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Premier League Betting Tips

Discover our advice for betting on the English Premier League along with all our tips and forecasts for the next match day.

Premier League Presentation - Football

2018/19 premier league predictions

The Premier League is the second best European championship according to the UEFA coefficient, and one of the highest in the world according to football experts. It puts 20 teams in competition, under a system of meetings back and forth. At the end of the 38 days of the championship, the first four are qualified for the Champions League, major competition of European football. The fifth qualified for the Europa League with the two winners of national cups. The last three clubs are relegated to the second division.

But what trumps all in the Premier League is the spectacle. The world stars are present, we think of course Kévin de Bruyne, Eden Hazard or David De Gea, the stadiums are full every weekend and the coaches are all more famous than the others. Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City are all clubs that make every football fan dream.

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Premier League experts predictions

leicester 2018/19 premier league

The Premier League Championship is without a doubt one of the most beautiful in the world, and the numbers are there to prove it. With an average of 2.60 goals per game last season, the Premier League has certainly declined in the field (2.80 in 2016-2017), but this is mainly due to the increase in the overall quality of the English competition. When you make a prediction on the Premier League, you know there will be spectacles with emotion, and that's what counts.

For example last year, Pep Guardiola's Manchester City set a record for reaching the symbolic mark of 106 goals, while Liverpool slammed 84, 2.21 per game throughout the season. Huge numbers, and that could be repeated in 2018-2019 according to our specialists in Premier League predictions. If you want to make a reliable prediction on the Premier League, you will have to bet on goal, goals scored when the leaders are out.

Another interesting statistic for your Premier League bets, know that the market "+2.5 goals" was validated last year on 51% of meetings. When we know that the odds quoted by the best bookmakers revolves around 2.00 (doubling the bet), we say that the bet will have to be attempted more than once in the coming 2018-2019 year. Similarly for the bet "Both teams to score".

Indeed, and this is also a constant over the last three seasons, the Premier League continues to offer meetings on both sides of the year. Whether during the Boxing Day or at the end of the year, 52% of the matches had for example validated the market "Goal of 2 teams" during last season. Here again, it's good to know before betting on the Premier League, since the odds are usually high on any online sportsbook.

Then, it will also be necessary to know that the proposal "exact score" will also be able to be source of interesting gains during your forecasts on the English Premier League. Just last year's "1-1" was recorded in 11.84% of matches, more than one match out of 10. A statistic that was validated the year before (10% of meetings) likewise in 2015-2016 (10.80%). If you want to predict an exact score on the Premier League, you know what you have to do. On average, the rating is proposed at 5.00, it would be a shame not to try a few times in the season.

Finally, last important figure for your Premier League bets, the one concerning the scorers of the English competition. No matter what season you look at in the last decade, each features many world-class scorers, all more effective than others. Last season, for example, will have highlighted men like Salah (32 goals with Liverpool), Kane (30 goals with Tottenham), Aguero (21 goals with City), Vardy (20 goals with Leicester) or Romelu Lukaku ( 16 goals with United). A fact that can lead you to try the scorers on a meeting, usually offered to pretty odds on the Premier League.

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How to predict Premier League matches

pogba 2018/19

After seeing the interesting statistics to bet on the English football competition, let us give you a few simple rules to follow for success. First of all, it will be necessary to take into account the form of the teams, as well as that of the executive players who compose them. Concrete example, a meeting between Leicester and Fulham. Jamie Vardy is on fire and has just scored 3 times in the last two games? A Foxes success will then be favoured. On the contrary the international English squad has not shine lately? A bet on the double chance "Nul or Fulham" will then probably be more interesting to bet. Same goes for all Premier League teams.

Then, it will be necessary to judge the real aspect of the meeting, and in particular the stakes on which it will lead. For example, your prediction on the number of goals scored during the match will not be the same in a soft-belly encounter, as on an end-of-season opposition between two teams playing the game. Often, the stake kills the game and the actors can be tense in case of meeting essential for the future of their club. Before betting on the Premier League, take a look at the rankings, including the official website of the Premier League.

