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When we talk about NBA betting, we must also talk about NBA betting odds. All sports betting fans know that these odds are essential elements of online gambling, and based in particular on a number of statistical variables, these odds give a indication of the probability of an event to occur. In general, it will be the odds offered on an NBA bet that will determine your willingness to bet on the US Basketball Championship.

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NBA Championship odds: The calculations

The first thing to know about NBA odds is that they are calculated by online bookmakers according to a number of different parameters. As we have already mentioned, all odds will be related to the probabilities of a bet to occur, which is translated into an encrypted numerical form. When an event is likely to occur, such as when calculating NBA Playoff odds, the values offered by bookmakers will be relatively low, and vice versa, when there is a low possibility of an event occurring, the odds offered are rather high. In the example of a match between the Golden State Warriors and the Chicago Bulls, the context largely favours the Warriors, who have dominated the Championship in recent years. As such, the odds offered by online betting sites on 'Golden State to Win' will be quite low (e.g.6/5) as the California side is better on paper, while the odds offered on 'Chicago to Win' will have a higher value (e.g.14/5).

A difference in the value off odds, such as the example shown above, is only logical as they are directly determined by probability. To determine this probability, and thus calculate the odds, there are various mathematical parameters and statistics that must be accounted for - the percentage of wins since the beginning of the NBA season, an average number of points scored, and so on. There are various other more subjective variables involved in this calculation too however, which are determined by a bookmakers specialist opinion on issues surrounding the meeting - recent statements of stakeholders (coaches, players, etc.), historical rivalry and other similar issues. A more concrete example of this would be a match between the Lakers and Clippers, in which despite the superiority of the Lakers team, the odds offered for their victory will be uncharacteristically high. In such a game, a Los Angeles 'derby', they have no guarantee of victory, and as such the NBA winner odds offered on this match will be higher than normal. One example among many others that you must understand before placing your NBA bets.

Finally, it is also important to note that the value of NBA betting odds will never be fixed in time, as various internal and external elements of matches may be noted by bookmakers, who will update the odds accordingly. For example, if before match the coach declares that an upcoming victory is not his priority, and that his team will instead focus on the following fixture, the odds on that teams victory will be reviewed by bookmakers. During a match, in an NBA live bet, it will be the score of the match that determines an increase or decrease in the odds offered. Take the example of the Houston Rockets versus Boston Celtics game, for which the Texans are favorites. If before the start of the match the odds for the wager "Houston to Win" are offered at 3/2, nothing will prevent such sports betting sites to reevaluate the odds to around 9/5 if Boston are leading by 5 points. Remember this before choosing the NBA basketball odds of your choice.

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NBA betting odds: Why the interest?

Whether betting on the NBA, or on any other sporting competition, the odds used for sports betting have several major interests. The first and main use of such odds is to learn of the potential gains of your chosen bet. Indeed, it is by simply multiplying the odds offered by the bet you want to engage in that you can learn of your potential earnings should your bet be successful (odds x bet = winnings). Take for example the match between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Oklahoma Thunder (OKC), for which you want to bet £100 on the victory of OKC. If the bookmakers offer a rating of 19/10 for the bet of your choice, you can then receive  £190 gross winnings, or £90 net earnings. The same reasoning applies to any bet on the NBA, or another sporting event.

Another use of such odds is to verify your own NBA playoff predictions with those of the experts at the bookies. More specifically, if you favour the Cavaliers to beat the Celtics, and you see odds for such NBA playoff betting offered at 9/5, you know that the bookmakers share your opinions. On the contrary, if bookmakers are offering a higher odds value, such as 3/1, for the Cavs victory, then it may be possible that an important piece of information about the match may have escaped you. Check for example that a player of the main 5 is not injured, or that in the case of a regular season match that the Cavaliers do not have a very important game to play right after this one. This will inevitably count in the success of your NBA bet.

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Last but not least, it is important to note that NBA odds can vary in value amongst bookmakers for the same bet, be it NBA MVP odds, NBA Finals odds, or even odds on your NBA Draft predictions. For example, on the match between Golden State and San Antonio, Bet365 may offer a score of 13/10 for a victory of the Warriors, while Unibet could only offer one of 6/5. Under these conditions, it seems logical that increasing the number of memberships amongst all bookmakers is the ideal maneuver to increase your NBA sports betting earnings.

Indeed, what would be the point of comparing NBA odds, if you have not opened an account to bet at the bookmaker that offers the best value? Clearly, do not hesitate to open your player account at all bookmakers, as in addition they offer generous welcome bonuses to their new players. it would be wrong to deprive you of such benefits - successful bets on the NBA start from here!

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