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What is 0% Profit Margin at Marathonbet?

Margin is an important part of betting. It is the percentage figure that allows a bookmaker to make a profit on an event. Marathonbet have a margin included when they work out the odds for matches. However, they also offer a 0% Profit Margin promotion that is very good news for its customers.

  • What is a margin?
  • How does the 0% Profit Margin help their customers?

What is a margin?

Bookmakers want to make a profit, that’s totally understandable. Margin is the way in which this is achieved. A popular example of how this works is to look at the toss of a coin. There’s a head and a tail on a standard coin. If you toss it, the only two results are heads and tails, a 50% chance for each to be the result. In betting terms, this is evens (2.0) on both possible results.

If two customers place a £10 bet on this event at those odds, one going for heads and the other tails, then one will win and the other lose. The bookmaker will not lose any money nor will they make a profit. 

A bookmaker doesn’t want to lose but they do want a profit. They will look at each market being over the 100% mark to ensure a profit is made. In the coin example, they can offer odds of 9/10 (1.91) on each possible result. That gives a market with 105.26%. If again the two bettors place £10 on a head and £10 on a tail, then the bookmaker will make a profit. They will pay out the winning bet £9 profit but make £10 from the losing one, ending £1 in profit.

With football games, the bookmakers will again look to offer odds that are competitive but also give them a profit margin. It can’t be too high though as that will affect the prices on offer making them lower and less competitive. In the Marathonbet 0% Profit Margin promotion they don’t have that margin, so we need to see how this helps their customers.

How does the 0% Profit Margin help their customers?

The lower the profit margin, the better for gamblers. Having a 0% Profit Margin is an absolute dream. That’s what is available on selected games at Marathonbet.

Doing this will see better prices being offered by Marathonbet. It doesn’t mean they will always be the best that is available at all bookmakers. Check our odds comparison pages to see which bookmakers are offering the best odds for matches.  Over a period of time though, the profits made on winning bets at this 0% Profit Margin at Marathonbet should be higher.

For example, Marathonbet offered 0% Profit Margin on the Premier League game played between Chelsea and Everton on Monday 8 March. With that in place, the odds of Chelsea winning were 8/13 (1.61), whereas other bookmakers had odds of 8/15 (1.52), so more winnings would be achieved by betting at Marathonbet.

Therefore, when betting at this site, always look for the 0% Profit Margin written in green. If a game has that, then this promotion is in operation.

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