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Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Discover our tips and forecasts for all matches and loads of information for your sports betting on the French Ligue 1 championship.

Ligue 1 Presentation - Football

mbappe ligue 1

Ligue 1 is the first division championship in France. It puts 20 professional teams in contention, competing for the title of French football champion. At the end of a season made up of round-trip meetings, the first two of the championship qualify directly for the Champions League, while the third gets the right to participate in the play-offs. The fourth, like the winner of the Coupe de France and the Coupe de la Ligue, wins their ticket for the Europa League. In the bottom of the standings, the teams that finish 19th and 20th are automatically relegated to Ligue 2, and the 18th plays a play-off against the second division qualifier not to go down.

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Ligue 1 experts predictions


The first thing you need to know about Ligue 1 is that it tends to become an increasingly technical championship. While physics has always won over ball touch, these past seasons have shown that attitudes are moving in the right direction. The ratio of goals scored on set kicks decreases and represents only a third of achievements. In total, last year, the various players in French football have offered us an average of 2.72 goals per game, against 15/10 the previous season. A rise of 5% goals, which could be verified again during the 2018-2019 season. For your predictions on the Ligue 1, therefore prefer the "Over 2.5 goals", often proposed around 2 on sports betting sites. First point.

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Second point, and this confirms the previous statistic, also know that the majority of Ligue 1 games have validated in recent years the bet "Both teams score". Often offered at the odds of 9/10 at the bookmakers, this market was for example verified in 51% of the games last year, to the delight of fans of entertainment. If you hesitate to bet on Ligue 1, this is a sports bet to try on the meeting of your choice.

Then, let's talk about the exact scores. You are not unfamiliar, the different sites of sports betting offer you on each meeting to bet on the final score of the game. An exercise necessarily complicated considering the probabilities, but which can quickly prove to be high paying when one analyzes the various proposed odds. If you want to try this kind of Ligue 1 prediction, know that a trend is true these past three seasons, the "1-1" remains king in France! As in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, last season (2017-2018) had a majority of "1 all", in 12.40% of meetings to be precise. If a Ligue 1 bet on an exact score tempts you, do not hesitate to turn to this bet. Otherwise, the "2-1" (10%) or the "1-0" (9.5%) are also frequent results on the Ligue 1 format.

Another element to take into account, the volume of victories at home. In France perhaps more than elsewhere in Europe, playing at home is often a guarantee of success since last year 45% of the matches ended with a victory for the locals. A figure that has weight, especially when combined with the low ratio of success abroad (30%). If you have to bet on a team in a tight match, then turn more towards the one playing in front of their audience, or the draw (25% of matches last season) often proposed odds of 2/1 to 12/10.

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How to predict Ligue 1 matches


After discussing the interesting numbers to bet on Ligue 1, let's talk now about the parameters to take into account before establishing your football prognosis. First of all, we must not forget to take into account the recent form of the two teams of the match on which you want to bet. That goes without saying, but if a stronger formation in theory has just chained two defeats before playing against a weaker club, but which remains on two win, a bet on the outsider may be preferred.

Another variable of the same register, will of course be the case of the injured players or suspended during the occasion of a meeting. For the same reasons as those mentioned above, the absence of a player can greatly influence the outcome of a French Ligue 1 match. Visiting the LFP website to know the penalties may be particularly useful before validating your bet slip.

In addition to the dynamics, the real stake of the meeting will also have to be analyzed. Indeed, a Ligue 1 duel between two formations of the "soft belly" will not be the same duel as a duel between two teams playing their posts among the elite, or their European qualifications at the end of the season. Before betting, analyze the ranking of each football club, just to be certain that the motivation will be there at your chosen team.

Finally, the last essential point before betting, do not forget to analyze the different odds present at bookmakers market. As you know, there are now ten sports betting sites in France, all offering bets on the Ligue 1 format. Logically, for the same market, odds may vary on the bet of your choice, directly affecting your potential earnings. Concrete example, the victory of a team A against a team B can be proposed to 12/10 at Winamax, where it will be proposed "only" at 115/100 at Unibet. For € 100 wagered, there will be a difference in winnings of € 5 for the bettor. A difference that may seem innocuous like that, but over the long term of a season believe our experts, it will necessarily be on the final pot! No secret, study the listings on betting sites, to always enjoy the best odds.

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How to predict Ligue 1 table

ligue 1 predictions

Beyond being able to bet on a simple meeting of Ligue 1, know that you can also forecast on the final classification of the championship of France. Each season, and this is still true in 2018-2019, the bookmakers offer different markets, from the team that will descend in Ligue 2 to the one who will win the title, through the stables that will glean their tickets to the great League Champions. In total, many opportunities to have fun, but also and especially to become profitable with outright bets.

If the adventure of betting on the long term tempts you, know besides that there will be there again several parameters to be taken into account before wagering. Firstly, it will obviously be necessary to analyze the numbers of the different clubs involved in this championship of France. Holders, executives, but also substitutes and youth teams may be important, given the length of the competition. If a team has a stronger starting lineup than another, but it does not really have quality on the bench, then it may be necessary to favour a better place for the second, which has in its ranks substitutes able to shine on the different lawns of Ligue 1.

Then you must also take into account the wishes and objectives displayed by each team during the season. For example, if you read the statements of a president who announces that the Europa League is very important for his club, it may take the parameter into account and predict a slightly lower place in the final ranking of Ligue 1 Conversely, if a coach claims to prioritize the championship to the maximum compared to the European and national cups, it will be better to bet high for the latter.

Finally, in addition to the schedule of end-of-season games, or players who have historically had a tendency to hurt themselves, it will also be useful to consult the previous final rankings of each team. Thus, even if a feat is never to be overlooked (Lille in 2011, Montpellier in 2012), the teams of Ligue 1 more or less tend to conclude their exercises in the same areas of the ranking. Teams like Rennes or Saint-Etienne for example, have often finished between 5th and 8th place in recent years, while Paris and Monaco have often taken up the first two steps of the podium.

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French Ligue 1 2019/20: our free betting tips

ligue 1 winners 2019

Paris Saint Germain defended their Ligue 1 title in 2019, the eighth time that the Parisians has claimed the Ligue 1 trophy. They will be joined by second-place Lille and third-place Lyon in the Champions League next season, while fourth place Saint-Étienne and winners of the Coupe de France Rennes will qualify for next season’s Europa League. Caen and Guingamp finished at the bottom of the League and will be relegated to Ligue 2 next season - they will be replaced by newly promoted Metz and Brest in the 2019/20 season of Ligue 1. 


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