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Best Top 14 Betting Odds (France)

France - Top 14
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When placing a bet on French rugby, one always takes into consideration the odds that are being offered for the Top 14. The odds are a key part of the sports betting world and  essential to online gambling, as they determine whether or not to place a bet. Based on probabilities, the Top 14 odds will vary from one bet to another, and from one bookmaker to another. Hence the interest to know more about them.

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Top 14 odds calculation: several parameters

The first thing you need to know about the Top 14 odds is that they are directly linked to the probability of an event occurring during a match in the French rugby elite. Let's explain. Based in particular on historical and statistical parameters, the odds are numerical values, which are linked to the sports bets offered on the market. The more likely an event will occur during a Top 14 match, the lower the odds. Conversely, when an event is not very likely to take place during a match, the odds offered for its occurrence will be higher.

Let's take the example of a championship match between ASM Clermont and Stade Toulousain. As we know, Clermont has been a dominant team in the French Top 14 for a few years now, whereas Toulouse has been in a clear decline for a few seasons. Therefore, the "Clermont win" bet will not be offered at very high odds at bookmakers (e.g. 1.30), unlike the "Toulouse win" bet (e.g. 3.00). The difference in value, from one Top 14 rugby odds to another, is explained by the difference in probabilities between the different scenarios offered to sports bettors.

Moreover, these probabilities will be directly calculated by the sports betting sites, according to some obvious factors. Already, from a numerical and statistical point of view, many criteria will be taken into account in establishing a value. For example, the official league standings will be influential in determining the favourite, as will the number of points scored since the start of the season, the number of tries conceded and the ratio of home and away wins. And that's not all. 

In addition to these mathematical elements, the feelings of the bookmakers will also play an important role in the value of the odds. Whether it is the way a team plays, the recent statements of a coach, the injuries of important players or the content of the teams' schedule, many aspects will also be important on a human level to determine the odds on the Top 14. This sometimes explains the possible difference in values offered by the different sports betting sites on the market.

Finally, the last important point to know about the Top 14 odds is that you should not forget that the odds can change live at the bookmakers, either before the start of a match or even during a live bet. Indeed, the betting sites will be able to revise their odds values in real time, depending on the parameters related to the match. For example, the late announcement of a major player's injury could directly influence the odds of the match concerned. The team of which the player is a member will then see its odds increase, while the odds for a success of the opponents may be revised downwards. Always good to know before placing your bet on the French Top 14.

What are the benefits of Top 14 odds?

Inherent to sports betting, the odds will have two major interests for the bettor. Firstly, whether it is the Top 14 or any other sporting competition, the odds will help determine the potential winnings of an online bet. Indeed, it is by multiplying the odds of a bet by the bettor's stake (amount bet), that the potential winnings of the bet will be revealed (odds x stake = winnings). For example, let's take the French rugby championship match between Stade Français and Racing 92. If the odds for a win by SF in this match are 2.00 and you want to bet £100, you could win £200 gross (£100 net, when the initial stake is deducted).

Moreover, odds concerning the TOP 14 will also allow the punter to validate (or not) his pre-match impression. Concretely, if before the beginning of the match between Toulon and Montpellier you see the RCT winning, and the bookmakers propose the bet "Toulon win" at odds of 1.50, the logic seems to be respected. Now, and this is where it gets interesting, if you notice on the contrary that the odds offered for a Toulon victory are very high (e.g. 2.80), you will have to check several elements before validating your bet. Indeed, such a gap between your feeling and the odds offered on betting sites can sometimes be due to missed information from you, such as an injury of a major player or a great lack of stake in the match. Don't underestimate this, the success of your Top 14 bet may depend on it.

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Last but not least, don't forget to register with as many bookmakers as possible. Indeed, what would be the interest to compare the odds on the French Rugby championship, if you did not open an account with the bookmaker who proposes the best? Don't forget that for the same bet on the same match, the betting sites may offer different values, directly influencing the amount of your potential earnings. To maximise your winnings, make sure you register as many times as possible, your prize fund will thank you!

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