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how does live betting work?

How does Live Betting work?

After you register with an online gambling site, head to the live betting section. Betting during a live sporting event and watching the odds change as the match progresses is an exhilarating experience! In this section, you'll find everything you need to know before starting.

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Live Betting: What are the advantages?

As the name suggests, Live Betting allows you to place wagers on an event as it takes place. This hasn’t always been possible and in the past, you put your bet on before the match and just hoped it would be a winner. That used to be so frustrating for gamblers. They’d see their selection winning or losing and not be able to place any more bets on the event. Times have changed now, and you can bet on events as they are played. The odds will be continually changing as they reflect what is happening in the game. Registering with a site that has lots of live betting is always recommended.

If your selection is playing well, you can place more bets on them. On the other hand, if they aren’t faring well, then you can try and rescue the situation by changing sides and start backing their opponents. There will be a mass of markets available for each game, so lots of betting opportunities will be available.

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Live Betting: How does it work?

One of the most important sections on a sportsbook is In-Play.  Join one that offers this 24/7, you'll love it. This is where all the live betting action is housed. Online sportsbooks cover events from all over the globe and that’s extremely useful when it comes to live betting. Whether it’s the early hours of the day, the afternoon or late in the evening, sites will offer their customers live betting. 

This can be on a large number of sports. Football and tennis are two of the top sports you can bet live on. There are lots of others though, including rugby, golf, table-tennis, beach volleyball and all the top American sports.

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Live Betting: A user's guide.

As long as you have become a site member and it is possible to get online, you can be following live betting. Getting hold of an app for your mobile is an essential acquisition. You will then be able to follow all the live action while you are out and about. Not all sites have apps but those who don’t usually create a version that can be played on your mobile devices.

The In-Play list is usually seen in the centre of the sportsbook’s home page. That shows you just how important it is. You can click on the individual events to go to the dedicated page that has all the information and odds you need. It’s possible to select your favourites so the games you have bet on can be in their own section.

Once you have accessed the In-Play page for the event you wish to bet on, the excitement begins to build. Let’s look at an example of a game being played in the World Cup between England and Switzerland. At the start of the match, England are the 1.57 (4/7) favourites with Switzerland 4.5 (7/2) and the draw 4.0 (3/1) and you fancy England to win the match. From the moment the match begins, the live betting odds will start to change.

If after 15 minutes the game is still waiting for its first goal, the odds will reflect the 0-0 scoreline. The odds on England may now be 1.66 (4/6) and Switzerland 5.0 (4/1). Those are better odds than at the start of the game but the odds on a draw won’t be. That is becoming a more likely result, so the live odds now may only be 3.5 (5/2). 

This is where live betting can become so exciting. England might not be winning but they may be having the best of the match. If your belief is still that England will win, you can place more money on them to do so and at better odds than if you’d just made a bet on the game before the game started. If you believe Switzerland are looking the better side, you could place a bet on them. The game might be looking like a stalemate is the likely end result, so you could bet on that.

If you can actually be watching the game then that’s even better. You will have the evidence in front of your own eyes on how the match is progressing. Live streaming of events is also available on a lot of sportsbooks. You will also be able to access the statistics for the game and use those to influence any bets you make on the game.

The longer the game remains level, the odds on England or Switzerland winning will lengthen and the odds on the draw will shorten. In the second half if the game is still level, the situation is likely to be reached when the odds on a draw become odds-on, say 1.91 (10/11) and England winning odds-against, say 2.1 (11/10). 

What if a goal is scored? This will have a great influence on the odds the bookmaker offer you. Say, England take the lead in the 60th minute, the odds on them winning will now dramatically shorten, perhaps to 1.14 (1/7). The chances of a Switzerland win are now very unlikely, so their odds will lengthen perhaps to 15.0 (14/1) – a lot will depend on whether that England goal was expected or against the run of play. The odds on a draw will also become larger now that one of the teams is winning, that could now be 7.0 (6/1). 

As the game continues with England 1-0 up, the odds on them winning will become even shorter and those offered on a draw or a Swiss win will get larger. If there was to be another England goal, then the odds will again change dramatically with England almost at unbackable odds. 

What if Switzerland equalize in the 80th minute? The odds on either England winning will get larger, those for Switzerland will shorten but the most dramatic move will be on the draw. With not much time left, the odds on the game finishing level will be the shortest odds now, something like 1.33 (1/3).

Incidents that take place during the match affect the odds but not just the score. If England had a player sent off, the odds on them winning would lengthen and those on a Swiss victory shorten.

Live betting isn’t just about the final result of an event. You can place bets on everything from the number of corners in a football game, how many tries in a rugby match and the number of runs scored in an over during a cricket match. You may see that a player is in form, so placing a bet on them to score the next goal is something you might not have considered before the match began. If there are a lot of fouls being committed, then you might consider placing a bet on a penalty in the game or someone being sent off. Odds on those markets will be offered throughout the game.

If live betting wasn’t exciting enough already, there’s now the cash out feature. This allows you to end your bet before the event comes to its natural end. You will find this helpful if your selection is leading but there’s a nagging doubt in your mind about them going on to win the match. It’s also helpful if your selection is losing as you can get some of your stake back by cashing out.

You can see therefore that live betting is such an important part of any sportsbook. When you log in to your account, you will be keen to see what live odds are available at that time. Then the excitement of live betting can begin.

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