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LaLiga Betting Tips

Discover our tips, forecasts and all the information required for your sports betting on the next Spanish Liga match day.

La Liga Presentation - Football

gareth bale la liga

La Liga, also called Primera Division, is the first football division in Spain. Composed of 20 professional teams, each season it awards the title of champion of Spain and qualifying places for European cups. At the end of a 38-day round-trip schedule, the club that finishes first is thus crowned champion, while the other two placed on the podium and the fourth qualifies directly for the Champions League. For their part, the 5th and 6th qualify for the Europa League, the second most prestigious European competition. Finally, at the bottom of the standings, the last three of the championship are relegated to the second division of the country. Bet on La Liga, it is sure to be full of thrilling moments with the best clubs and football stars!

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La Liga experts predictions

messi la liga 2018/19

The first thing to know about the Spanish Liga is that it remains one of the most prolific competitions in the world. Despite a small decrease of 8% in the field compared to 2016-2017, last season, for example, has averaged 2.69 goals per game in the Spanish league, one of the highest in Europe. Which delights lovers of entertainment and sports betting.

Second statistic to know for your La Liga predictions, the one concerning the volume of meetings rich in goals. What you need to know, for example, is that last year 49% of Primera Division games had +2.5 goals in the game, and 26.9% at least four goals ("+3.5 goals"). This data is also a constant in recent seasons, which could help you bet on this famous league. Indeed, bets on the number of goals are usually offered with great odds online on betting sites, and therefore potentially beneficial for your jackpots. With values of 8/10 to 10/11 in general, the "+2.5 goals" bet may allow you to almost double your bet on every second match. Good information to have!

Another trend to take into account to win your bets on La Liga, is the weakness of the number of draws throughout the season. With a ratio of 22%, the lacking number of scores concerns only one match out of five, the smallest volume of any of the major leagues. If the odds of bookmakers are attractive, avoid betting too often, and choose a bet on one or the other of the two formations. In 2017-2018, for example, 46% of the games were successful for locals, compared to 32% for a win for visitors. If you want to bet on a dry result, the 1 will be very often the solution. Word from the experts.

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griezmann laliga 2018/19

Another thing to know before betting on Spanish football, the volume of the meetings in which the two teams hit the mark. Contrary to what one would think, and it is also paradoxical when one looks at the figures previously stated, only 45% of the Liga matches had validated the bet "The two teams score" in 2017-2018, down almost 8% from the previous season. A fact that must be taken into account before establishing your prognosis on La Liga, especially as the odds offered by bookmakers are still pretty good.

Finally, the last bit of information to have in mind before bet Liga, know that the Spanish clubs are in general very dependent on their managerial players. Although the situation may change at the end of the 2018-2019 exercise because of the departure of Ronaldo to Juventus, last year, for example, showed a rise in competition on the side scorers. Thus, no less than 21 players had reached the mark of ten goals scored, 12 players that of fifteen goals and 5 that of 20 goals in the last edition of the Spanish Football Championship. An extraordinary piece of information, which will have to put you on the spot in the case of the absence of a key player.

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How to predict La Liga matches

Ben Yedder LaLiga 18/19

Now that you know the important numbers before betting on La Liga, let's now see the parameters to be taken into account to make your predictions on Spanish football. Already, and this is consistent with what we have just mentioned, it will be necessary to analyze the form of the executive players of each team regarding the match on which you wish to bet. So, if you want to bet on the Barcelona-Atletico Madrid match but Griezmann and Oblak are uncertain, it will be better to avoid the N2 to try a Catalan success. And vice versa.

Then, it will be necessary to determine if the match is really worth placing a bet or not. For example, a "Both teams score" bet will be less likely to be validated in a meeting between a club that plays in a European competition, and the other that has nothing to gain, in a domestic league fixture. It's logic. Before betting on the Spanish league, look at the official ranking, and note in one corner the stakes for each team involved.

Last, you should finally think to compare the odds before establishing your bet on the league. Indeed, whether you want to place a bet on FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid or FC Sevilla, you will have the opportunity to play the competition between different sports betting sites. To do this it is also easy, you only have to open an account at the best bookmakers on the market, and see which offers the best odds on the bet of your choice. For example, you want to bet on a draw between Valencia and Villarreal? It will be much more interesting to bet at William Hill which offers a score of 22/10 than at Bet365 which offers a rating of 23/11 for the same bet. In the long run, your pot will vary by several hundred euros, so do not wait to compare the odds!

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How to predict La Liga table

umtiti barcelona 2018/19

In addition to the Liga games themselves, you will also have the opportunity to predict the final ranking of the Spanish Championship 2018-2019. Betting on sports is simple, have fun while building up long-term gains, called "Outright winner". Thus, you can bet on the team that will be champion of Spain, on those who qualify for European competitions or on those who will be relegated. Again the odds offered by each bookmaker are worth it, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

To make this kind of La Liga predictions, a few simple parameters will have to be taken into account, such as analyzing the true motivation of the clubs, watching the full La Liga schedule or analyzing in depth each team's squad. Analyzing the substitutes, reserves or youth teams of each club will be interesting for example to be able to establish reliable breakdown of each club in the long run.

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Spanish La Liga 2018/19: our free betting tips

isco real madrid

Finally, and this is undoubtedly an aspect that interests you the most, let's talk now about the teams to follow during this season 2018-2019 of Liga. After the phenomenal success of FC Barcelona last year, the Catalans will of course be favourites of their own succession, especially given the changes made to Real Madrid. With Zidane and Ronaldo gone, Lopetegui Merengue’s men will have to get back on their feet and try to win a Spanish title. A title that Atlético de Madrid could also steal, the Colchoneros always counting on their strongmen Griezmann-Costa-Godin-Oblak, and can rely on all the experience of Diego Simeone. Anyway, La Liga 2018-2019 is going to be a spectacle from start to finish!

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Who will win La Liga 2018/19?

Who will be relegated from La Liga 2018/19?

  • SD Huesca - 1/20
  • Rayo Vallecano - 1/14
  • Celta Vigo - 5/4
  • Valladolid - 7/4
  • Villarreal - 5/1

Who will be the Top Goalscorer of La Liga 2018/19?


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