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What is the double chance bet?

There are plenty of markets that you can bet on at sportsbooks. Some have been around for years; others are relatively new. One of the newer ones is the double chance bet. This article takes a look at this bet and gives advice on how to get winners from its use.

  • What does double chance mean?
  • The odds available
  • Tips on how to get winners using this bet

What does double chance mean?

In days gone by, it just used to be a case of betting on which team would win an event or whether it would be a draw. Now there are many new markets, and the double chance bet is a great one to use when you’re fancy a team to win but aren’t entirely certain that they will.

Say for example, you wish to bet on Manchester United playing away at Chelsea. United go into the game in good form but so are their opponents, particularly at home. You may want to bet on United winning but just don’t have enough confidence in them to back them to win the match. Then again, you do have confidence on them being in such good form that your belief is they will not lose the match. If this is the case, then you can place the double chance bet. This will be on them to either win the match or draw it. So, the only way your bet can be a losing one is if United are beaten.

It’s a great bet to place and follow live. The dream will be that your selection will go a goal up. In this situation, they will need to concede twice before your bet is in danger of losing.

The Odds Available

The odds that will be offered for the double chance bet will be lower than for a win bet. For example, a team may have odds of 3.25 (9/4) to get an away win. If, however, you opt to bet on them to win or draw the match, the odds will be reduced to 1.64 (16/25). That’s a big drop in price, a £10 bet at 3.25 would produce £22.50 profit, with 1.64 though, you’d only make a profit of £6.40. However, if your selection did only draw, then a profit is better than the loss you’d have made if going for them to win.

A double chance bet on the team that are already a short price to win the game isn’t going to win you a lot of cash. A team that is already odds on will not be worth backing in a double chance bet. If you are backing a side that are available at high odds, a double chance bet will still see decent odds. For example, a team that has odds of 5.5 (9/2) to win the game, will be available at 2.1 (11/10) for the double chance.

Tips on how to get winners using this bet

As with any bet you make, some research is needed. You may use your heart rather than your head when placing bets, but that’s unlikely to produce profits in the long run. Look at the recent results of the two teams that are playing. The situation you will find yourself in is backing a team that you think could win but might only get a draw but definitely won’t lose. 

A side that has had some good results of late but still have the occasional poor match, may be worth a double chance bet rather than an outright win bet.

Remember that when there is in-play betting, odds for the double chance bet will be available, so keep an eye on the odds.

You may feel that the side least fancied to win a match may be able to avoid defeat. This may well be the bet to make when the underdogs are playing at home or been showing signs of improvement. While some may think that this kind of bet is just playing safe or being indecisive, you won’t complain when it does win and is a bet well worth considering.

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