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The Best Rugby Betting Odds

Odds Comparison - Rugby

Rugby Odds: Compare For A Better Earnings

In sports betting, odds pla an extremely important role,  useful both to bookmakers (betting sites) and punters. The numerical value of the odds given by bookmakers  serve as benchmarks and correspond to the probabilities of an event to occur during a rugby match. The greater the probability of an event, the higher the odds offered by the bookmakers. Let's take the example of a classic meeting in the French Championship. We know that, in general, an average of four tries happen when these two teams meet. Therefore, the odds of the bet "No try scored in the match" will be high (eg: 2/1), while those for the bet "2 tries or over scored in the match" will be lower (eg 2/5). These odds will also be important when you are deciding to place a rugby bet, since multiplying your stake by the odds gives you your potential earnings (stake x odds = earnings).

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How to calculate rugby betting odds?

Linked directly to the probabilities of an event to take place, the rugby odds are calculated by the online betting sites, based on historical records and statistics for the game. To put it in a simpler way, an event with a high chance of happening will not be offered at high odds by a bookmaker (eg:  for Scotland v England rugby odds  during a Six-Nations tournament, we have a rating of 1/5 for a win of England over Scotland). This is considered a lot more likely to be the result rather than the other possibilities (eg: odds of 3/1  given for Scotland beating England). The calculation will be made via a mixture of mathematics and the expert knowledge of bookmakers. The latter will pay close attention to injuries, suspensions, recent form and the real motivations of the teams.

Side note, rugby odds will have an aspect related to financial gain. By multiplying the rating by the amount of money wagered by the odds given, you will be able to see the potential gains of your bet. For example, if after checked 6 nations odds,  you want to place €100 on England beating Wales (odds of 7/10), you  return will be €170 gross if successful. On the other hand, if you bet instead on the Welsh side being the winners, (odds of 13/10), your potential earnings will be higher (€230 gross), given the supposed lower probability of that being the end result. The difference in potential earnings can be great depending on the odds that are offered. This is a logical fact since each scenario of a match does not have the same probabilities of happening.

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How do I place a bet?

Considered as the basis of sports betting - not just for rugby but any sport - odds are of paramount importance and can also vary from one sports betting site to another for the same market.  It is for this reason that it will obviously be of great use to compare the rugby odds today before placing your bet online.

One of the main interests here is comparing the odds given by different bookmakers. By doing this when wanting to place a bet on a rugby match, you can quickly find which site can guarantee you the best financial return for the bet you wish to place. Let's take again the example of the meeting between England and Scotland, for which you wish to bet €100 on England winning the match.  Before placing your bet, you decide to compare the odds proposed for the bet "England Win". After analysis, you realize that Bet365 offers a rating of 2/5, while William Hill offers odds at 3/10. In this case, it will be better to bet your €100 at Bet365 (potential winnings of €140), rather than at William Hill (€130 potential winnings). So we see that for an identical bet, a significant difference in money can be earned depending on the odds given by different bookmakers. Hence the interest of always placing your bets at the best odds.

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Moreover, in addition to this financial aspect, the odds on rugby will also have a different interest: confirming or not confirming your feelings on a given match. Before the England v Scotland match begins,  it seems certain that England are the favourites to win. After having seen the proposed odds (2/5), you realize that this is also the view of the specialist bookmakers. and are therefore reassured before betting.

On the contrary, now, if you realize that the bookmakers offer on average a rating of 3/1 for a success of Scotland (50% probability of Scotland win), while you evaluate it more to 1/5 (83% probability that England win), you will have to test your luck to maximize your winnings. It is also with this, that the comparing of rugby odds is good practice.

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Open multiple betting accounts!

We have just said that bookmakers can offer different odds for the same bet in the same rugby match. The reason for comparing these odds seems obvious (increase your earnings), just like that of registering on all online betting sites available. Indeed, comparing the odds proposed for rugby will be useless if you do not have an account at just one bookmaker as their odds are the only option available to you. Let's say you want to bet on the World Cup match between France and England: Bet365 has a rating of 15/10 for the French side being the victors, against 13/10 for William Hill. If you  are a member of the William Hill site, your potential winnings are only €230 if making a bet of €100, versus €250 if you had an account at Bet365. On the other hand, if you had opened an account with both operators, you could compare the rugby world cup odds on both and you could then bet with the bookmaker offering the best odds, and thus reap the maximum gains for your rugby bet. Hence the interest of opening multiple accounts.

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Now that you have everything figured out and you want to bet on rugby at the best odds available, It's easy, Our rugby odds comparator clearly tells you which site offers the most profitable odds for the bet of your choice. Just click on the relevant section.

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