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Biggest Maximum Payout UK Betting Sites

UK betting sites maximum payout

You may not be aware that each UK betting site has a maximum payout, especially if you’re a new customer. This means that bookmakers in the UK effectively put a cap on how much a customer can win from a single bet, although the good news is that this amount tends to be a pretty large figure for most sports and betting markets!

Even so, it’s definitely worth being aware of the maximum amount that you can win from a single sports bet or free bet when you visit the various UK betting sites. If you’re looking to place a life-changing football or tennis accumulator, you should be aware that the potential return amount on your bet slip might supersede the actual amount that a bookie is prepared to pay if your wager wins.

The aim of this article is to provide detailed information when it comes to the UK betting sites that have a high maximum payout. The bookmakers that we recommend all have a high ceiling when it comes to the amount that you can win, while there is a free bet available for new customers. It’s worth noting that the bigger maximum payout can sometimes differ depending on the sport and market which you choose.

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Why Are There Maximum Payouts?

Just like land-based casinos, UK betting sites have max payouts in place so that they know the largest amount that they can possibly shell out to a new customer when it comes to a free bet or funded wager. There have been several examples of someone winning big with an accumulator but having their returns capped to fall in line with the maximum payout.

When you sign up with a UK betting site, you agree to the terms and conditions for that bookmaker and that will include the maximum payout that you can receive from a sports bet. For most customers, this number is irrelevant as they either bet smaller stakes or never end up landing a big priced winner where the max payout applies.

However, a betting site will always want to cover their own back and make sure that they don’t accidentally end up paying millions to a customer who has put together an accumulator with several legs that all end up winning. Ultimately, they are trying to run a profitable business and a freak win could end up setting an operator back months or even years depending on their size. It’s already a costly process handing out a free bet to new players.

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What is the Maximum Payout?

The maximum payout is the amount that a bookmaker is prepared to pay a UK customer for a winning bet. To give you an example, bet365 and William Hill have different maximum payouts according to the sport on which you’re betting and the payment method that you happen to be using when depositing and withdrawing. If you’re wagering with a free bet, you can expect the maximum win to be much lower.

The biggest pay out a bet365 customer can receive is £2,000,000. However, this only applies to those players that use a bank card to deposit and also bet on Premier League, EFL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga or Champions League football. You can place singles or accumulator bets and the £2 million max payout will still apply here.

Should you bet on other football leagues excluding the above, then the maximum payout drops to £500,000. However, there is a £1,000,000 limit in place for customers who bet on UK horse racing with bet365, meaning that you can win a seven figure amount should you land a huge winner betting on meetings such as the Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot or the Grand National.

There is a £500,000 max payout in place for customers who bet on international racing, while you can only win a maximum of £500,000 with this UK betting site should you use PayPal as your preferred payment method. For any customer using Skrill, the amount drops down to £250,000, while Neteller customers are only able to enjoy a max payout of £50,000 with their wagers.

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Why Do Maximum Payouts Vary?

The maximum payout for football will vary according to bookmaker, bet types and payment method. The reason why they vary from sport to sport is because each operator has a different attitude to risk according to the size of the company, whether they are listed on a stock exchange and also the policy of the trading department. This is also reflected in the size of the free bet they are prepared to offer.

In terms of payment method, this can often come down to a UK betting site’s licensing and regulation. It’s nearly always the case that a bank card method will allow customers to generate a bigger payout as this is a more transparent way of making deposits and withdrawals, while e-wallet methods are restricted as an alternative and that can extend to the free bet.

Max payouts also differ according to sport and sometimes the specific competitions that apply to a sport. For example, a bookmaker will see enormous turnover when it comes to Premier League and Champions League football matches. That means that they can afford to have a bigger maximum payout if a customer is able to win big due to the number of free bets that are being placed.

For some of the lesser football leagues, a new customer might potentially be able to gain more of an edge over the UK bookmaker and that is why a bookie might limit the amount that can be won, with min odds sometimes a requirement.

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Why Are Maximum Payouts Important?

Maximum payouts are important as customers need to know the biggest amount of money that they can land from a single sports bet or free bet. It’s not worth putting together a fifteen-fold accumulator on the weekend football if the potential returns from that wager exceed the maximum amount that you can actually be paid out.

It's also good to choose a UK betting site with large max payouts as it provides confidence that this bookmaker is prepared to lay bigger stakes than some of their competitors. Some customers want to be able to have the option to place either a large stakes bet or alternatively a wager at massive odds without having to worry about their returns being capped.

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What Are the Bookmakers' Maximum Payouts?

