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Premier League Betting Tips

Discover our advice for betting on the English Premier League along with all our tips and forecasts for the next match day.


Introducing the Premier League

The Premier League is the third best UEFA European championship, and one of the highest in the world according to football experts. It contains 20 teams under a round-trip system. At the end of the 38 days of the championship, the first three are qualified for the Champions League while the fourth gets put into the playoffs. The fifth place team qualifies for the Europa League in the company of the two winners of the FA cup and the league cup. The last three clubs are relegated to the second division.

What marks first of all in the Premier League is the players. World stars are present, of course, Rooney, Sanchez, Ozil or Hazard, the stadiums are full every weekend and the coaches are all more famous than the others. Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City: all the clubs that every football fan dream of across the globe.

Premier League stats

The Premier League championship is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the world, and the numbers are there to prove it. With an average of 2.80 goals per game last season, the English championship has progressed in the field and is constantly seeing the nets of each football stadium, an important statistic for your sports betting, and which results mainly from the reliable attacks of the Kingdom.

For example last year, the top three ranking reached or surpassed the mark of 80 goals, a performance unmatched by other major European championships. Liverpool (78 goals) and Arsenal (77 goals) are not far from reach those stats either, so we are told that the BPL strikers are among the best in the world. They also have a very good defensive record.

Play at home, a trump card

Unlike two years ago, the past season reminded us that playing a game in front of the crowd was a key for Premier League teams. Thus last year 48.9% of the matches ended with home victories , against less than 28% for successes outside. In view of the odds and probabilities, therefore, prefer to bet on home victories or draws when you want to bet on English football. Expert advice.

Betting on the Premier League

Before you want to bet on English football, be sure to read these wise tips. It's free! First, be aware that it will be better to bet on 1-0 or 1-1 if you like to bet on the exact scores. Last season, 20% of the matches ended on either of these scores. Another tip, do not get into the habit of betting on surprises when the big ones are playing. Admittedly the odds at the top bookmakers will be high but remember that last season Chelsea only lost one time against a member of the second half of the ranking, the same for Tottenham Hotspurs and Manchester City. So you should avoid this.

Finally, the other opinion that our experts can give you is not to hesitate to bet on the scorers. Over the last three years 11 players have scored 20 or more goals in one season, proof of the fact that the good odds on strikers should not be set aside. Harry Kane, Sergio Aguero and Romelu Lukaku could once again make you happy in 2017-2018.

The forces present for 2017-2018

After a season dominated from A to Z, it was the Chelsea Blues who were crowned champions of England last year. Under the impulse of an Eden Hazard and the instructions of an Antonio Conte passionate, can the Londoners do the double in 2017-2018? Will Tottenham continue to lead tough lives on big budgets? So many questions to take into account when placing your bets.

Chelsea, still favourite?

If the odds for a new Chelsea crown were 10/3 before the start of the season, it's no a no brainer. Kurt Zouma will be the number one favourite with a little changed quality recruits, and should make your betting easier every weekend.

Manchester City on the lookout

Behind the Blues, Manchester City will be the number 1 champions of England. With Pep Guardiola, who has definitely imposed his paw on the club and a continuity symbolised by Aguero, De Bruyne and Kompany. The bookmakers see City able to dethrone Chelsea by awarding them the rating of 15/8 in case of title. Keep an eye on Gabriel Jesus and others, they can hurt.

Tottenham, United and Liverpool in the same boat

After the two favourites, Tottenham will also be watching. In the race to the end last year, the club of Hugo Lloris continues to progress and must still be taken (very) seriously during your weekly bets. Another club expected, Manchester United, back in the Champions League, the formation of José Mourinho will have to reconcile European adventure and national championship, not always easy to do. Paul Pogba and the new Manchester players will be important. Finally, Liverpool will be in the same boat and will still have to rely on irreproachable results at home to hope for something.

The unknown: Arsenal

If there is a club expected this season it is Arsenal. Not qualified in the Champions League for the first time in ages, the club coached by Arsène Wenger could take the opportunity to focus entirely on the Premier League. If the recruitment is quality, as can be seen at the moment, and the club continue their momentum, the rating of 12/1 proposed at the beginning of the season will sound very attractive for bettors. Final response in May 2018.

Premier League: the best odds to bet

Date and hour Match Odds 1 Odds D Odds 2
08/11 10:00 AM Wolves - Everton 2.4 Bwin 3.4 William Hill 3.1 Bet365
08/11 10:00 AM Liverpool - West Ham 1.3 Unibet 5.8 William Hill 11 Bet365
08/11 10:00 AM Fulham - Crystal Palace 2.4 Unibet 3.4 William Hill 3.1 Bet365
08/11 10:00 AM Arsenal - Manchester City 3.85 Unibet 3.9 William Hill 2 Bet365
08/11 10:00 AM Manchester United - Leicester 1.4 Unibet 4.8 William Hill 9 Bet365
08/11 10:00 AM Watford - Brighton 2.3 Unibet 3.3 William Hill 3.4 Bwin
08/11 10:00 AM Newcastle - Tottenham 4.5 Bet365 3.7 William Hill 1.85 William Hill
08/11 10:00 AM Huddersfield Town - Chelsea 7 Bet365 4.2 William Hill 1.5 Bet365
08/11 10:00 AM Bournemouth - Cardiff 2.05 William Hill 3.55 Unibet 3.6 Bwin
08/11 10:00 AM Southampton - Burnley 1.95 William Hill 3.4 Bet365 4 Bet365
08/18 10:00 AM Tottenham - Fulham 1.22 Bwin 6 Bwin 12 Bwin
08/18 10:00 AM Chelsea - Arsenal 1.83 Bwin 3.4 Bwin 4.33 Bwin
08/18 10:00 AM Burnley - Watford 2.35 Bwin 3.1 Bwin 3.1 Bwin
08/18 10:00 AM Everton - Southampton 2.3 Bwin 3.2 Bwin 3.1 Bwin
08/18 10:00 AM West Ham - Bournemouth 2.25 Bwin 3.2 Bwin 3.2 Bwin
08/18 10:00 AM Manchester City - Huddersfield Town 1.14 Bwin 8 Bwin 15 Bwin
08/18 10:00 AM Brighton - Manchester United 5 Bwin 3.3 Bwin 1.75 Bwin
08/18 10:00 AM Cardiff - Newcastle 2.5 Bwin 3.1 Bwin 2.85 Bwin
08/18 10:00 AM Leicester - Wolves 1.83 Bwin 3.4 Bwin 4.33 Bwin
08/18 10:00 AM Crystal Palace - Liverpool 5.5 Bwin 4 Bwin 1.57 Bwin