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How to win your live betting?

Live betting

If you are a thrill-seeking punter, you can not miss live betting! It’s simple and intuitive and can also allow you to get some impressive wins if you follow certain rules.

If you're new to live betting, find out what you need to know before placing your live bets. If you're a veteran of this kind of thrilling betting, read on to learn how to get the most out of your live bets!

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Live betting: the rules to follow when placing a sports bet

To make a success of your live sports bets, there are a few essential rules to follow carefully. We give you the full rundown.

  • Always pay close attention to the match
  • Manage your bets
  • Make sure you have the exact score
  • Bet at the best odds
  • Don't fall into compulsive betting
  • Stay objective
  • Read on for more details on each tip

Always pay close attention to the match

When betting live on a match you need to be concentrating on what is happening on the field of play. Whether it's via our live commentary or by following the match on video streaming, you need to know exactly what’s going on just like those setting the odds are. Sometimes the bookmaker can be wrong and, if your analysis is better, you will be able to find the most profitable bets. But don't forget that operators such as Unibet, bet365, Bwin and Vbet, in addition to their superb welcome bonuses, offer a live streaming service, so you can watch certain matches live, whether on a mobile application or on a computer.

Manage your bets

Before placing a live bet, make sure you have enough funds in your account to be able to invest on a possible result covering your first bet. This will enable you to make a Sure Bet live. An event can sometimes affect all your bets, such as a red card or an injury. Staking your entire capital on a single bet sooner or later leads to possible losses being incurred. Don't forget that sports betting should not become an addiction, and that knowing how to control yourself remains very important.

Live betting: pitfalls to avoid when betting live with a bookmaker

Live betting is available at all bookmakers and covers an increasing number of events. Live (or in-play) betting is a key part of any online sportsbook with betting opportunities always available. Here are some of the pitfalls to avoid before betting live.

Make sure you have the exact score

This is a classic live bet. By offering you a dedicated interface and an associated livescore, the bookmaker is clearly putting the punter at ease. However, the odds regularly vary long before the score is updated. When you know that the profitability of a bet depends on very little, it's easy to make a mistake. It is essential to refer to several reliable and responsive sources before betting on a match.

Bet at the best odds

Live betting is often available at several bookmakers. To avoid being restricted, it is advisable to open accounts with several operators. The odds can sometimes vary considerably from one site to another. Juggling your capital between several sites is highly recommended before placing your live bets. To help you choose your sports betting sites, consult our guide to the best bookmakers. If you have the opportunity to bet on the best odds and have the best winnings, why deprive yourself?

Don't fall into compulsive betting

Keeping calm is essential if you are not to lose all your capital in a live bet. After a losing bet, it is possible to feel frustrated. Quite often, a punter in this state of mind will have a strong tendency to head for live betting, to place a totally random bet, just in order to regain a little financial health. Bookmakers love this kind of punter as mistakes can easily be made and more losing bets placed making your situation even worse.

Remain objective

Always disregard the reputation of teams or players before placing your live bets. Try to remain objective when analysing a match, forgetting your personal leanings. All too often, some punters make the mistake of not betting against their favourite teams, even if they are performing poorly. Such loyalty can either be costly or see you missing out on big winnings by betting against them. 

To sum up, live betting can be very profitable, provided you have the means and respect capital management! But, in any case, they will give you a big adrenaline rush and a lot of fun at a sporting event!

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