A UK bookmaker will have different maximum payouts. We’ve already talked about the bet365 policy, while 1xBet have a blanket approach by stating that a new customer can generate a maximum of €600,000 from a bet on any sport or market. However, it’s sometimes not even possible to leverage a potential return close to that figure due to the maximum stake size.

Indeed, 1xBet and other UK betting sites tend to have a minimum and maximum stake size when it comes to sports betting. The min and max amounts will depend on the sport, the competition and the market. For Premier League match betting, the maximum stake would be higher than you would find for other football leagues.

Some bookmakers will have smaller max payouts and Betobet’s policy is that a customer can win no more than 20,000 USD on any specific day. You’ll see this is a good deal smaller than bet365 or 1xBet, with customers able to withdraw up to 3,000 USD per week. Therefore, it would take you several weeks to withdraw that maximum amount from your account, although there is a free bet on the table as an incentive to open an account.

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What Are Payout Limits & Why Are They Set By Betting Sites?

Every licensed UK betting site is required to state their payout limits so that customers are fully aware of the amount that they can win from a sports bet or free bet, with min odds also factored in. The same applies when you visit an online casino and play for a progressive jackpot – you can see the amount that can be won from spinning the reels and a sports betting operator needs to do the same thing.

A bookmaker should be able to outline exactly how much can be won when you bet on a particular sport. Traditionally, the payout limits for football and racing are highest although some betting sites such as Betfair will have a standard maximum payout irrespective of the sport, competition or market. It’s worth noting that there’s a much lower maximum amount that can be won with a free bet.

A new UK betting site needs to be especially vigilant when it comes to setting a maximum payout limit. It might be that they don’t have a huge number of customers and don’t want to get wiped out by a customer landing a massive return as they aim to grow bigger and increase their number of players and bet types. 

Some of the best betting sites like to be aggressive with their odds and stand out from the crowd. However, a policy of offering the best price to customers can attract big-hitting players who will look to take advantage of extra juice in the line and that is why a betting site will want to set the bar at a particular level, while there’s a limit on the free bet amount.

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Does Every Customer Have the Same Payout Limit?

UK betting sites maximum payouts

It’s sometimes the case that a UK betting site will restrict certain new customers, especially those who look to take advantage of the free bet. Indeed, it’s nothing new for a winning player to find that there is a stricter limit on how much they can wager on a betting market along with their maximum potential payout.

Therefore, while every new UK Ladbrokes customer will be greeted with a welcome package and the same max payout limit on their bets, it might be that the situation changes over time. A player who displays betting patterns of winning wagers might find that they are no longer able to stake the same normal amount when it comes to betting on a specific sport.

The knock-on effect of the above is that the bet limit is naturally reduced for the player in question. After all, if the maximum stake size is reduced with a bookmaker like Paddy Power, then there is only a certain amount that can be generated. It’s a fairly standard policy for a bookie to limit the maximum stake when it comes to winning customers.

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Are Payout Limits the Same as Stake Limits?

A betting company will not only have payout limits in place for each UK customer, but they will also have stake limits in operation and that includes free bets. When you add a betting selection to your online bet slip and then visit the latter to place your wager, you might spot the minimum and maximum that you can wager on that particular selection.

Ultimately, the maximum bet limit for a specific selection is effectively the same as a stake limit. You will find at bookies like William Hill that there’s a much bigger bet limit when you are wagering on a Champions League football match compared to something like the Romanian or Chinese football competitions, with operators applying stake limits across the board.

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What Happens if a Customer Exceeds The Payout Limit?

There have been numerous examples of a new customer exceeding the payout limit with a specific sports bet. Some UK bookmakers like Coral now restrict a customer’s stake upon bet placement to correlate with the maximum amount that they can win, although it is sometimes the case that a customer’s win will exceed the payout limit.

On such occasions, a bookmaker will reserve the right to not pay the full winnings to a customer in line with their maximum payout policy. Most big wins are referred to an online betting trader in the first place, so they will manually adjust your winnings so that it falls in line with the maximum payout policy when it comes to that particular sport, competition and betting market.

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What Sort of Payout Limits Should I Expect to See?

The payout limits that a UK bookmaker has in place can differ quite significantly, as you can see from visiting Coral or Betfair. We know that a bookmaker such as bet365 has enormous maximum payout amounts in place, with customers able to win as much as £2,000,000 when they wager on some of the top football leagues in Europe, although the majority of betting sites aren’t able to offer this reward.

It's more likely that you will find a well-established UK sports betting site having the highest maximum payout of around £500,000 for football betting, while it’s often the case that the highest payout for the less established betting firms is more likely to be around £100,000. This is still a huge potential return from your bet but it could be a factor for high-rolling customers.

