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Serie A Betting Tips

Discover our tips, forecasts and the essential statistics for betting on the next Italian Serie A match day.

Serie A Presentation - Football

ronaldo withe juventus team

Serie A is the first division Italian football league. Every season, it sees the top 20 clubs in the country compete to win the Italian championship since 1898. Considered the third best competition in Europe by the UEFA coefficient, Serie A sees the top three in the league table qualify for the Champions League, the biggest European club competitions The fourth and fifth are qualified for the Europa League while the last three are relegated to the second division (Serie B). Every season, the opportunity is great to place bets on Serie A.

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Serie A experts predictions

inter 2018/19 serie a betting tips

Long regarded as the least spectacular championship in the 2000s, the Italian Serie A has evolved in recent years. Two years ago, it had even become the most prolific competition with an average of 2.95 goals per game. Although last year’s average number of goals has dropped a little (2.6 on average in the season 2018-2019), the data remains consistent and demonstrates the change of mentality in Italy. For your predictions on Serie A, do not forget to bet on goals scored.

Goals that occur away from home, since last year 48% of meetings had seen at least three goals in the game. A statistic that can of course push you to sometimes try the market "+2.5 goals", usually offered with favourable odds on the best sports betting sites. Generally, they will more or less double your stake, it would be stupid not to try. Especially when you see the offensive clubs of teams like Juventus Turin, Napoli or Roma.

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Another important statistic for a reliable Serie A prognosis will be the number of games played with one goal from each team. Last year, about the same as two years ago, the bet "The two teams score" had been validated in 48.5% of meetings, a rather good ratio when we know the odds offered on different sites sports betting. Do not forget, to include this in your bets on Italian football.

Then you must also know that surprises are still frequent in this Italian football championship. Unlike other major European competitions, the Serie A sees a lot of success of the visitors, against less than one match out of two with victories at home. Concrete example, in 2017-2018, 35% of Serie A games ended in a visitors' success, 22% by sharing points and only 43% by a victory of the locals. In total, the N2 has been validated in nearly 6 games out of 10, so do not hesitate to try it regularly in your Serie A predictions. Overall, the odds are around 3/5, combined over 2-3 games, this may be interesting.

Finally, if you are fond of betting on the "exact scores", know that the last season of Serie A will have seen 11% of meetings conclude with the "1-1", same ratio in 2016-2017, 11.60% in 2015 -2016 and 15% in 2014-2015. If you want to indulge yourself with huge odds on the Italian league, then lean towards this famous 1-1. Generally, it will be proposed around 4/1 (gains of £100 for £20 wagered).


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How to predict Serie A matches

immobile lazio italian serie a

After analyzing the numbers to know before betting on the Serie A football, let's talk about the parameters to take into account to make your predictions on Italian football. First, it will be imperative to watch the form of the key players involved in the match you are going to bet on. For example, if you want to bet on the Juventus-Napoli match, and Cristiano Ronaldo is suspended, the odds of the "N2" may be smarter to try than if the Portuguese had been present on the Turin turf. The same reasoning for other key players in the championship, and even more so during the meetings between two mid table clubs.

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After, it will be necessary to understand the real stake of the meeting on which your choice of bet is carried. For example, a bet like "Over 2.5 goals" (+2.5 goals in the match) will have less chance of winning in a low ranking match, in which the formations are quite tense and therefore cautious, than when opposing two formations of the top of table. Nothing more logical. Before betting on the Italian league, take a look at the official rankings of Serie A, and see what can potentially change the outcome of the meeting.

Finally, it will also be necessary to compare the odds before making your Serie A wagers. You are not unaware that each week many sports betting sites offer different odds for the same bets.. Whether you want to bet on Juve, Napoli, Lazio, Rome, Fiorentina or Inter Milan and AC Milan, you will find variations in odds likely to boost your earnings, or reduce their potential. Concrete example, on a match like Atalanta-Juventus Bet365 will be able to propose the success of Turin to 3/10, whereas William Hill will offer it only to 1/4. It may seem harmless at first glance, but believe in our sports betting specialists, at the end of the year the difference can be several hundred euros!

