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LaLiga Betting Tips

Find our free predictions for betting on the La Liga 2019/20, as well as tips and forecasts for each upcoming matchday. Full information for your sports bets.

La Liga Presentation - Football

la liga - messi

La Liga - also called the Primera Division - is the first division of Spanish football, and pits 20 of the best clubs in the country against each other each year in the race for both the title and European qualifying places. At the end of 38 matchdays, the club that finishes at the top of the standings is crowned the La Liga Champion, and receives qualification for the Champions League alongside the other top-four finishers. The two sides that finish in fifth and sixth place also earn a qualifying spot in the upcoming season of the Europa League. On the other end of the table, the three teams that finish last are relegated to the second division of Spanish football at the end of the season. A bet on La Liga, as such, is sure to be full of thrilling moments provided by the best clubs and football stars in Spain!

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La Liga experts predictions

la liga - zidane

The first thing you should know about La Liga is that it is one of the most prolific football competitions in the world. Despite a small decrease in recent editions of the league, last season saw an average of 2.5 goals scored per game of the Spanish football championship - one of the highest figures on the continent, and always sure to delight and entertain fans and sports bettors alike.

The second statistic can be considered in the same light, as it concerns the volume of La Liga games that are rich in goals. Last season, for example, 47% of all La Liga matches ended with over 2.5 goals scored, while 25% of fixtures saw +3.5 goals. This data is also consistent with recent seasons, which could point you in an exciting direction for your online betting. Since the Over/Under market is usually offered at very favourable odds by online bettors, such a bet could be very fruitful for your kitty. With bookmakers generally offering odds values of between 8/10 and 10/11 on this market, a ‘+2.5 goals’ wager could allow you to almost double your stakes on La Liga matches - important information to know for your bets.

Another trend to take into account for your bets is the lack of away wins that occur in during the La Liga season. With a total ratio of 26% seen in the 2018/19 season, only one in four games ended in favour of the visitors - one of the smallest ratios seen amongst European football leagues. Even if the bookmakers odds are attractive, this market should be avoided for regular bets - instead look towards the home team or even a draw. Last season saw 44% of games end with the success of the hosts, while 29% of matches finished with a level scoreline. If you want to bet on the final result of a La Liga match, a 1 or X bet will be the one to turn to. 

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Another thing to know for your Spanish football predictions is the number of meetings in which both teams get on the scoreboard. In line with the above figures, more than half of all matches in the most recent La Liga season validated the bet ‘Both teams to score’ (52%) - that’s more than one in two games! A fact that must be taken into account before placing your bets on La Liga, especially given that the odds offered by bookmakers are often very interesting.

Finally, the last piece of information that you should keep in mind before establishing your predictions on La Liga is that Spanish clubs are generally very dependent on their star players. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been the best examples of this fact in the last decade - it is not uncommon to see a team revolve their tactics around their key player. Last season, for example, there were many players who stormed the ranks for top goalscorer, which was key to their team’s success. A total of 21 players hit the 10-goal mark, which is no small feat, and indicates their importance to their club. Very important information, as you could easily be put on the spot if your team is missing their star player.

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How to predict La Liga matches

la liga - suarez

Now that you know all of the important figures involved in La Liga betting, let’s take a look at some of the other parameters that can impact predictions on this Spanish football league. As we mentioned above, it will always be crucial to analyse the form of the key players on each team concerned by the match of your choice. So if you want to bet on a Barcelona-Atlético Madrid match, but Koke and Oblak are uncertain, it much be wise to favour a Catalan success.

It will then be necessary to determine the stake of the match you have chosen. For example, the bet ‘Both teams to score’ is much less likely to be realised in a game between a team prioritising European football and a team at the bottom of the table, than in a match between two teams that are neck-and-neck in the title race. Before betting, be sure to check the La Liga table to find out each teams motivation before their upcoming fixture.

The final point to remember for your sports bets is to always compare odds before placing your La Liga bets. Whether it is Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid or Sevilla that you want to back, you will have the opportunity to check out the competition between the best online betting sites. Doing this is easy - all you have to do is register an account with all of the best bookmakers to find the best offers and odds available for the bet of your choice. If you, for example, want to bet on a draw between Valencia and Villarreal, a bookmaker that offers 11/5 on this market will be much more interesting to bet with than a bookmaker that offers 3/1 for the same bet. In the long run, you could see a difference of hundreds of pounds in your kitty - so make sure to always compare odds before betting!

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How to predict La Liga table

la liga - valencia

In addition to the La Liga matches themselves, you will also have the opportunity to predict the final standings of the 2019/20 edition of the Spanish football championship. Betting on this sports market can be simple, and betting on the outright winner, the teams that will qualify for Europe or the teams that will be relegated to Liga 123 for long-term gains can provide plenty of excitement to online bettors. The bookmakers odds are often favourable, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of them.

In order to establish these predictions, there a few simple parameters that you will need to take account of - including analysing the motivation of each club, keeping track of the La Liga calendar and considering the depth of each club’s squad. Analysing the substitutes, reserves or youth teams of each club can be key to your betting success, as you can get an idea of how each side will fare in the long-run.

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Spanish La Liga 2019/20: our free betting tips

real madrid - hazard

Barcelona defended their title in the 2018/19 La Liga season, taking home the trophy for the 26th time in the history of the club. Valverde’s men finished the season 9-points ahead of the rest of the competition, and qualified for the 2019/20 season of the Champions League alongside second-place Atlético Madrid, third-place Real Madrid and fourth-place Valencia. Getafe and Sevilla, who finished in fifth and sixth place, will qualify for the next season of the Europa League. Girona, Huesca and Rayo Vallecano finished at the bottom of the table and were relegated to the Segunda Division.

Real Madrid should be back to business next season, after struggling both domestically and internationally during the 2018/19 season. In addition to the return of Zinedine Zidane in the coaching box, Los Blancos have made some interesting signings in the summer transfer window - including the acquisition of Eden Hazard from Chelsea. Although competition is expected to be fierce from Barca and Atlético, our experts believe that Real will have a slight advantage going into this season. As we wait for the season to start in August, it certainly seems like the best option.

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