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Best Champions Cup Betting Odds (Europe)

Europe - Champions Cup
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When placing a bet on Europe's biggest rugby competition, the Champions Cup odds are always needed to be taken into consideration. The odds are an extremely important element in the field of sports betting.  it would be lost without them as they are what will make you decide whether or not to make a sports bet. Determined on the basis of statistics and therefore probabilities, Champions Cup odds vary according to the percentage chance of an event occurring. It is important to keep all this in mind, as these odds will inevitably impact your betting, and therefore your possible winnings.

Champions Cup odds calculation: several parameters to take into account

Firstly, remember that the odds given for the Champions Cup reflect the mathematical probability of a result occurring. They are based on the level of the teams, the previous matches between them and the form of their players. The odds are numerical values, which can be found on all sports betting sites of the market. The more likely that something will happen in a Champions Cup game, the lower the odds will be. On the flip side, higher odds will be offered for something not so likely to happen.

To help you understand, let's take the example of a Champions Cup duel between Toulouse and Ulster.  Knowing Toulouse's squad, level of play and record, they are the favourites according to rugby experts to win this match. Ulster's team aren’t so strong and that explains why the sportsbooks do not believe they will win. For these reasons, the Toulouse win bet will have the lowest odds of the three teams (e.g. 1.40). The odds on the "Ulster win" bet will be much higher (e.g. 2.60). A draw, on the other hand, is very unlikely to happen as this result occurs in less than one match in twenty on average. In this match, it will therefore be given a very high odds (e.g. 20.00). As you can see, the differences in the odds of a Champions Cup match are explained by the higher or lower probabilities assigned to sporting events.

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Now, you might be wondering how sports betting sites come up with these odds? Several factors have already been mentioned above. Firstly, from a purely mathematical point of view, bookmakers use for example the number of points and tries scored by each team, home and away performances, winning percentage, etc. On another level, the betting sites also take into account non-quantified information such as the way the teams play, the level of the players, their absences and suspensions, or the stakes of the match. All these elements will make the Champions Cup odds vary in one way or another.

Finally, and this is good to know, note that these odds may change over time at the betting sites, either before the start of a match or even during it. This is because bookmakers will be able to re-evaluate their odds in real time, depending on the information they collect that could impact the outcome of the match. For you to understand better, still through the example of the Ulster-Toulouse match, if we learn that a major player will be absent for the match, then this will affect the odds of Toulouse and higher odds will be available. This is because the opinion will be that it makes them less likely to win. The odds of the Ulster team winning will fall. An important fact to know before betting.

Check out the odds on Champions Cup

What are the benefits of Champions Cup odds?

Inseparable from sports betting, odds will attract the attention of punters for two reasons. Firstly, and this is true not just for the Champions Cup but also for other competitions, the odds are used to determine the potential winnings of a sports bet. Indeed, to know how much money you can get in case of a winning bet, you have to multiply the odds of the bet by the stake involved (odds x stake = gross winnings). To get the net winnings, you just have to take away the initial stake from the gross winnings. For example, take the Champions Cup match between Racing 92 and La Rochelle. If the odds for a Racing 92 win in this match are 2.00 and you place a £100 bet, you could walk away with £200 in gross winnings if you win (and therefore £100 in net winnings, after deducting the initial stake).

The other advantage of Champions Cup odds is that you can confirm (or not) your impression of the match with them. Considering that you see Leicester Tigers winning rather easily against Clermont before the match starts, and that the betting sites offer the bet "Leicester win" at odds of 1.40, that confirms your initial opinion.  On the contrary, if you realize that the odds of the Tigers' victory are abnormally high at the bookmakers (e.g. 2.50), it will need some investigation as to why the higher odds are on offer. Are there injuries that you don’t know about?  It is important that you carry out some research before placing a bet. Make sure you know as much about the game as possible. Do you think the odds are still too high after checking? There's no need to hesitate, so place the bet.

Bet on the long term with the odds of the future Champions Cup winners

Bookmakers don't only allow you to bet on each Champions Cup match. There is also the possibility to bet on who will win each pool, qualify for the knockout stages or get to the final.  When you choose to make this bet early on, the odds are often very high. Many people will try their luck with this type of bet. They allow you to experience the competition in a different way. 

Register with all bookmakers!

Last but not least, remember to register with as many bookmakers as possible. It is very important to compare the rugby odds that are being offered on the Champions Cup, but what's the point if you're not signed up to the different sites to take advantage of it? As a reminder, bookmakers can offer different odds, and it is important to always take the best odds on the market to maximise your winnings. The differences can be significant in the long run, so don't leave money on the side!

Check out the odds on Champions Cup

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