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World Cup Betting Tips

Find out more about our football predictions and betting tips on the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

World Cup Infographic 2018: what are the predictions and impacts for sports betting?

The 21st edition of the Football World Cup will take place from June 14 to July 15, 2018 in Russia, which will be the biggest sporting event of the year. What are the groups? Who are the favourites? How does FIFA's flagship competition work? What are the best odds for betting? What is the prediction for the winner? We have done an analysis.

world cup infographic


If many nations are expected this summer to win during the tournament (read below), Spain Isco and Sergio Ramos remains one of the best team for the title according to our football specialists. As for the French, a place in the last four is expected, performance is all right given the competition. In any case, waiting to see what will be the first drama of the World cup, there is a lot of time to think about your predictions. To help you, the whole competition has been analyzed. It’s our gift to you.

2018 World Cup preview and betting tips

world cup betting tips

The 21st edition of the World Cup will take place from June 14 to July 15, 2018 in Russia, and will be the biggest sporting event of the year. What are the groups? Who are the favorites? How does the competition work? What are the best odds for betting? We have it all here. 

How does the World Cup work?

Before getting to the important aspect, let's remember how the World Cup works. Regarding the format of the competition it is simple, 32 countries are divided into 8 groups of four, the first two are qualified at the end of the three group matches. In the same group, each country faces each member, on the various stadiums of Russia.

When all qualifiers are known, the round of 16 starts with the 16 best teams of the tournament. Then the format is the same, the eight winners qualify for the quarter-finals, for the semi-finals and the final. On July 15, 2018, at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, the final will take place. Four years ago, Germany won the competition.

Bet on the 2018 World Cup

The FIFA World Cup 2018 Groups

After qualifying campaigns contested, the best nations of the world have qualified for the group stage of the 2018 World Cup. What were the draws? Who is favorite to finish at the top of his group? To finish second? Who to bet on during this initial phase? We give you our tips.

Group A - Russia, Egypt, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia

Betting tips Russia - World Cup

In this first group, we already have the traditional presence of the host country, Russia. Not blazing at the last Euro in France, the Russians will play big on their land to prove they have nothing to envy the best nations in the world. Driven by their audience, Akinfeev and his teammates should be complicated to move. Slightly more likely than the Russians, the Uruguayans Edinson Cavani will be the favorites of the group, while Egypt's Mohamed Salah should fight for the country for the second place qualifying. Last competitor, Saudi Arabia will have difficulty to qualify.

Odds - To finish top of Group A

Uruguay - 2.10

Russia - 2.25

Egypt - 7.00

Saudi Arabia - 34.00

Odds - Qualify for the Round of 16

Uruguay - 1.25

Russia - 1.28

Egypt - 2.50

Saudi Arabia - 8.00

Group A - The opinion of our football experts

With Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani, Uruguay should be one of the top of this group. Behind, it will be necessary to pay attention to the Egyptians who have shown these beautiful things these last months. Russia would have enormous pressure, so it would not surprise us to fail in the group stage for the benefit of the Pharaohs. If you want a reliable prediction on this first group, the first place of the Uruguayans will be favored.

Group B - Spain, Portugal, Iran, Morocco

Spain - World Cup

This second group is undoubtedly one of the most elevated of the competition. Spain, world champions in 2010 and favorites for a final victory in the round of 16. Behind, the Portugal of Cristiano Ronaldo, European champions, they will also be a big engine of the World Cup and will be considered for your predictions. Morocco, coached by Frenchman Hervé Renard, and Iran will have a chance to win the second round.

Odds - To finish top of Group B

Spain - 1.50

Portugal - 3.00

Morocco - 17.00

Iran - 34.00

Odds - Qualify for the Round of 16

Spain - 1.083

Portugal - 1.16

Morocco - 5.50

Iran - 6.00

Group B - The opinion of our football experts

Not surprisingly, the odds are not very interesting in this second group. On paper, Spain's Sergio Ramos and Ronaldo's Portugal are of course favourites, according to the bookmakers, far ahead of Morocco and Iran. If we were to advise you on a tip for this group, Spain's first place would be our number one choice.

