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If there is one thing to consider before betting, it is the value of the odds. This is a numerical index offered by bookmakers on a sporting event and it represents the potential winnings that the bettor can receive if his bet is successful. When betting on Liga Portugal we naturally talk about Liga Portugal odds. To know how much you can expect to win by betting on the Portuguese elite, Liga Portugal football odds are important and will always influence your analysis before betting.

How are the Liga Portugal odds calculated?

It is important to know that the odds are a reflection of statistics and mathematical probabilities, related to the Liga Portugal match you want to bet on. The higher the probability of an event taking place, the lower the value of the odds. To make it clearer, let's use the following example: the league match between FC Porto and Portimonense.

FC Porto are used to being at the top of the Liga Portugal standings, so they are the logical favourites in this match against Portimonense according to the experts. Therefore, a Liga Portugal bet of the type "FC Porto win" will be offered at relatively low odds by sports betting sites (e.g. 1.10), since the probability of a Dragões win is quite high. On the contrary, the odds offered for the "Portimonense win" bet will be very high (e.g. 6.50), since the chances of victory for this team used to the bottom of the table are relatively low considering their performances and head-to-head with Porto. The odds of Liga Portugal matches will change according to the abilities and statistics of each club, player or coach in the Portuguese first division.

In addition to what has been explained above, note that there may be a variation in these odds over the course of the match, depending on the action that takes place. Specifically, if Portimonense manage to open the scoring at the Dragon Stadium, the odds for their win will drop for your live bet (e.g. from 6.50 to 2.30), while the odds for a Porto win will increase (e.g. from 1.10 to 2.10). Keep this in mind when following matches live.

How to use Liga Portugal odds

Varying in value depending on the bets offered by the bookmakers, the Liga Portugal match odds will have several uses, the first of which is of course to calculate the potential winnings from your betting slip. To put it simply, if you want to know how much you can win if you win, you need to multiply the odds by the amount of money you want to bet. The total is what will be credited to your account once the bet is made (odds x stake = bet winnings). This is the first thing to know.

Then, the other important point is the relationship between the odds and the Liga Portugal match, which will also make sense if you can compare your ideas with those of the betting sites. Let's take a Benfica-Sporting Braga match for example. If you think that Benfica has a much better chance than Braga to win on their home ground, and you notice that the odds are 1.65 at the bookmakers for the home side to win, no problem, the market logic is respected.

On the other hand, if you notice that the odds for Benfica's victory are abnormally high (e.g. 2.30), you will have to analyse the match in depth. There are two possibilities. Either you have missed important information (injury of a player, suspension, little meaning to the match or  internal problems ...). In this case, you will have to review your strategy. Or, in the second case, if you think that the bookmakers are really underestimating Benfica in relation to the context of the match, don't ask yourself any more questions and bet on the victory of the club from the Lusitanian capital. Do the same with all the clubs in Liga Portugal.

Bet on the long term with the odds of the future winner

You may know this, but you should be aware that in addition to being related to league matches, the odds can also be related to the competitions as such. In Liga Portugal, as in other big football competitions, you can bet on the winner of the championship, but also on the teams finishing in the top four, or even on relegation. In general, these values can be very interesting, especially at the beginning of the season. This type of bet will allow you to place some interesting wagers. It's up to you to find out which odds are worth taking.

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The best bettors know it, to optimize their winnings on the Liga Portugal, it will be necessary to bet on the highest odds of the market. Indeed, for the same bet, the different sports betting sites will generally offer you different odds, sometimes varying by 10%! In this case, the interest of comparing these odds will be undeniable: to take advantage of the best possible gains.

Let's take the example of the Liga Portugal match between Sporting Portugal and Vitoria Guimaraes, on which you intend to bet £100 on Sporting. After having looked carefully, you will notice that Sporting Portugal's victory is offered at 1.55 on average by the bookmakers, except at bet365t which offers it at 1.65. As you can see, it would be preferable to bet the full £100 at that bookmaker, which would produce a return of £165 if they win and that’s £10 more than at the other betting sites..

So, all you need to do is open an account with all the sports betting sites on the market, in order to always jump on the best offer. Of course, what would be the point of seeing higher odds at bet365, if you don't have an account to take advantage of it? A lot of punters don't follow this advice and leave cash amounts on the side without knowing it. With this tip, you can see a nice difference in winnings in the long run. To help you, don't hesitate to consult our reviews of the best bookmakers of the moment. We have done the trick, you now know the importance of comparing the odds before betting on Liga Portugal. Now is the perfect time to do it with our odds comparator. Check out our Liga Portugal next matches odds without further ado.

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