After all, while the average customer’s stake size might mean that the maximum limits aren’t particularly relevant, there are some players who want to bet large amounts at min odds when it comes to football and racing. Therefore, they need to find an operator who can cater for their larger bet sizes and not be limited by a policy that a specific bookmaker has in place.

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How Do I Know My Personal Betting Limits?

The first port of call with a UK customer’s bet limits is that you can actually set your own deposit limits with a regulated bookmaker when you sign up and land a free bet. This means that there can be a cap on how much you are able to transfer into your betting account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. However, this doesn’t tend to apply to how much you can stake on a specific bet.

It's generally the case that a customer’s bet limits will remain the same unless they win a number of times in succession. Should this happen, you might find that the maximum bet amount for a particular selection could be reduced, although it’s normally the case that you might not notice unless you compare this with what another customer can place.

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What Are the Maximum Deposit Amounts With a Betting Site?

In addition to a max payout and a free bet bonus, each of the UK betting sites will have a maximum deposit amount that can be made. For firms like Paddy Power, this can be on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with the same applying to the amount that can be withdrawn. As previously mentioned, it’s nearly always the case that a bank card will facilitate a bigger deposit than you will find with some of the other methods.

The max limit for a deposit amount can depend on the UK operator and there is an element of responsible gambling which means that a bookmaker should cap how much a customer deposits. It’s also the case that if someone deposits an amount which is significantly larger than their normal amount, it might be that this gets flagged up.

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How Betting Sites Maximum Payout Compares With Casinos

The vast majority of UK betting sites such as Coral and Betfair also operate an online casino and there will be an overall maximum payout in place when it comes to the latter. We have already established that sportsbooks will have different payouts in accordance to sports and payment methods, although betting shops and online casinos with a promo code tend to be different.

For example, some customers are able to play for big progressive jackpots with an online casino and sometimes land the biggest payout compared to UK betting sites. That is due to casinos not being liable for a jackpot which is part of the network relating to a games provider, meaning that a bookmaker doesn’t have to pay the maximum winnings out of their own pocket.

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Odds Boosts or Promotions Might Affect Maximum Payout 

In addition to free bets for new customers to get you started, it’s pretty customary for a UK betting site to offer odds boosts on a daily basis in 2023. This is where a bookmaker will choose to boost the price when it comes to specific selections pertaining to a football game, horse race or tennis match. However, there can sometimes be restrictions in terms of the amount that can be won as a result of these offers.

When a bookmaker like William Hill is offering a promotion, then the same thing applies. If a customer is looking to benefit from an accumulator boost, then it might be that there’s a maximum amount that can be won from betting these accas. It is usually outlined in the key terms and conditions when it comes to the maximum return that can be generated.

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How to Find Information Relating to Maximum Payout

Betting sites maximum payout

Although a UK bookmaker such as Ladbrokes or Paddy Power might talk about instant deposits and fast withdrawals when you visit their site, you might have to dig a little deeper when it comes to getting the required information on max payouts for the popular sports. While betting sites have this information available in the terms and conditions, most UK customers don’t want to go raking through the finer details when they place bets.

There’s the Frequently Asked Questions section which tends to provide information on the amount that you can win with each bet, while there is also sometimes information on the bet slip itself when you come to place a wager. It’s not uncommon for an operator to outline the minimum and maximum amount that can be bet on a specific selection, with time limits on when the bets can be placed.

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Bookmakers Maximum Payout Limits 


bet365 are regarded as having the biggest maximum payouts out of any UK betting site. They are prepared to pay a maximum of £2,000,000 when it comes to football betting on the top leagues, while racing punters can land up to £1,000,000 from wagering on UK race meetings. For sports such as tennis, golf and rugby, the maximum payout is £500,000 and this is also the case when betting on football leagues outside of the leading competitions such as the Premier League or Champions League. New customers at bet365 will find that free bets are paid as bet credit and there’s a limit as to the amount that can be generated each time.

For those new UK+Ire customers looking to bet on sports such as snooker and darts, the maximum amount you can leverage from a bet is £250,000. This also applies to the majority of so-called fringe sports, although bet365 are always competitive when it comes to their maximum payout and generally set the benchmark for other bookmakers to follow. The maximum bet limit at bet365 is harder to work out as it depends more on the sport, competition and market which you are selecting. It also depends how you are categorised as a customer based on previous wagering.

William Hill

You can deposit a maximum amount of £100,000 with William Hill and this is another UK bookmaker that has a max payout of £2,000,000. As with bet365, the bigger sports and competitions trigger the largest payouts, with the Hills betting app having a £250,000 ceiling when it comes to cricket betting. However, they can go as high as any other UK betting site when it comes to racing payouts, which means that a big winning customer can generate as much as £1,000,000 with this bookmaker site.