Finally, and this will be a very important step for your gains in the long run, it is of course to compare the odds before placing your bets on the Premier League. Indeed, whether you want to bet on Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal or Manchester City, you will have the opportunity to play the competition between the various bookmakers. To do this it's very simple, you only have to register with all the best new betting sites on the market, and see which offers the best odds on the bet of your choice. Want to bet on a Manchester United victory against Tottenham? For example, it will be more interesting to bet at Bet365 which offers a score of 1/3, than at William Hill which offers a rating of 3/2. In the long run, hundreds of euros are at stake, so do not forget this step -why not check out bookmakers sign up offers for your bets!

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How to predict Premier League table

arsenal aubameyand 2018

Beyond the Premier League matches, you can of course predict the final ranking of the Premier League. Here the interest is simple, to make sure of the long-term gains at any time of the season. For example, you can bet on the team that will be champions of England, those who will get their places in the Champions League, or those who will go down to the Championship the following year - and think about your Champions League predictions and Championship predictions while you're at it. Again ratings are high in general, provided you know how to do it.

A few rules will be simple to follow, such as judging the real motivation of the teams, teams happy with a 10th place finish for example. A promoted team opts for ambition or maintaining their Premier League status? to play Europe?, watch the full calendar of the Premier League or gauge the numbers at the end of the summer transfer window. Analyzing the bench of each club will be for example interesting in being able to forecast its performances in the long run.

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Betting tips on the Premier League top Scorer

premier league top scorer

Harry Kane was top scorer in the 2018 World Cup despite not winning or making it to the final with England, but there is no surprise that he is favourite to be top goalscorer in the Premier league this season. Next up behind him is Mohammed Salah for Liverpool. He was unlucky to have his World Cup experience plagued with injury and defeat but he will shine for Liverpool this season in the Premier League. Aubameyang for Arsenal and Aguero for Manchester City are also favoured by bookmakers all over the world. There will be strong competition for this accolade.

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2019/20 England Premier League: our free betting tips

premier league champions 2018/19

The 2018/19 Premier League was won by Manchester City, who claimed their fourth title since the establishment of the competition in 1992, and their sixth overall title in top-tier English football. The title race went down to the wire, as Guardiola’s City finished just 1-point ahead of second-place Liverpool, who will qualify for next season’s edition of the Champions League alongside third-place Chelsea and fourth-place Tottenham. Arsenal and Manchester United finished fifth and sixth respectively, and both will qualify for the group stage of the 2019/20 Europa League. On the other end of the table, Cardiff, Fulham and Huddersfield finished at the bottom, and will all be relegated to the Championship next season. They will be replaced by Norwich City, Sheffield United and Aston Villa in the 2019/20 season, all of whom received promotion from the Championship at the end of this season.

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Date and hour Match Odds 1 Odds D Odds 2
08/09 03:00 PM Liverpool - Norwich 1.17 1xbet 8.6 1xbet 25 Marathonbet
08/10 07:30 AM West Ham - Manchester City 11 Bet365 6.05 1xbet 1.32 1xbet
08/10 10:00 AM Leicester - Wolves 2.38 1xbet 3.4 Bet365 3.28 1xbet
08/10 10:00 AM Burnley - Southampton 2.63 1xbet 3.42 1xbet 2.9 Bet365
08/10 10:00 AM Watford - Brighton 1.99 Bet at home 3.5 Betway 4.7 Marathonbet
08/10 10:00 AM Crystal Palace - Everton 2.82 Bet at home 3.45 Marathonbet 2.87 Bet365
08/10 10:00 AM Bournemouth - Sheffield United 1.91 1xbet 3.92 1xbet 4.25 888Sport
08/10 12:30 PM Tottenham - Aston Villa 1.3 Betway 5.8 1xbet 15.75 Marathonbet
08/11 09:00 AM Newcastle - Arsenal 3.69 Bet at home 3.52 Bet at home 2.3 1xbet
08/11 11:30 AM Manchester United - Chelsea 2.37 Bet at home 3.5 Bet365 3.32 1xbet