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PSL Predictions & Betting tips

South African Premier League 2023/24, Tips and Predictions for each upcoming matchday. Full information for your sports bets.

2023/24 PSL Presentation and Predictions

South African Premier Soccer League betting tips

In the vibrant tapestry of South African sports, few threads weave a more compelling narrative than the Premier Soccer League (PSL). Founded in 1996 following the unification of the National Soccer League and the National Premier Soccer League, the PSL has emerged as a dynamic and fiercely competitive platform that showcases the nation's football ability. As the heart and soul of football in South Africa, the PSL stands as a testament to the unyielding passion, skill, and unity that the beautiful game can evoke. With a rich history that mirrors the diverse tapestry of South Africa itself, the PSL encapsulates the essence of competitive spirit, community engagement, and the pursuit of excellence.

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2023-24 PSL title prediction: Who Will Win the 2023-24 PSL?

DSTV Premiership trophy

With the much-anticipated 2023-24 PSL season now underway, the burning question for fans and punters alike is: Who will win the coveted title of PSL Champions?

The defending champions and perennial winners, Mamelodi Sundowns, have clinched the PSL title an unparalleled 13 times, share the accolade for 3 National Soccer League Championships, and boast a cumulative tally of 16 league championships. At present, it stands as the preeminent football club in the South African PSL era in terms of success.

Nicknamed “The Brazilians” due to their club colours and attractive style of football, Sundowns were head and shoulders above the rest in the 2022-23 season, clinching the title by a 16-point margin over Orlando Pirates. The side from Pretoria lost just twice in 30 matches last season and were the highest-performing side home and away. 

Sundowns have certainly picked up where they left off in the previous campaign as they have yet to taste defeat and once again sit atop the league standings as we head into the home stretch of the season. Should they complete the feat of avoiding defeat in the final six matches, they would become the first ever team in the history of South African football to record an unbeaten season. Sundowns currently boast a 13-point lead over second-place Orlando Pirates while also having the advantage of two games in hand, such is the extent of their dominance. This means that the defending champions could be looking at a lead of potentially over 19 points should they convert those extra games into wins! With this commanding lead, we can see only one winner for the 2023/24 season. Therefore, Mamelodi Sundowns are our prediction to win their seventh consecutive PSL league title!

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2023-24 PSL prediction - Odds on the favourites for the title

Champions Sundowns celebrate

The league winner odds for the 2023-24 South African PSL season are not currently available. In the meantime, check out bet365 to check out the other PSL betting markets!

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What prediction for the top scorer in the 2023-24 PSL?

Sundowns' Peter Shalulile

Last season we witnessed a fierce contest for the PSL Golden Boot, with Peter Shalulile, Khanyisa Mayo, Monnapule Saleng, Ranga Chivaviro, and Bradley Grobler all contending for the honour of becoming South Africa's leading goal-scorer. Two players ultimately finished ahead of the rest - Sundowns Peter Shalulile and Cape Town City’s rising star Khanyisa Mayo.

Brazilian forward Lucas Ribeiro has enjoyed a fine first season in South African football after making the move over from Belgium. The 25-year-old has struck for 12 goals in his 16 league matches played (0.75 goals per game average). Khanyisa Mayo is is the running for a second straight golden boot award with the Cape Town City striker having notched 10 goals in 24 matches played (0.42 average). Stellenbosch's Iqraam Rayners leads the pack with 14 goals in 24 matches (0.58 average) while Orlando Pirates' Tshegofatso Mabaso sits second with 13 goals from 22 matches (0.59 average).

For our money, we like Mamelodi Sundowns' Lucas Ribeiro to secure the top goalscorer award. Ribeiro plays for the league's most dominant team who are the highest-scoring side in the division by some margin, averaging 1.96 goals per outing so far this season. With his impressive goals per game average, Ribeiro should provide some good value to ultimately claim the award.

2023-24 PSL top goalscorer odds

The top goalscorer odds for the 2023-24 South African PSL season are not currently available. In the meantime, check out bet365 to check out the other PSL betting markets!

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Beginners Guide to how the PSL works

Kaizer Chiefs celebrate a goal

If you're new to the PSL and want to understand how it works, here's a simple guide to get you started:

1. Structure:

The PSL consists of 16 professional football clubs from across South Africa that compete in a league format starting on Friday, 4 August 2023. The league runs for a season, and each team will play a total of 30 matches facing every team in the league twice.