Group C - France, Denmark, Australia, Peru

France - 2018 World Cup

Group C is the one that will primarily interest the French, since the team of France is placed with Denmark, Peru and Australia. Finalist of the last Euro and equipped with exceptional talents like Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappé or Paul Pogba, the tricolour group will also be one of the most observed during this world 2018. Denmark's Christian Eriksen will not be easy to move, as we have seen during the qualifying rounds. Australia and Peru will have much to do to qualify, with the two European nations being on paper.

Ratings – To finish top of Group C

France - 1.33

Denmark – 5.50

Peru – 11.00

Australia - 15.00

Odds - Qualify for the Round of 16

France - 1.062

Denmark - 1.61

Peru - 3.40

Australia - 4.00

Group C - The opinion of our football experts

When we look at the odds, it will not be very interesting to predict the first place of the Blues in this group C. Much smarter however, the pronouncement on the qualification of Denmark will not be underestimated. Peru and Australia seem too low to attempt a high potential for gains.

Group D - Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria

Argentina - World Cup

This fourth group is homogeneous before the kick-off of the competition. Argentina is the largest nation historically, but we will remember for a long time the Argentine difficulties to qualify for this World Cup in Russia. To be good, Lionel Messi and his teammates will really have to work in a group spirit. A group spirit that will necessarily be the main weapon of the Icelanders. Good surprise of the last Euro, Iceland will play a good chance on the Russian lawns and will be quite interesting to observe for its first World. Croatia of Luka Modric will be, like Argentina, expected to do well but will have to raise its level of play a notch. Finally, Nigeria is one of the beautiful African nations in recent months, but should have some difficulties to perform when we look at the competition. The Super Eagles are strong, but the others seem a bit stronger.

Ratings – To finish top of Group D

Argentina - 1.61

Croatia – 3.25

Iceland - 11.00

Nigeria – 13.00

Odds - Qualify for the Round of 16

Argentina - 1.16

Croatia - 1.50

Iceland - 3.50

Nigeria - 3.25

Group D - The opinion of our football experts

Complicated to decide on this fourth group before the start of the competition. If Argentina should get by, the other qualifying place will be more indecisive as the three nations are capable of the best and the worst behind. The reliable prognosis seems to be the first place of the Argentines, but our experts in prognosis would try well the qualification of Iceland for the eighths. Endowed with a group spirit oh so important in this great competition and accustomed, Sigurdsson and company could create the feat in this first phase. It will be Interesting to follow.

Group E - Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia

Brazil - 2018 World Cup

In the fifth pool of the 2018 World Cup, it is obviously Neymar’s Brazil who will be the huge favourite for the first place. The Brazilians will undoubtedly be the most pleasant to see play on the pitches of Russia. In this group they will be the most expected. Behind the Seleçao, Switzerland's Xherdan Shaqiri and Serbia's Nemanja Matic are expected to fight for second place. Costa Rica Bryan Ruiz will not be far behind, but a bit too fair given his lack of experience in major competition.

Ratings – To finish top of Group E

Brazil - 1.33

Switzerland - 6.50

Serbia – 8.0

Costa Rica - 17.00

Odds - Qualify for the Round of 16

Brazil - 1.062

Switzerland - 2.00

Serbia - 2.20

Costa Rica - 4.50

Group E - The opinion of our football experts

In this pool, the odds that immediately jump to the eye remain undoubtedly the qualification of the Swiss for the round of 16. Equipped with talented players, like Shaqiri, Xhaka, Lichtsteiner or Bürki, the Nati should not be allowed to step on the feet by Serbia and Costa Rica. Since the Helvetii will play Brazil first, they will however limit the breakage in view of the goal average, so important sometimes. Because do not forget, in case of equality of points the team which will have the best difference of goals will qualify.