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How to predict Serie A table

As you have the opportunity to bet on meetings of Italian football clubs, you will also have the opportunity to predict the final ranking of this Serie A. In addition to providing a fun new bet to place, this sometimes stereotypical in the world of sports betting, these kinds of bets will allow you to build long-term gains by adding a few tips. For example, you can bet on the final winner of Serie A, the teams that will get their places in European competitions or those who will go down in Serie B at the end of the year..

To achieve this kind of prediction on the Serie A, there will also be some parameters to take into account, such as the real motivation of clubs to grapple places in the standings, the full schedule of the Serie A as well as a deep analysis of each team of Italian Calcio. Analyzing the bench, substitutes, or the youth teams of each institution will be important in order to establish reliable prognoses in the long term. Take notice of the amateurs.


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Serie A 2018/19: our free betting tips

naples ancelotti serie a 2018/19

To finish this page of tips for your Serie A wagers, let's talk now about the teams to follow during this year 2018-2019. After the fierce fight between Napoli and Juventus last year, the Bianconeri will of course be favourites to follow their own success, especially after the arrival of a phenomenon like Cristiano Ronaldo. After years of success and records in Spain, the Portuguese has set down his bags this season in Piedmont to the delight of the fans of Turin. If all goes well, and we feel the odds offered by the bookmakers, the great Juventus should glean the 36th title of their history.


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Who will win the Serie A 2018-2019?


Date and hour Match Odds 1 Odds D Odds 2
03/29 03:30 PM Chievo Verona - Cagliari 3.1 1xbet 3.15 Betclic 2.65 Unibet
03/30 10:00 AM Udinese - Genoa 2.55 William Hill 3.35 Unibet 3.24 1xbet
03/30 01:00 PM Juventus - Empoli 1.26 Betclic 6.5 Betway 16 Unibet
03/30 03:30 PM Sampdoria - AC Milan 3.42 1xbet 3.4 Bet365 2.42 1xbet
03/31 06:30 AM Parma - Atalanta 6.5 William Hill 4.42 Betclic 1.62 Sportingbet
03/31 09:00 AM Fiorentina - Turin 2.1 1xbet 3.42 Betclic 4.08 Betclic
03/31 09:00 AM Frosinone - Spal 2.94 1xbet 3.1 Bet365 2.8 Betclic
03/31 09:00 AM Roma - Napoli 3.17 Betclic 3.63 Betclic 2.35 888Sport
03/31 12:00 PM Bologna - Sassuolo 2.21 Betclic 3.5 1xbet 3.6 Bet365
03/31 02:30 PM Inter Milan - Lazio 2.34 1xbet 3.47 Betclic 3.4 Bet365
04/02 01:00 PM AC Milan - Udinese 1.59 1xbet 4.25 Betclic 7.5 William Hill
04/02 03:00 PM Cagliari - Juventus 7.5 Betway 4.38 Betclic 1.55 1xbet
04/03 01:00 PM Empoli - Napoli 7 William Hill 4.67 Betclic 1.55 Betclic
04/03 03:00 PM Genoa - Inter Milan 4.2 William Hill 3.38 Betclic 2.1 Bet365
04/03 03:00 PM Spal - Lazio 5 William Hill 4 Betway 1.79 1xbet
04/03 03:00 PM Turin - Sampdoria 2.25 Bet365 3.3 Betclic 3.82 1xbet
04/03 03:00 PM Frosinone - Parma 2.77 1xbet 3.23 Betclic 2.86 Betclic
04/03 03:00 PM Roma - Fiorentina 1.88 1xbet 3.95 Betclic 4.37 Betclic
04/04 01:00 PM Sassuolo - Chievo Verona 1.84 1xbet 3.77 Betclic 5 William Hill
04/04 03:00 PM Atalanta - Bologna 1.53 1xbet 4.8 Betclic 7 Bet365