2. Points System:

In each match, a team earns three points for a win, one point for a draw, and no points for a loss. The accumulation of points over the course of the season determines the league standings.

3. Promotion and Relegation:

At the end of the season, the team with the highest number of points is crowned the champion of the PSL. The bottom teams in the league standings are relegated to a lower division, while the top teams from the lower division are promoted to the PSL for the next season.

4. Fixtures:

The PSL schedule is made up of a series of fixtures, which are the individual matches that teams play against each other. Each team plays a balanced number of home and away fixtures to ensure fairness.

5. Golden Boot Award:

The Golden Boot award is given to the player who scores the most goals during the PSL season. This accolade is highly coveted and adds an extra layer of excitement to the league.

6. Cup Competitions:

In addition to the PSL, South African football also features various cup competitions that teams participate in, such as the Nedbank Cup and the Telkom Knockout. These tournaments offer additional opportunities for clubs to showcase their skills and potentially win trophies.

7. Broadcast and Coverage:

PSL matches are broadcast on television and online platforms, allowing fans from around the world to watch the action unfold. You can keep up to date with all the latest odds, results, and scores on the PSL Livescore page.

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How to make good predictions on PSL matches?

Orlando Pirates' Monnapule Saleng

Making accurate predictions for the 2023-24 PSL matches requires a combination of research, analysis, and a keen understanding of the game (of course, a bit of luck helps too). Here are our suggestions to help you make informed predictions:

  • Gather Data
  • Study Team Form
  • Head-to-Head Records
  • Player Availability
  • Betting Odds and Market Trends

1. Gather Data:

To effectively predict outcomes in the 2023-24 PSL matches, the first step is to gather comprehensive data. This involves collecting relevant information about the participating teams, individual players, and their historical performance. You can obtain this data from various sources:

Websites: Online platforms like SportyTrader and others are dedicated to sports and provide detailed statistics, analysis, and insights on teams, players, and matches.

Sports News Outlets: Reputable sports news websites and publications offer regular updates on team news, injuries, and match previews.

Official PSL Sources: The official Premier Soccer League website and its associated social media accounts provide reliable information on fixtures, standings, and more.

2. Study Team Form:

Understanding the current form of teams is vital for making accurate predictions. This involves analyzing how teams have performed in recent matches:

Winning, Drawing, or Losing Streaks: Identify trends in a team's recent results. Are they consistently winning, drawing, or losing matches?

Goals Scored and Conceded: Look at the number of goals a team has scored and conceded in their recent games. This provides insights into their attacking and defensive capabilities.

3. Head-to-Head Records:

Examining the historical matchups between teams can reveal valuable insights into how they tend to perform against each other:

Performance Trends: Identify patterns in how teams perform against specific opponents. Some teams might have an edge due to certain playing styles or strategies.

Home and Away Matches: Observe how teams perform against each other when they are the home or away side. Consider teams that tend to perform exceptionally well when playing at home due to factors like fan support and familiarity with the stadium.

4. Player Availability:

Player availability plays a significant role in predicting match outcomes. Keep track of injuries, suspensions, and potential player returns:

Key Players: Pay attention to injuries or suspensions of key players who have a significant impact on their team's performance.

Team News: Regularly check team news updates to stay informed about the availability of players for upcoming matches.

5. Betting Odds and Market Trends:

While not foolproof, studying betting odds and market trends can provide insights into the collective opinion of experts and bettors:

Consensus Opinion: Betting odds reflect the perceived likelihood of different outcomes. Significant shifts in odds might indicate changing perceptions about a team's chances.

Market Trends: Observe trends in betting patterns, as these can offer insights into where experts and bettors are placing their money.

Interested in placing a bet? Take a look at the best odds on Premier Soccer League.

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What Not to Do For Your PSL Predictions

Supersport United celebrate

While making PSL predictions can be exciting, it's important to avoid common pitfalls that might lead to inaccurate or misguided forecasts. Here are some things you should avoid when making your South Africa Premier League predictions:

1. Relying Solely on Past Success:

Avoid assuming that a team's historical success will automatically translate to current form. Teams can go through changes in players, management, and strategies that impact their performance.

2. Ignoring Current Form:

Don't disregard a team's recent performance. Failing to consider their current streaks, injuries, and tactical shifts can lead to predictions that don't reflect the present reality.

