioritise that meeting over a Ligue 1 game. The same reasoning can also apply after a big game in European football, as fatigue can set into a team.

Last but not least, you should always analyse the different odds available on the market before placing your Ligue 1 bets. As the odds offered on every Ligue 1 match can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, you should always compare the values to ensure that you can benefit from the best potential winnings available to you. Small differences can go a long way over the course of a whole season - so register with each of the best bookmakers on the market to ensure that you can always enjoy the best odds.

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How to predict Ligue 1 table

ligue 1 predictions

In addition to betting on individual Ligue 1 matches, you can also predict the final standings of the French football championship. Every season, including the upcoming 2019/20 edition, the various bookmakers offer different outright betting markets - from who will win the title, to which teams will qualify for Europe, to which teams will be relegated to Ligue 2 at the end of the season. There are many different possibilities available to you, each with the possibility of yielding a significant profit.

If you are tempted by the various outright betting markets available to you, know that there will be a number of factors to consider before you place your bet. Firstly, club lineups will be key to creating an outright prediction on Ligue 1. Star players, transfers, the strength of the bench and even the youth teams may all be important for your prediction given the length of the competition. If one of the favourites has a strong starting XI, but does not have any squad depth, then it may be necessary to turn to another club for your prediction, one who has quality substitutes in its ranks who will be able to make a different on the French football fields.

Club goals and objectives will also be necessary to consider for your predictions. For example, if a club president announces that they will focus on the Europa League for the upcoming season, then it might be prudent to predict a slightly lower ranking for that club in the final Ligue 1 table. On the other hand, if a coach claims that domestic league victory will be their priority over European football or the national cup, then it would make sense to include the team in a higher position in your ranking.

The recent history of each club will also be a necessary factor to consider when predicting the final Ligue 1 table. Thus, while a surprise is never to be overlooked (Lille in 2011, Montpellier in 2012), the teams of Ligue 1 more or less tend to conclude their season in the same areas of the table. Teams like Rennes or Saint-Etienne for example, have often finished between 5th and 8th place in recent years, while Paris and Monaco have often taken up the first two spots in Ligue 1.

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How to bet on the Ligue 1 top scorer

mbappé ligue 1

Another betting market that has developed over the years is the top scorer of Ligue 1. Each season, either before or during the championship, bettors will have the opportunity to predict who will score the most goals in the league - a market which has been very fruitful in recent years, as we have often seen the same faces amongst the ranks. Edinson Cavani, for example, claimed the Golden Boot two years in a row, while his teammate Mbappé stole the show last year - will we see more of the same in the 2019/20 season?

If you are a fan of this form of Ligue 1 betting, then there will be some key factors to consider before placing your bet. Beyond the skills of the player themselves, the quality and tactics of the team they play for will also be impactful. Players like Cavani and Mbappé are more likely to top the rankings in a PSG jersey, than the likes of Yaya Sanogo who plays for a struggling Toulouse. Such a consideration likely goes without saying, but is always important to remember for beginners in the world of sports betting.

As for the advice of our experts, Kylian Mbappé will of course be the man to follow in the 2019/20 season, especially given his tally of 33 goals last season. In a quality side like PSG, he should have plenty of opportunities to convert - if you are unsure of who to favour for next season’s Ligue 1 top scorer, don’t neglect the former Monegasque. He may well defend his title, the bookmakers odds indicate the fact anyways.

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French Ligue 1 2019/20: our free betting tips

ligue 1 winners 2019

Paris Saint Germain defended their Ligue 1 title in 2019, the eighth time that the Parisians has claimed the Ligue 1 trophy. They will be joined by second-place Lille and third-place Lyon in the Champions League next season, while fourth place Saint-Étienne and winners of the Coupe de France Rennes will qualify for next season’s Europa League. Caen and Guingamp finished at the bottom of the League and will be relegated to Ligue 2 next season - they will be replaced by newly promoted Metz and Brest in the 2019/20 season of Ligue 1. 

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Ligue 1: the best betting odds

Date and hour Match Odds 1 Odds D Odds 2
08/21 01:00 PM Marseille - Saint Etienne 1.82 Marathonbet 3.75 Bet365 5.4 Marathonbet
08/23 09:00 AM Nimes - Brest 2.32 Marathonbet 3.5 Marathonbet 3.5 Marathonbet
08/23 09:00 AM Lorient - RC Strasbourg Alsace 2.84 Marathonbet 3.36 Marathonbet 2.84 Marathonbet
08/23 09:00 AM Dijon - Angers 2.74 Marathonbet 3.3 Marathonbet 2.98 Marathonbet
08/23 02:00 PM Montpellier Hsc - Lyon 3.72 22bet 3.56 Vbet 2.28 Marathonbet
08/23 02:00 PM Bordeaux - Nantes 2.42 Marathonbet 3.2 Bet365 3.7 Marathonbet
08/23 02:00 PM Lille Osc - Rennes 2.31 Marathonbet 3.4 Marathonbet 3.65 Marathonbet
08/23 02:00 PM Nice - Lens 1.96 Marathonbet 3.75 Betway 4.65 Marathonbet
08/23 02:00 PM Monaco - Reims 2.09 Marathonbet 3.6 Bet365 4.33 Marathonbet
08/23 02:00 PM PSG - Metz 1.08 Marathonbet 17 Marathonbet 51 Marathonbet
08/30 02:00 PM Metz - Monaco 6.4 Vbet 3.87 Vbet 1.55 Vbet
08/30 02:00 PM RC Strasbourg Alsace - Nice 3.51 Vbet 2.37 Vbet 2.83 Vbet
08/30 02:00 PM Lyon - Dijon 1.72 Vbet 4.2 Vbet 4.2 Vbet
08/30 02:00 PM Reims - Lille Osc 2.09 Vbet 3.45 Vbet 3.45 Vbet
09/13 02:00 PM Montpellier Hsc - Nice 2.16 Vbet 3.89 Vbet 2.94 Vbet
09/13 02:00 PM Lille Osc - Metz 1.65 Vbet 2.95 Vbet 8.6 Vbet
09/13 03:00 PM PSG - Marseille 1.86 Vbet 4.75 Vbet 3.2 Vbet
09/20 02:00 PM Nice - PSG 3.28 Vbet 3.63 Vbet 2.08 Vbet
09/20 02:00 PM Montpellier Hsc - Angers 3.13 Vbet 3.13 Vbet 2.37 Vbet


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