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The Best Basketball Betting Odds

Odds Comparison - Basketball

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Basketball odds: Compare to win more

When we talk about betting on basketball, odds are consistently the most important element.  This is for a very good reason because as with all other sports, odds are an integral part of sports betting. The odds for each team are a unit of measure as to the probability of an event occurring during the selected basketball game. The greater the probability of an event, the higher the odds offered by the bookmakers. For example, consider a basic NBA game between Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs, for which the Warriors are of course strong favourites. In this case, the odds given for the bet "Golden State Warriors win" will be low (eg: 3/10), while that of the bet "San Antonio Spurs win" will be much higher (eg: 27/10). These odds will be vital in the decision to place a bet on basketball, since it will be used to multiply to determine the potential gains of your bet (odds x bet = earnings).

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How to calculate basketball odds?

Corresponding to the probabilities of an event to occur during a basketball game, the odds calculator used by the bookmakers, give the odds according to the figures and statistics collected over weeks and months. To summarise, an event that is highly likely to occur will not be offered at great odds by a bookmaker (ex: NBA odds of 3/10 for a success of the Warriors against Spurs). Alternatively, an event that has a low chance of occuring at the start of the game will have good odds (eg: rating of 27/10 for Spurs to win against Golden State). The calculation will be made not just by mathematical formulae, but also by human bookmakers (who take into account injuries, suspensions, the real interest of the meeting).

For the bettor themselves, the odds given for a basketball match will be more attractive relative to the potential winnings. Indeed, it is by performing a multiplication of these odds by the amount of money wagered that will give you the potential winnings of your basketball bet. For example, if you bet £100 on a