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Are Betting Sites Safe?

When you join an online betting site, security has to be a major consideration in your decision whether to  become a member. The vast majority of betting sites are safe but there are some that cannot be totally trusted, but how do you work out which they are?  This article will look at several areas regarding the safety of betting sites:

  • Are they licensed and/or regulated?
  • Payment methods
  • Passwords
  • Customer Care
  • Licensing

Online betting sites constantly deal with financial transactions.  Wagers are being made on a 24/7 basis and cash has to be paid out to those lucky enough to get winners. If you join such a site, the only time you dare lose money is if a bet isn’t successful. The last thing you want is to lose money to fraud.

When you are considering joining a betting site, it is important to do some research first. It won’t take long but could prove to be very useful. Read some reviews of sites such as the many that we have on our site.

It is not recommended that you join a site that is not licensed or regulated. Bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gambling Authority license and regulate betting sites. They will submit sites to strict examination before granting a license. If a site receives a license, it will have earned it. If a site behaves out of turn in any way, they will have to answer to the body that has licensed them. 

Now imagine if you were dealing with a site that hasn’t been licensed. It has either not applied for one or been turned down. They will have no one to answer too and are not to be trusted, so don’t consider becoming a member of such a site as your financial safety isn’t going to be high.

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Payment Methods

When you sign-up with an online bookmaker, they will have payment methods available that you can use for your financial transactions. It is important that the details that you supply to a site remain safe. You don’t want a security breach that sees undesirables getting to know all your details and emptying your account.

There are many different payment methods, and some are safer than others. PayPal for example, is being accepted by an increasing amount of betting sites. There are several reasons for this being the case. One is the fact that transactions are completed a lot quicker than if using debit or credit cards. Another is the safety attached to using PayPal.

We just mentioned the problems caused by a security breach. With PayPal, the possibility of your personal details being exposed to those causing the breach is eliminated. No personal or credit card details are involved, all that is required is to give the betting site the address of your PayPal account. Therefore, If a breach does occur, that personal information isn’t there to be illegally accessed. 

PayPal also use advanced encryption technology and thankfully so do betting sites that you can place your trust in. This helps keep your important personal financial details safe, so join a site that has this and reject those that don’t.

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When it comes to being safe on betting sites, it’s not always the fact that problems can happen due to the site owners. Be careful with your log-in details, particularly the all-important password. On registering with an online site, you will be required to set a password. It’s not a great idea to save passwords onto your laptop. If you do, then someone else could access it and then be able to use that password to enter your betting site account. They could take out any cash that is in your account or use it to gamble with using your account.

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Customer Care

Trust is so important with any online site. A good sign that a betting site isn’t one you can trust is their customer care. Most sites now offer help to customers who may have problems with their gambling. Ensure the site you join offers this. If a site chooses not to do this or offer any other help, then they aren’t that great are they?  Behaving in that manner towards their customers could be the tip of the iceberg and they may well be up to no good.

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