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How does football grid work?

how does football grind work

All you need to know about football grid competitions

A football grid challenge is a coupon that is known the world over. The original slip which came from the Tabac shops in France is not seen so much anymore but the concept has been used and tweaked from bookmaker to bookmaker as they look for ways to keep customers interested in their sites. Some of the best betting sites still use these today but most have changed through the years in the English market.

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How did the original work

  • Choose from 7 or 14 games
  • As simple as picking the winner of the game
  • A UK betting shop classic
  • Quinnbet still offer the bet

The first format was either a Loto Foot 7 or Loto Foot 14 which as the name suggests were made up of either 7 or 14 games. This is still played in France where the aim of the game is to pick the result of each match using the 1X2 format. To make things harder, games are chosen from a variety of different leagues which include some games from rather obscure countries.

It costs a euro per line with customers able to put in more than one result per match if they are struggling to come down on one side of the fence or the other. The more matches this is done for, the more expensive the bet becomes. Having two selections in one match will double the cost, having two picks in two matches quadruples the cost as there are now four lines running. 

Prizes are given for a near miss so if you manage to get 11, 12 or 13 right on the Loto Foot, you would win a return. These bets were a mainstay in the UK betting shops years ago, where they were part of the manual long list sheets with the other football coupons.

There have been many variations on the theme through the years but most of the newer ones concentrate on getting scores correct rather than just the match outcome which has made them much more difficult to win.

Coral only got rid of their bet, the football jackpot, recently where 15 games had to be predicted correctly to win the top prize. Betfred still has a Goals Galore coupon which is built upon a similar theme but the onus is on the bettor to pick the games that they want rather than the bookmaker picking them out themselves.

There is still one bookmaker who is keeping the tradition alive so keep reading to find out who has this bet still running on their website.

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Current offshoots

  • Quinnbet keeping tradition alive
  • Progression from picking the match winner to correct scores
  • Normally free play bets online in the UK 
  • 6 Scores Challenge from bet365 is a modern example
  • William Hill has Free or 4 

The one bet provider who is keeping the old school the way it was is QuinnBet. If  you click into the pools section of their site you will see they offer 1X2 Pick 15 just like you would find in the old days. While it is a bit of an outdated model now, there is something deeply nostalgic about the Irish firm keeping that going for punters to enjoy.

Quinnbet also offers Pick 8 competitions as well as single game pool bets which consist of getting six selections right in a single game. These are normally made up of the correct score of a game plus a mix of how many corners, cards etc there will be.

If you are looking for a blast from the past then QuinnBet is the way to go to get your bet on with some big pots to play for. They also offer similar bets on the NFL and horse racing for those who are fans of different sports.

In the main across the modern gambling landscape, the grid coupon bet has become a correct score play that is offered in one form or another by a multitude of different bookmakers. One of the best examples of this is the 6 scores challenge that is on offer by bet365. The bettor is tasked with finding the correct score in six games on a day for the chance to win the jackpot prize.

Others who have bets with a different twist are William Hill with their Free or 4 promotion. There are a string of games on a coupon with bettors tasked with finding six games where there will be three or four total goals scored. Prizes are given out for those who manage to get four, five or six selections right.

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Tips to win on football grids

There is no surefire way to win any bet and a football grid or coupon is a difficult bet type to get right. The best way as with any bet is to have a strong knowledge base to begin with. One of the best things about betting on football is that the stats that are relevant to having a bet in the Premier League are the same ones that are relevant for assessing the chances of two teams playing in any game, anywhere in the world.

Look at the current form of the teams in question, especially at their respective home and away records. Is one of the teams free scoring or are they struggling to find the back of the net? Try to do some research into any team news as well, if one of the teams happens to be missing their key player then that is an excellent piece of information to have. That is even more important if it is in a league where a lot of bettors would not think to look. 

If you do the Quinnbet one, then try and avoid picking more than one result if it is a match featuring teams that you do not know. With the price of the bet going up quickly the more results that are added, it is just a drain on your resources. The temptation will be there to make sure that you get past that particular leg but it is not a responsible way to bet.

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Final thoughts 

Everything in life is always evolving and the football coupon bets are no different. They have had to move with the times to keep bettors interested in them. In a betting landscape where bettors have so many choices of what they bet on, the days of the old-fashioned coupons are almost gone but the new options that have taken over allow the bettor a chance to win big prizes for no outlay.

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