They are also on hand to pay out a maximum of £500,000 when it comes to winning bets on golf, although it’s a lower threshold for the majority of other sports where customers are looking at a £250,000 win. Although this might still seem like a huge amount, this sometimes is a factor when it comes to a high-rolling punter or accumulator punter deciding which way to bet. However, William Hill is among the best in the business in this department, with a free bet available to new customers.


Ladbrokes are one of the biggest-hitting betting sites when it comes to their maximum payout. This king of the betting brands have a huge range of payment methods, with customers able to deposit as much as £1,000,000 and that’s the same amount when it comes to the maximum payout. Once again, this is available for customers that wager on the top European football competitions and it also applies to accumulator selections involving games from the likes of the Premier League, La Liga and Champions League.

There is a cool £1 million maximum payout on the cards when it comes to UK racing, with customers able to win £500,000 when it comes to sports such as golf, tennis, rugby union, rugby league and cricket. For football handicap betting, this bookmaker is prepared to also pay out a maximum of £500,000, while Total Goals, First Goalscorer and Anytime Scorer punters are able to capitalise on as much as £250,000 when it comes to a total return along with a generous free bet.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power have confirmed their status as a big hitter among UK betting sites by also coming to the table with a £1,000,000 max payout. The Irish bookmaker allows customers to generate that amount from winnings when it comes to wagering on the top European football leagues along with UK horse races that are classified as Class 1 or Class 2. The football markets which fall into the top tier of payout include Match Betting, Total Goals, Correct Score, First Goalscorer, Asian Handicaps and Handicap Betting.

For UK races with a grading of Class 3 and Class 4, there is a maximum £250,000 payout, while all other races can trigger no more than £100,000 in winnings. Over in Ireland, you can qualify for a maximum payout of £1,000,000 for all group, graded or listed races, with the same staggered approach applying to the lesser contests.  Any outright betting on golf tournaments can trigger a max pay out of £500,000. 


Coral can lay claim to having a generous new customer offer and one of the highest max payouts in the industry, with this established UK bookmaker allowing customers to secure up to £1,000,000 when they place a sports bet. Football punters can win no more than the above amount when they bet on this sport, while the same applies to Group 1 horse races that take place in the United Kingdom and Ireland, meaning that customers have the chance to strike it very rich when it comes to meetings such as the Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot.

When it comes to golf betting, there is the chance to engineer a Coral maximum payout of £250,000 although there’s a smaller max win of £100,000 when it comes to the likes of rugby league, rugby union and cricket. Compared to sister site Ladbrokes, they offer more of a modest maximum pay out per the various sports, although they are still regarded as a leading UK betting site for the recreational player.


There are two different perspectives when it comes to Betfair. Let’s not forget that this operator started as a betting exchange and this continues to prosper. This person-to-person UK betting platform is not only a different way of placing online sports bets but ultimately doesn’t carry a maximum payout amount. If someone is prepared to stump up a large amount of money on the outcome of a sporting event and the liquidity is available, then nothing can stop customers who want to win big.

However, the Betfair UK sportsbook is somewhat different and there’s a £1,000,000 cap when it comes to the maximum payout here. Football bettors can benefit from this high ceiling when it comes to betting on the popular UK and European competitions, while the same applies to win-only bets when it comes to graded horse races during the Flat and National Hunt season. The threshold for tennis is £200,000, with all other sports lower and it can be either £100,000 or £50,000 available.

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Betting Sites Maximum Payout Amounts

Bet365 - £2,000,000

This operator is a front runner with their maximum £2,000,000 payout and this applies to Premier League football betting along with some of the other top European leagues.

William Hill - £2,000,000

The only other bookmaker who can offer £2,000,000 as their maximum payout is William Hill, with this established operator prepared to push the boundaries more than their competitors.

Ladbrokes - £1,000,000

There’s a cool £1,000,000 available as the maximum payout from Ladbrokes and this includes the top European football leagues such as La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A.

Paddy Power - £1,000,000

Champions League and Europa League punters will enjoy the chance to reach a maximum of £1,000,000 payout thanks to the threshold in place with this Irish bookie.

Coral - £1,000,000

Whether you are betting on the top races in the UK and Ireland or alternatively betting on the top football leagues, there’s £1,000,000 as the maximum payout.

Betfair - £1,000,000

The fixed-odds sportsbook that belongs to Betfair are prepared to pay out £1,000,000 to any customer who is able to strike it rich on football or racing.

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