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How to Place a Live Bet and How Do They Work?

How to place a live bet

If you want to play and receive your winnings instantly while watching a sporting event, live betting is a great option. This betting method offered by all of the most popular bookmakers in the world has hundreds of varied markets. You’ll also find all the updated live statistics, which is sure to help you the next time you put together a bet. Which team will score next? Will there be a corner in the next play? Who will commit the next foul? If you want to find out more about this betting method along with others, continue reading this article.

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What is Live Betting?

Betting sites have been improving their product and adapting to the advancements of technology and the demands of new customers. In the past, a sports bettor was confined to placing wagers solely on the pre-match betting markets before the start of the event. Nowadays the scope is much wider and there is the possibility of investing with live bets. As its literal definition indicates, bets on this market take place while a match is being played. This method of betting can present some excellent opportunities to generate higher profits as the odds do not remain static, but change according to what happens on the field.

For example, an injury or a sending-off at the start of the match between Manchester City and Brighton in the English Premier League could completely change the outcome of the game, even if the winning team is considered to be of lesser strength. The only way to capitalise on these types of situations is with the live betting market.

Likewise, a live bet not only allows a user to establish a ticket based on what is observable on the field, but also with the incorporation of all the statistics related to the match. In that sense, some of the betting markets that can be predicted are:

  • Which club will score the next goal
  • Next goalscorer (player)
  • The minute of a goal (0-15, 16-30, etc.)
  • Next shot on goal
  • The penalty kick penalty
  • Number of corner kicks
  • The number of fouls
  • Shots on goal
  • Red or yellow cards
  • Ball possession

This allows the bettor to analyze what is occurring on the field and make a well-informed prediction and bet on the next or future outcome. There are an infinite number of choices and the online bookmakers also offer statistical information to help in the predictions.

How to place a live bet?

Nowadays, betting sites have adapted their web platforms and applications so that their users can place live bets seamlessly and never miss out on their preferred bet. Once you have entered the bookmaker of your choice, you will see the list of all the matches to be played and the selections prior to the starting whistle. The presentation when the matches are live does not vary much, although it does have other new features: more markets enabled and a statistics tab with the figures of what happens on the field.

Thus, when you click on a given event, hundreds of options to choose from will be displayed and you can then assess the odds offered with your betting prediction. For example, if Barcelona has more possession against Real Madrid, it is likely that they will be able to generate more shots on goal, more passes, more attacking attempts and even more chances from set pieces. It is just a matter of analyzing and choosing well.

Likewise, sites such as Bet365 or Betsson have broadcasting rights for some leagues. This will enable you to watch the match and get an even better idea of the flow of the play rather than simply relying on the statistical numbers on the screen. If you are still cautious about live betting, there is also the possibility of securing a winning pick ahead of time with the early cashout feature. Early cashout allows you to anticipate the final outcome of a bet and gives you the ability to finalize your wager before the end of the game. Using the live betting platform can assist you in this respect, as you’ll be able to track the action and see the latest odds update in real time. Undoubtedly, this is not an opportunity not to be missed.

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What are the benefits of live betting?

A live bet in certain markets can save you the hassle of waiting until the final whistle of a match: the instant events proposed by the bookmakers are resolved in minutes and, consequently, the winnings will appear in your account almost immediately. In this context, there is a wide variety of benefits that you can get just for making your online predictions in the category that best suits or attracts you. Here are some of them:

Instant profits are key in this situation, since the events offered by a betting site usually conclude in a short period of time (fouls, free kicks, corners, number of shots, etc.). A bet may, for example, have Newcastle with odds of 1.62 to have the next shot on goal. This means investing $100 will return $162 (so $62 in profit) and it is a bet with a relatively high percentage of success after analyzing the playstyles of both teams. As a result of these rapid betting markets, the user is then able to use his previously obtained earnings to establish a new bet, either in a similar market or another one of the hundreds of other markets that are available.

Remember to always reevaluate the betting odds based on what is unfolding on the pitch, whether it be through viewing the advanced statistics or by watching the match. The betting odds are constantly updating based on the action so having a strong understanding of how they are likely to react will benefit your bottom line in the long run. Finally, there is the previously mentioned early cashout, which allows you to finalize a live bet before the end of the event. This allows for you to secure profit for a bet in case some unexpected circumstance occurs that jeopardizes the positive result of the selection.

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Multiply your investment with live betting!

In short, betting live can generate higher profits, since you have the latest information to back up a forecast. In the same way, the returns of a winning coupon will arrive faster in your account for those markets that are designed to settle quickly. This makes reinvestment a great option, as it allows you to place  a new betting ticket in the same or a more attractive market. Finally, live betting can provide higher odds and, therefore, more profit at the end of the day. Don’t forget the option to cash out your bets early is also on the table, allowing you to secure those winnings well in advance.

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