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What is Advancebet at Marathonbet?

There may be a time when you haven't got enough funds in your account to place further bets. This isn't because you are on a losing streak, just you've got several unsettled bets that may or may not produce returns. At Marathonbet, they have a feature called Advancebet and this article will explain to you just how it works.

  • How does the Advancebet work?
  • What events can the Advancebet be used on?

How does the Advancebet work?

It has to be said right away that Advancebet cannot be described as a credit facility. It simply allows site members to be able to place further bets. An evaluation is made on the potential outcome of the unsettled bets that you have

Once you receive an Advancebet, the bets that are settled in the next 48 hours will be used to make repayments towards that amount.

It may be that you receive an Advancebet amount and you place bets higher than that received from any bet settlement in the next couple of days. If that happens, then Marathonbet will absorb all liability for that figure. That's good news for the customer as they will not have to pay back the rest of the advance bet stake used to place some further wagers.

You can find out what Advancebets you have by going to the 'My Account' section of the site. It is right next to the 'Used Advance' heading.

If there is an unsettled advance bet in your account and you make a deposit into your account, here's what happens. Those funds will go to your available balance, not to pay back the advance bet amount received.

What events can the Advancebet be used on?

Once you receive an Advancebet, it can be used on live events on the Marathonbet sportsbook. The events have to be starting within the next 48 hours. To be able to place an Advancebet, there has to be at least one unsettled bet on an event starting in the next 48 hours. Further Advancebets can be placed even if there are still unsettled ones.

This is an interesting promotion and shows how inventive Marathonbet can be. It can be frustrating when you've placed lots of bets and your account is low, while waiting for them to settle. This helps you out of that situation. The hope is that your unsettled bets will give good returns. Also, those made using the Advancebet will be profitable too.

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