3. Overemphasizing Individual Players:

While star players can make a difference, football is a team sport. Overemphasizing the impact of a single player without considering the collective team dynamics can lead to skewed predictions.

4. Neglecting Underdog Potential:

Don't underestimate the potential of underdog teams. Upsets happen, and teams lower in the standings can surprise with strong performances against higher-ranked opponents.

5. Ignoring Home Advantage:

Home advantage can significantly impact match outcomes. Neglecting this factor and assuming equal performance regardless of the venue can lead to inaccurate predictions.

6. Falling for Betting Odds Trap:

Betting odds are one source of information, but relying solely on them can be misleading. Avoid blindly following odds without considering other factors that influence match outcomes.

7. Ignoring Tactical Changes:

Teams can adjust their tactics based on opponents and situations. Don't assume that a team will play the same way in every match; consider potential tactical variations.

8. Being Biased or Emotional:

Avoid letting personal biases or emotions cloud your judgment. Making predictions based on loyalty to a particular team can lead to biased and inaccurate forecasts.

Remember that even with thorough analysis, predicting sports outcomes is inherently uncertain. The joy of sports lies in its unpredictability, where unexpected results and moments of brilliance keep fans engaged. Use your research and analysis as a foundation, but always be prepared for surprises in the world of PSL football.

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2023-24 PSL prediction: statistics you need to know

Cape Town City's Thabo Nodada

To help increase your chances of placing educated wagers, here are some key points and statistics from the 2022-23 PSL season:

  • Sundowns: Set a new PSL record of 15 consecutive wins.
  • SuperSport United: Only team to remain unbeaten at home (W10 D5), making them the eighth club in PSL history to achieve this.
  • Cape Town City: The only team not to receive a penalty throughout the season.
  • Sundowns, TS Galaxy, and AmaZulu: Teams that did not lose any match when they were ahead.
  • Richards Bay: Took only two points from the last 36 available, plummeting from second to 13th place.
  • Kaizer Chiefs: Finished a PSL season with a negative goal difference (-1) for only the second time.
  • Caleb Bimenyimana (Chiefs): Converted the most penalties (four) this season.
  • Sundowns: Clinched their sixth consecutive league title and 16th overall, both South African records.
  • Mfundo Thikazi (Royal AM): Scored all six goals away from home.
  • Ranga Chivaviro (Marumo Gallants): Scored eight goals off the bench, making him the greatest super sub.
  • Royal AM: Conceded the most away goals (29 in 15 games).
  • Sundowns goalkeeper Ronwen Williams: Set a new record for clean sheets in a 30-game PSL season (18).
  • Sundowns: Achieved +39 goal difference, a record for a 30-game PSL season.
  • Sundowns: Scored the most goals (52) in the season.
  • The Total number of goals scored in the season was 503, with 43% scored away from home.
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In short: how to make the right PSL predictions?

Kaizer Chiefs fans

Predicting PSL (Premier Soccer League) matches involves a systematic approach that combines thorough research, careful analysis, and an understanding of football dynamics. By gathering data on teams, players, recent form, injuries, and historical performance, one can assess factors such as team motivation, home and away performances, tactical strategies, and player availability. Evaluating trends in past head-to-head matchups, considering betting odds and market trends, and acknowledging the element of unpredictability are all essential components. 

And last but certainly not least, you can always turn to SportyTrader’s experts for in-depth analysis and prediction to give you an extra edge. 

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PSL : Frequently Asked Questions

Mamelodi Sundowns is the most successful team in PSL history, having won 13 league titles. Other notable teams include Kaizer Chiefs (4), Orlando Pirates (4), and SuperSport United (3), each with their own rich histories and fan bases.
The Nedbank Cup is a prestigious knockout tournament in South African football. It runs concurrently with the PSL season and involves teams from various divisions. PSL teams compete alongside lower-division teams for a chance to win the cup, similar to England's FA Cup competition.
The PSL season usually starts around August and runs through to May of the following year, with breaks for international matches and other competitions.
Siyabonga Nomvethe holds the record for being the all-time top scorer in the Premier Soccer League (PSL) era in South Africa. He had scored a total of 123 goals during his career in the PSL.
African viewers can catch all the PSL action live on Supersport or on the DSTV app. Certain matches are also aired on ESPN, Fox Sports, and Sky Sports. If you can’t watch the match, you can get up-to-the-minute updates live at SportyTrader.
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