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Football Team Comparison

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Compare football teams with our comparator!

Have you always wanted to compare your club with the best teams in the world? Would you like to compare two teams accurately before placing your bets? The SportyTrader team comparator makes it possible!

Accessible at all times and 100% free of charge, our team comparator allows you to analyse more than 800 clubs and teams, across 30 competitions and more than 70 relevant statistics.

Which football club has the highest market value? Which nation has suffered the biggest defeat this season? Whose games have over 2.5 goals most often? The answers are all in our team comparator. 

How do you compare two teams using our tool?

It couldn't be easier to compare two football teams using our comparison tool.

In the search box, select the first team whose data you want to know (e.g. Bayern Munich). You'll then have access to all their key statistics.

To compare them with those of another team, perform a second search in the next field provided (e.g. PSG).

In just 2 clicks and 5 seconds, you have access to everything you need to know to compare two clubs or teams. It’s a tool that should quickly become indispensable when preparing your football predictions.

What points of comparison are available?

With the SportyTrader team comparator, you have access to over 70 different statistics on football teams.

Performance indices, average ball possession, ability to have over 2.5 goals in a game,  ratio of wins by a two goal margin… everything you need to know is available free of charge via this tool. We'll tell you more in the following paragraphs.

The team identity card

The first part of the comparison is highly visual, featuring the identity cards of the different teams. In the form of a general presentation, you can see at a glance the average age of the squad, the top goalscorer for the season, the best passer, the name of the stadium or the coach and his preferred tactical methods. All of this will be helpful when you are working out your football bets.

General statistics

Below the initial presentation of the teams, you will find a first set of statistics. It includes the total value of the squads, the number of goals scored since the start of the season, and the number of goals conceded. Taken together, these three pieces of data give you an initial overview of just how a team is progressing.

Performance indices

Our comparator then provides a performance graph. This is highly visual and easy to understand. Iit shows the ratio of wins since the start of the football season, draws and defeats. 

These graphs are fascinating, not only for measuring each team's performance since the start of the competition, but also for determining the chances of them drawing. Placing bets on games ending level can have excellent odds and could triple your stake in some cases, perhaps even more.

Detailed statistics

In addition to the overall presentation of the teams and their performances comes the part that will interest you the most: the detailed statistics for each team, ideal for making the best sports bets.

Organised into several blocks, the data on offer enables a detailed analysis of each football team, with indications of the matches to expect on both sides, and a guide to the most interesting bets to consider placing. In total, there are more than 70 up to date statistics and 100% verified. 

To find out about each of these points of comparison, we invite you to test our comparator by pitting two teams against each other. In particular, you'll find:

  • Average goals per match
  • Biggest win/loss of the season
  • Percentage of games with at least one goal scored
  • Average shots on target per match
  • Average number of yellow cards
  • Most frequent score
  • The % of wins with a handicap
  • Half-time with the most goals
  • Half-time/end-of-match scenarios
  • Quarters with the most goals
  • Matches with over 2.5 goals
  • Matches where both teams score

All in all, dozens of statistics are available for each team, allowing you to compare all the teams on specific points. 

Detailed stats that will delight more than one punter, as well as football fans keen to improve their knowledge. What are you waiting for?

Why compare football teams before placing a bet?

Comparing football teams with the SportyTrader comparator is fun, free and very quick. Above all, it helps you optimise your sports betting with the bookmakers, refine your predictions and enhance your football knowledge. We'll explain how in the following lines.

Refine your predictions

Comparing two football teams using our tool allows you to refine your football prediction. Do you have an idea for a bet on a match? Use the comparison to see if the figures support your prediction. For example, let's say you see Liverpool easily beating West Ham United in the English Premier League.

The comparator tells you that West Ham  have only lost 3% of their games by two goals since the start of the season? Think twice before placing your sports bet with a bookmaker. Figures often don't lie, and that's what our team comparator is designed to help you do.

Find new football betting ideas

As well as validating or invalidating your impression of a football match, using the team comparison enables you to come up with new football betting ideas. If you compare Real Madrid to Manchester United before a Champions League match, for example, and find that the Red Devils are drawing at half-time 80% of the time, that's a betting idea worth considering.

Over the course of a season, whether in European competition, the Premier League or the FA Cup, this United prediction could pay off for your prize pool at the various online bookmakers. So don't hesitate to make more team comparisons using our tool, you'll accumulate stats and interesting betting ideas for your bets.

Improve your football knowledge

Moving away from the sports betting angle, our football comparison tool allows you to consolidate and develop your knowledge of football. 

By analysing everyone's performances in more than 70 areas, you'll be able to see which teams are worth watching, which promise to be playing highly entertaining games and which have a chance of contending for honours in their respective leagues over the long term.

A unique source of information, which should be the perfect complement to our expert predictions and the rest of the football news. Every day, SportyTrader strives to add to its range of services.

A unique and innovative comparator

Developed a long time ago by SportyTrader, the team comparator is innovative, comprehensive and continually updated. 

It is highly visual, enabling everyone to find out the most interesting sports betting data and to build up an unrivalled knowledge of football. 

Whether you want to make your sports betting more reliable or simply satisfy your curiosity, don't hesitate to use our comparator throughout the year. Compare for better betting!

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