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How do you place a "Both Teams to Score" sports bet?

what is the both team to score market

Just like the '1X2', 'Double Chance' or 'Over/Under' bet types, the 'Both Teams to Score' bet is one of the most popular in sports betting. Want to know how this market works and how to bet on it? This article explains everything.

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What is the "Both teams to score" bet?

Also known as BTTS (Both Team To Score), this type of bet is actually quite simple to understand - it's all in the name. The aim is to choose a match in which you think both teams will score a goal. Your bet wins if both teams score, while it loses if only one or neither team scores. This type of bet is most commonly found in football, but can also be found in other sports such as ice hockey.

This market is so popular that bookmakers generally place this bet at the top of the page, in the first offers. You can also find it by browsing the betting markets of the game of your choice, usually located in the ‘goals’ section. When you want to place a bet of this type, your task is simple: you have to decide whether both teams will get on the scoresheet (BTTS: Yes) or whether one of both of the teams will be shutout (BTTS: No).

The odds for both teams to score are usually under 2.00. However, they can be higher in matches where there is a significant difference in standard between the two teams, such as a World Cup or Champions League qualifier.

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Why is the 'Both teams score' bet so popular?

There are several reasons why this market is popular. Firstly, it only offers two possible outcomes: either both teams score, or they both don't. It's as simple as that. What's more, it doesn't require you to predict the final outcome of the match. So, even if you're not sure about the outcome of the match or you think it will end in a draw, you can still bet on the match with the "Both teams score" bet.

It's also a bet that can be won in just a few minutes. When Marseille hosted Sporting Portugal in the Champions League group stage in October 2022, both teams scored within the first 13 minutes of play. That's a quick win if you took the "Both teams score" bet on that match.

It's also an exciting bet to place. If only one team has scored, you'll be encouraging the other team to score a goal and win your bet. If you bet on both teams not scoring, you'll be hoping that the game is tied so that there isn't a goal scored by either side.

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How can I make money betting on this market?

Before betting on this market, you'll need to do some research. Analyse the recent results of both teams before making your decision. A match between two teams that score a lot of goals and struggle to keep their goal intact is a good opportunity to place a bet on both teams scoring.

To get good results with this type of bet, you also need to study the home and away performances of the teams. A team may score a lot of goals at home but struggle to find the net away from home, especially if they play a team that has a lot of clean-sheets at home. It would not be as attractive to bet on a goal scored by both teams in this case. Instead, you might opt for a bet on both teams failing to score (BTTS: No).

By taking these elements into account and doing your research, you will increase your chances of making more reliable predictions on the "Both teams to score" market.

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Also check out the Both teams to score combination bets!

As well as being able to simply bet on the fact that both teams will score in a match, you can also opt to combine this bet with the result of the match in a combination bet. 

For example, the 'Result & Both Teams to Score' bet is a combination of the Both Teams to Score market and the Match Result market. So, to win this bet, you need to correctly predict both outcomes. Let's say you bet on "PSG win & both teams score" in a Ligue 1 match between PSG and Marseille. If PSG win and both teams score in the match (e.g. PSG win 2-1), then your bet wins. If Marseille wins or draws OR at least one of the two teams does not score (e.g. PSG win 1-0 or draw 1-1), then the bet is lost.

This is a difficult type of bet to win, but the odds offered by bookmakers in this market can sometimes be worth it. It's important to pay attention and look for the betting site offering the best odds on this type of bet. Don't hesitate to consult our ranking of the best bookmakers to help you make your choice!

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