Group F - Germany, Sweden, Mexico, South Korea

Germany best team of the world cup

Group F will be the one of the Germans, world champions in title and favourites to proceed to the final coronation on July 15th. Obviously expected by sports betting sites, Joachim Löw's men will be very complicated to beat in this group stage. It would not be surprising to see them finish with 9 points on the clock. Behind, it looks much tenser to claim the second ticket. Mexico's Javier Hernandez will play on his offensive force, while Sweden will rely heavily on their defence. Finally, South Korea will create surprise but could pay dearly in case of missteps in the first act against the Swedes.

Odds – To finish top of Group F

Germany - 1.44

Mexico - 5.50

Sweden - 6.50

South Korea - 15.00

Odds - Qualify for the Round of 16

Germany - 1.083

Mexico - 2.10

Sweden - 2.25

South Korea - 3.50

Group F - The opinion of our football experts

If you want our opinion, the rating for a first place in Germany is still the wisest to play in this group F. Although low, it is however almost sure to pass and may accompany other odds in a combined odd. Behind, the three teams are too close on paper to decide. In a pinch, the predictions of a Mexican qualification will be the most interesting given the context.

Group G - Belgium, England, Tunisia, Panama

Belgium - World Cup

In this penultimate group, it is obviously Belgium and England that are announced qualified in advance. With men such as De Bruyne, Hazard, Courtois and Lukaku on one side, and others of the calibre of a Kane, Alli, Cahill and Dier on the other, Belgians and English will not be easy to knock down. For Tunisia and Panama, even if talent is there on the Tunisian side, we think in particular of Khazri, Sliti and Srarfi, the march seems too high to cross. Panama, miraculously qualified, seems destined for the zero point.

Odds – To finish top of Group G

Belgium - 1.83

England - 2.20

Tunisia - 11.00

Panama - 41.00

Odds - Qualify for the Round of 16

Belgium - 1.12

England - 1.14

Tunisia – 4.50

Panama - 9.00

Group G - The opinion of our football experts

Predicting a qualification does not make much sense in this group. As we know, Belgium and England should seize the two qualifying tickets, but it remains to be seen who will finish first. The Belgians seem above the English in their quality but also the individual talent. With opening games against Panama and Tunisia, Eden Hazard and others could take the lead over the English before the clash of the last day. Bet on the first place for the Belgians.

Group H - Poland, Colombia, Senegal, Japan

Colombia - 2018 World Cup

Finally, in the last group of the World Cup 2018, this is again a tight group which is announced with teams of a similar level. In other words, a prediction promises to be complicated. If Poland will rely mainly on Robert Lewandowski to reach the second round, Colombia duo James-Falcao and Sadio Mané Senegal will rest on strong collectives, full of talent. Japan, coached by Akira Nishino, will also be a serious candidate and could surprise his world by starting well against the South Americans.

Odds – To finish top of Group H

Colombia - 2.25

Poland - 2.87

Senegal – 6.00

Japan - 7.00

Odds - Qualify for the Round of 16

Colombia - 1.33

Poland - 1.61

Senegal - 2.37

Japan - 2.87

Group H - The opinion of our football experts

In this open group, it will be complicated to see a team to emerge from others. In terms of odds, the most interesting to play will surely be that related to the qualification of Senegal for the knockout stages. Impressive during their qualifiers, the Teranga Lions will arrive masked in Russia, much like in 2002, when they reached the quarter-finals. With men like Sadio Mané, Idrissa Gueye, Kalidou Koulibaly and Moussa Sow, they have in any case a nice playing card. Not to be overlooked when predicting the World Cup 2018 groups.

Who are the favourites of the 2018 World Cup?

After seeing the groups, it is time now to focus on the favourites for the final on July 15th. As expected, Germany, Brazil, France and Spain are the four nations voted by bettors. But what will it be?

