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Best Bundesliga Betting Odds (Germany)

Germany - Bundesliga
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When we talk about sports betting, odds are essential elements of the game, Without them online sports betting could not exist, so when talking about placing bets on the Bundesliga, we must discuss the odds placed on the German Football Championship.

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Bundesliga Odds - Football betting determined by several key factors

The first thing to know when placing a bet on the Bundesliga is that the bookmakers odds are determined by the likelihood of an event to unfold. The higher the probability of an outcome occurring, the lower the odds proposed by bookmakers, and vice versa. Take for example a meeting between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke, for which BVB are of course the favourites. In this case, the odds given for 'Borussia Dortmund Win' will be rather low (e.g. 21/20), unlike the odds on 'Schalke Win', which will be quite high (e.g. 11/1). Thus, probabilities have a direct effect on the odds on the Bundesliga.

Another important aspect to know about the Bundesliga odds is their calculation, which is estimated by bookmakers  based on both mathematical elements and more subjective reflections. The mathematical aspects include different figures and statistics which may influence the value of odds offered - Bundesliga standings, the number of goals scored by each team since the start of the season, the number of red cards received, goals conceded etc. In terms of subjective reflections - the real motivation of a team to win the game, poor form of a key player, or historical rivalry between teams (e.g. BVB Dortmund and Schalke) - all can have influence over the odds offered on a Bundesliga match. Good to know.

Finally, the third major aspect to know about the odds on the Bundesliga is that they can vary in value at any time. Indeed, be it before the start of a match or after (during a live Bundesliga bet), several factors relating to the meeting may influence the different odds offered by sports betting sites. Incidents such as the injury of a star player just before the meeting may lead bookmakers to raise the value of the odds offered on this club, and also to reduce those offered for the victory of the opposing team. Red cards, suspended players, or players dropped by coaches can all influence the in-play football betting odds on the Bundesliga.

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Why consult the odds when betting making your Bundesliga predictions?

As figures determined by online sports betting sites, directly related to probability, odds play a major role in Bundesliga betting. Firstly, they allow bettors to know the potential winning of their betting coupons - by simply multiplying the odds by the amount you intend  to commit to your punt, the potential winnings of the bet will be revealed. For example, if you bet £100 on Bayern Munich to win against Leipzig, offered at odds of 2/1, you can expect to earn £200 in gross winnings. Odds x bet = winnings: easy.

Secondly, Bundesliga odds will also have the advantage of backing up (or not) your choice of bet. By consulting the odds offered by bookmakers on a game of your choice, you will quickly learn if your own pre-match impressions are shared by the specialists, and thus if your football predictions are right ones. Take the example of a meeting between Borussia Monchengladbach and Hoffenheim, in which case you want to bet on the favourites, the Foals. In this case, you realise that that odds for your proposed bet of 'Monchengladbach Win' is 6/5, so you are reassured that the bookmakers also favour this outcome. On the other hand, if you had noticed abnormally high odds for the same bet (e.g. 5/2), you should consider again before placing the bet. In this case, some new factors may have escaped you - injuries, suspensions etc. - which would explain the difference between your estimate of the meeting and that of the experts. 

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Finally, to conclude this page dedicated to Bundesliga odds, know that it is important to register with many different online bookmakers in order to take advantage on the best odds available on the German Football Championship. Surely, what would be the point of comparing the odds on the Bundesliga - and therefore the best winnings -, if you have not opened an account with the bookmaker who offers it. It is smart to multiply your number of online registrations to always have access to the best Bundesliga odds when making your football predictions, whether they bet on an individual match or on Bundesliga outright odds: hundreds of pounds are probably in play on a season, it would be a shame to miss out!

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