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How to unsubscribe from a bookmaker?

How to deactivate your betting account

From time to time there may arise a situation in which a player wishes to deactivate their account on an online betting site. This could be for a multitude of reasons, so it’s beneficial to be aware of the steps to follow to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here, we’ll break down the most important information to know regarding this process, hopefully helping to alleviate any potential doubts and concerns.

Is it possible to deactivate my account with a bookmaker?

You can choose to close your player account with an online bookmaker at any moment you choose, without any inconvenience or difficulty.

It is important to be aware of whether you are perhaps betting either too much or above your means. Gambling addiction is something that millions of people around the world deal with and is not as uncommon as it may seem. If you are unable to control yourself when betting or you are unable to set and abide by personal limits, there are a few options you can take.

The first option would be to self-exclude yourself, meaning that you will not be able to access your bookmaker account for a particular period of time. These periods are designed to be more long-term and generally start with at least six months of exclusion time. Many sites will also allow for longer self exclusion periods, with some even reaching five years.

Compulsive gambling can be difficult to recognize as it is common for the player to deny or minimize the problematic behavior. The player may come to the realization in the midst of a conflictive situation where feelings such as anxiety, anguish and desperation set in. In this type of scenario, self-exclusion could be a very helpful solution. It’s an extremely straightforward and painless process, requiring only a few minutes of your time.

You can contact the site’s customer service directly, whether it be through live chat, telephone or email, for assistance with the process. Alternatively, you can also start the procedure through the website’s dedicated “responsible gambling” section. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the bookmaker
  2. Click on “Safer Gambling / Responsible Gaming” where you will see several options
  3. Select the option similar to “Stay in control”
  4. Look for the “Self-exclusion” option
  5. Select “Self-exclusion” and fill in the requested information

Additionally, in the “Safer Gambling” section you’ll find a number of useful tools that are available across many different bookmakers. Bet365, for example, highlights the following: 

  • My activity: Here, you’ll find statistics on your recent bets along with a complete graphical representation. You can also see the history of your transactions with all of the deposits and withdrawal you have made.
  • Income limits: Here you have a detailed questionnaire about gambling addiction which can certainly provide help in the way of awareness.
  • Activity alerts: If you use this option, you will see a message showing the amount of remaining time you have (if you opted to limit the length of your betting sessions).

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Can I take a short break?

There can be myriad reasons for a player to seek a short break from online betting sites. Whether it be work commitments, tiredness, financial difficulties or a losing streak, there are plenty of completely logical and justified causes as things come up in one’s life.

It could even be the case that your enthusiasm for sports decreases for various reasons. It could be other hobbies that have taken over more of your time or simply a ‘burnout’ if you have been watching a lot of sports content.  A lower interest in sports overall usually results in a lower desire to bet as well.

Regardless of the reasons for opting for a short or long-term break, the truth is that gambling should be fun, relatively risk-free and a safe hobby. Therefore, if you decide to opt-out for a time, you can do so with peace of mind knowing that many times a short pause can be a good idea. If you want to deactivate your account, whether it be temporary or definitive, your options are as follows: 

  • To suspend activity on your account for a very short and limited period of time, setting the break time for a particular day and having the ability to set specific schedules (e.g. between Friday at noon and Saturday at noon). 
  • To deactivate your account over a long period of time (e.g. one month, several months, one year, etc.).
  • To close your account permanently.

In the case of an account deactivation, you can still opt to reactivate your account in the future. However, it’s important to check with the terms and services of the bookmaker that you use as the specifics can vary site by site. Many books will allow this without any inconvenience whatsoever. However, others might be a bit more inflexible in this regard.

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What are the steps to deactivate an account?

Below, we’ll look at the specific steps to deactivate your your account on a bookmaker, either temporarily or permanently:

Temporary deactivation:

  1. Access the bookmaker where you are registered
  2. Select the option for “Safer Gambling” / “Responsible Gaming”
  3. Select the option “Keep Control” (where you can manage your limits)
  4. Look for the option “Rest period” or similarly named
  5. Click on “Configure the rest period” (where you configure the precise timing of your break)

To deactivate permanently:

  1. Log in to the bookmaker where you are registered
  2. Contact the site’s customer service 
  3. Write a message explaining the reasons for the permanent closure of your account
  4. Provide the necessary personal information (name, surname, user ID, etc.)
  5. Wait for confirmation from the site (could take a few minutes

Now you should have all the information you need on how to deactivate your user account at a bookmaker, whether it be on a temporary or permanent basis. Remember, this can be done whenever you want and for whatever reason you see fit. We hope this article has helped! 

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to consult our site where you can find a wide array of betting related information.

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