Germany - Second consecutive win?

favourite 2018 World Cup

Positioned in a group largely within their reach, the Germans should manage to take first place in the group stage. Subsequently, Löw's men will be able to fall either against Switzerland or Serbia according to the predictions. Opponents again within their reach. The dynamic could be good for the World Champions in title, who are also able to beat anyone on a match. The man to watch will undoubtedly be the young striker Timo Werner, the eternal Thomas Müller who can become the top scorer in the history of the competition - the Bayern player must score six goals - and of course Manuel Neuer, the most talented goalkeeper in the world. In the opinion of many, a tip on a German victory would be ideal.

The best odds on the market - 5.00 at Betway

The Player to Watch - Timo Werner

The calendar - Mexico (17/06), Sweden (23/06), South Korea (27/06)

Brazil - Back to the top?

favourites world cup 2018

After the Germans, the Brazilians will be the second biggest favourites for the title of World Champions. Already winners 5 times of the event, they have carried out a gigantic qualification campaign, rolling literally on the other nations of the South-American continent. With players like Neymar, Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus, David Luiz and Thiago Silva, the Seleçao have great chances to glean a sixth historic coronation. If they take first place in their pool, they will surely face Mexico or Sweden. Widely enough to think about the quarterfinals already.

The best odds on the market - 5.00 at Betway

The player to follow - Neymar

The schedule - Switzerland (17/06), Costa Rica (22/06), Serbia (27/06)

France - At the height of their talent?

France favourite of the 2018 world cup

Another bookmaker favourite, the French will also be awaited by a lot of people in this 2018 World Cup. After having Euro almost perfect and a qualifying campaign generally controlled, the men of Didier Deschamps have all the cards in hand for to do beautiful things. The talent is there - Griezmann, Mbappé, Martial, Kanté, Pogba, Lloris, Varane - the group spirit too, so why not dream of a second star above the rooster? The first phase is in any case very affordable, and potential opponents in 1 / 8th also (Croatia, Iceland).

The best value of the market5.5 at Betway

The player to follow - Kylian Mbappé

The calendar - Australia (16/06), Peru (21/06), Denmark (26/06)

Spain - Still here?

Spain - favourite world cup

Last great nation to be the subject of many forecasts, Spain will this time be very strong to compete with the first three countries mentioned. Eliminated in the first round in 2014 and disappointing at Euro 2016 with a small round of 16, The Spanish has raised the bar during qualifying at the World Cup. Interesting in the game, the selection of Lopetegui has spread apart Italy and will again be complicated to beat during the World Cup. In case of first place acquired, Ramos and others could find Russia or Egypt. Widely within reach.

The best odds on the market - 7.00 at Betway

The player to follow - Isco

The calendar - Portugal (15/06), Iran (20/06), Morocco (25/06)

Who will win the 2018 World Cup? Who will be world champion? - The other main ratings

Argentina - 9.00

Belgium – 12.00

England – 20.00

Portugal - 28.00 

Uruguay – 40.00 

Russia - 40.00

Croatia - 40.00

Switzerland – 80.00

Denmark – 80.00

Swiss – 80.00

Mexico - 100.00

Sweden - 125.00

2018 World Cup - The scorers

best scorer World Cup

Often favoured by bettors, the predictions of the best scorers of the World Cup are still offered around the 2018 World Cup in Russia. So, who is favourite according to the bookmakers? Who is favoured by our prediction experts?

Top scorer - Odds

Lionel Messi - 10.00 at Betstars

Neymar - 11.00 at Betstars

Ronaldo - 12.00 at Betstars

Jesus - 16.00 at Betclic

Griezmann - 14.00 at Betclic

Werner - 12.00 at Betstars

Kane - 20.00 at Betfair

Griezmann - 14.00 at Betstars

Morata - 20.00 at Betstars

Müller - 20.00 at Betstars

Lukaku - 25.00 at Betstars

Lewandowski - 18.00 at Betclic

Cavani – 25 at Betfair

Suarez – 25 at Betfair

Lewandowski – 33 with Betfair

The opinion of our experts

For this kind of scorers' predictions, we must first have in mind the potential paths of the respective nations. If a player seems stronger in front of the goal than another, but his team is much less likely to make a good run than the latter, it will be difficult for him to finish top scorer of the World Cup. For example, if you think that Lewandowski is better than Timo Werner in front of the goals, but that Poland will make a worse course of Germany, it will avoid your bet. Neymar’s rating looks good, like that of Kylian Mbappé. It is up to you to decide.

