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How does Virtual Sports Betting work?

how virtual sports work

Sports betting has seen significant growth in recent years. There are now more sports and events to bet on than ever before, with big money betting markets running throughout the day, week and year. Ever enterprising, bookies have now taken this a step further, opening up bets on virtual sports - without any real competitors. But what exactly is virtual sports betting, how does it work, and is it worth your while when it comes to choosing markets for betting?

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What is virtual sports betting?

Virtual sports betting is betting that occurs on virtual - i.e. not real - sports. While at first that might sound like a strange proposition, especially for those who are used to betting on professional sports, there are in fact plenty of opportunities for betting on virtual sports around the clock, with some key advantages over regular sports betting.

Virtual sports came about to fill the void left by outdoor sports. Sporting events are often weather-contingent, particularly in the UK, and would traditionally have left gaps in the calendar where there would be little, if anything, for punters to bet on. With the move to online bookmaking, virtual sports popped up as a new genre of betting market - providing a similar betting experience, but one that wasn’t tied to real sporting events actually happening.

It works by using software simulated sports, determined on a fixed odds basis with random number generators to ensure the results are fairly decided. Punters can bet without the need to study form or research their decisions - it’s a fun, straightforward way to bet on sporting action at any time of the day or night.

Virtual sports betting is close in some respects to playing regular casino games. These are betting markets where the odds are pre-determined and fixed. That doesn’t mean the results are fixed - these are still random, as you’d expect. But unlike sports betting, the overall odds profile is set in stone before the virtual event gets underway. 

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Why bet on virtual sports

Virtual sports is an often-entertaining alternative to real sports betting. Perhaps it is close season, or late at night, or there’s nothing that catches your eye in the markets for real sport happening today. This could be the perfect chance to try out betting on virtual sports, and see whether you could have luck betting on software outcomes.

One of the joys of virtual sports comes in the names of the runner, or the teams involved - often humorous names that wouldn’t be seen running in real life. There are generally good odds offered across the field, with no odds on favourites - no matter who you back, there are good odds to be had on picking a winner.

In virtual horses, you can place each way bets in the usual manner, or make use of any of a variety of different betting types and structures to increase your chances. When there’s no sport happening, or when you fancy an easy, fixed-odds alternative to scouting the form books, virtual sports are available 24/7, awaiting your bets.

Virtual sports are increasing in popularity, particularly as more punters move to betting online. While you’ll also find virtual sports at most high street bookies, the best virtual sports action is available at leading online bookmakers, which carry the broadest selection of games and some of the best odds you’ll find for virtual sports betting.

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How to bet on virtual sports

Virtual sports are now widely available at leading online bookmakers. Usually, these are listed alongside real sports, which tend to be organised in the left hand column of most online bookmaker sites. Scroll down till you see Virtual Sports, and click in to open up the range of virtual sports games available.

You’ll find all sorts of sports represented in virtual formats - from football, horse racing and greyhounds, through to F1, cycling, penalty shoot-out style games and more. Choose a game that takes your fancy and load it up to start placing your bets and playing for real money. The exact mechanisms for placing your bet vary from game to game, but you’ll find it all self-explanatory within each virtual sports game you play.

We always recommend trialling different virtual sports to find the best fit for you. Whether it’s the graphics, the gameplay, the odds or just for the fun of it, trying your hand across a few different virtual sports is the best way to find your favourite, so you can hone in on strategy.

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Strategy for virtual sports betting

Virtual sports betting requires a great degree of luck. Unlike regular sports betting, there’s no form to guide you - only a software-based game, with its own hidden algorithms. In this respect, the optimum strategies are similar to those you’d use for playing slots, or in other fixed-odds betting games.

Start with small stakes, and be sure to diversify your bets. Smaller is better here - you’ll need to accept that losses will be inevitable, but hope that you get lucky across a portfolio of bets to net out as a winner. Keep an eye on in-play virtual sports betting markets, where the odds can change as the action unfolds. You’ll often find better value in betting on virtual sports that are already live, though you will need to be quick - particularly in virtual horse racing.

It’s also worth being prepared to shop around for the best odds. Different bookies have their own approach to virtual sports betting, and will likely quote slightly different odds. Don’t be afraid to compare between our recommended bookmakers for the best odds available.

Virtual sports will never replace the real thing. There’s no true substitute for betting on your favourite team, or watching real horses race to the finish line with your money on the nose. But they are a good alternative, particularly for those who bet predominantly online - especially when there’s not much other sport happening, or when you just fancy something different. With some good fixed odds propositions available, it’s well worth checking out virtual sports betting if you haven’t already. 

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