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What to look for in a Betting App?

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You will soon find after joining an online betting site that there is plenty going on. Betting opportunities will be presented to you throughout the day. How do you fit all this betting action in though? Getting your hands on a betting app is the answer, then you can keep up with everything that’s going on. What are the features to look for on an app? We’ll look at the following

  • A Clear View
  • The Key Features of the Desktop Version
  • Navigation
  • In-play action
  • Live Streaming
  • Financial Transactions
  • Promotions

A Clear View

This is an obvious but important factor to consider with betting apps. It is vital that you can see everything on your screen as clearly as possible. No way do you want to end up misreading something and putting a bet on the wrong selection or taking the wrong price. Make sure that you can read everything well on your mobile and then there will be no mistakes made. Not just that but you’ll have no problems watching the live streaming that your app should have.

The Key Features of the Desktop Version

A desktop site is packed to the brim with features. It is important that if having an app that the most important features are included on the app. Not having a list of the sports they cover or missing out on statistics isn’t going to be helpful. The good news is that apps do tend to include the best that the desktop version has to add.


Sometimes we find ourselves in a hurry to get a bet on, especially for horse or greyhound racing. Being able to easily navigate your way around an online betting site app is important. You need an app where everything is easy to find, so no searching around trying to find the page you want and missing out on a bet.

In-play action

Being able to bet on events as they happen has revolutionised betting, particularly online. In days gone by, you had to get your bets on before the game. As soon as it began, that was that, you just waited to see how your bet would progress.

That’s all ancient history now and we can bet on games in-play. The odds continually fluctuate but you can’t be at your laptop all day can you?  Getting hold of an app is the answer to your problems. You can then be able to follow all the action as it  happens on your mobile device. You can be down town shopping or on public transport, even at the actual sporting event.  A good app will allow you to be able to bet in-play, so make sure that’s available on the app you get.

Live Streaming

Being able to keep up with the latest scores is important but it can get better than that. Live streaming is becoming an important part of visiting online betting sites. Actually being able to watch the match you have placed a bet on is a great thrill. It’s important that you choose an app that allows live streaming of matches. Just imagine the fun and thrills you can have while watching and betting on live sport. That’ll liven up a long journey or a queue at the bus stop.

Financial Transactions

Being able to carry out financial transactions is so important at an online betting site. You will need to be able to make deposits into your account and withdrawals from it. This ensures that you will have funds in your account to place bets and be able to withdraw the winnings you make. Not being able to do so will create cash flow problems. Imagine, having a great bet you want to place but you can’t get funds into your account.  Therefore, it is important that the app you use has plenty of payment methods available and allows deposits and withdrawals to be made.


Online betting sites regularly use promotions as a way of enticing potential clients to register with them. That’s understandable as it is a competitive market, so everything has to be done to get new customers. It’s important that the app you have has the promotions that can be found on the desktop version of the site. There are times when the site offer welcome offers and promotions that are exclusive to those who download the app. This can anything from free bets being given or enhanced odds. It’s important therefore to look and see what offers are available on the app and if any are for mobile app users only.

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