World 2018 - alternative bets

african nations world cup 2018

The team that can make the final

Germany - 2.50 at Betfair

Brazil – 2.50 at Betfair

France - 3.75 at Bet365

Spain - 3.50 at Betstars

Belgium - 5.00 at Bet365

Continent winner

Europe - 1.36 at Bet365

South America - 3.00

Rest of World - 34.00

Group from which the winner will be

Group A - 13.00

Group B - 6.00

Group C - 6.00

Group D - 7.50

Group E - 5.50

Group F - 5.00

Group G - 8.00

Group H -  17.00

to predict the Football World Cup?

  • Study the shape of players before the World Cup
  • Watch carefully the groups of the first round
  • Analyze the potential opponents of the teams
  • Consider the history of nations
  • Do not play under the influence of emotion

To continue your analysis on the tournament and prepare your bets, don't hesitate to check our list of the best sites to bet on the 2018 World Cup football.

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World Cup 2018 : the best odds

Date and hour Match Odds 1 Odds D Odds 2
06/14 11:00 AM Russia - Saudi Arabia 1.35 Sportingbet 5 Sportingbet 12.5 Unibet
06/15 08:00 AM Egypt - Uruguay 5.5 Bet365 3.55 Unibet 1.78 Sportingbet
06/15 11:00 AM Morocco - Iran 2.3 Bwin 3.1 William Hill 3.6 Bwin
06/15 02:00 PM Portugal - Spain 4.5 Unibet 3.5 Bwin 1.91 William Hill
06/16 06:00 AM France - Australia 1.23 Unibet 6.5 Sportingbet 19 Bet365
06/16 09:00 AM Argentina - Iceland 1.38 Sportingbet 4.75 Bwin 12 Unibet
06/16 12:00 PM Peru - Denmark 3.8 Bwin 3.45 Unibet 2.13 Sportingbet
06/16 03:00 PM Croatia - Nigeria 1.88 Sportingbet 3.5 William Hill 4.85 Unibet
06/17 08:00 AM Costa Rica - Serbia 4 Bwin 3.45 Unibet 2.08 Sportingbet
06/17 11:00 AM Germany - Mexico 1.48 Sportingbet 4.55 Unibet 8 Bet365
06/17 02:00 PM Brazil - Switzerland 1.37 888Sport 5 Bwin 9 Bwin
06/18 08:00 AM Sweden - Republic Of Korea 2.15 888Sport 3.3 Bet365 3.8 Betclic
06/18 11:00 AM Belgium - Panama 1.16 Bet365 8 Sportingbet 25 Unibet
06/18 02:00 PM Tunisia - England 10 Bet365 5.1 Unibet 1.36 Bwin
06/19 08:00 AM Colombia - Japan 1.8 Bet365 3.7 Unibet 5.5 Bwin
06/19 11:00 AM Poland - Senegal 2.32 Unibet 3.25 Sportingbet 3.5 William Hill
06/19 02:00 PM Russia - Egypt 2 Sportingbet 3.4 William Hill 4 Bet365
06/20 08:00 AM Portugal - Morocco 1.61 Bet365 4 William Hill 7.1 Unibet
06/20 11:00 AM Uruguay - Saudi Arabia 1.29 Sportingbet 6 Sportingbet 14 Unibet
06/20 02:00 PM Iran - Spain 19 Bet365 6.75 Unibet 1.22 Sportingbet

Checked odds on 05/22/2018 


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