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Marathonbet Offers

While Marathonbet does not offer a specific Welcome Bonus to new customers, there are still plenty of exciting bonuses and offers available to Marathonbet customers. Many of these offers are periodic, and you will often receive an email or a message to your customer account to indicate when there is a bonus available to you.

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Advancebet is a promotion that is offered to customers that have unsettled bet amounts in their account, allowing you to continue to place bets even if you don’t have the sufficient balance in your account. Essentially, if you make use of an Advancebet promotion to place a bet that is higher than the amount of returns that you receive within 48 hours, the liability for paying this amounts falls with Marathonbet - you will not have to pay back the rest of the Advancebet stake amount that you used.

To demonstrate how Advancebet works, let's take an example. Say that you currently have two unsettled bets in your Marathonbet account:

  • £50 stake bet, on odds 3/2, fo which potential returns are £75
  • £75 stake bet, at odds 2/1, for which potential returns are £150

The available balance in your account is £30, and Marathonbet subsequently offers you an Advancebet balance of £100 - meaning that you can now place bets up  to the sum of £130 (£30 balance + £120 Advance bet amount). You decide to place a bet worth £125 - using £30 from your available balance and £95 from your Advancebet - where the price is 2/1, so your potential returns are £250.

Your account will then look like this:

  • Available balance: £0
  • Unsettled bets: £275
  • Potential Returns: £380
  • Used Advancebet Balance: £95

There are then a number of possible scenarios that can occur resulting from your use of the Advancebet offer.

  • Should all your bets lose, you will not have to pay back the outstanding Advancebet stake, as the debt will be waived by Marathonbet. Providing that you have not made any new deposits, your available balance will be £0.
  • If the first bet and second bets win are the only winners, your available balance will be £75 + £150 - £95 (Advancebet stake) = £130.
  • If the Advance bet is the only winner, your account balance will be £125 x 2/1 - £95 = £155.
  • If all your bets win, your available balance will be £75 + £150 + £250 - £95 (Advancebet stake) = £380

Advancebet terms and conditions

There are a number of terms and conditions that must be met before a customer can benefit fully from the Advancebet bonus. Any bets placed on other Marathonbet offer that are settled within 48 hours after placing an Advancebet  will be used to pay any outstanding Advancebet stake. New deposits placed while you still have unsettled Advancebets in your account will not be used to pay back Advance bet debts - they will go directly to your available balance. Advancebets can be placed on events that are live, or due to begin within 24 hours. To be able to place an Advancebet, you must have at least one unsettled bet placed on events which are due to start in the next 48 hours, and you can have more than one Advancebet in play at a time.

For full terms and conditions, as well as more details about the Advancebet offer, click on the ‘How to Bet’ pop-up to visit Section 2 ‘Bonuses and Offers’.

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Marathonbet Free Bet

Marathonbet will also occasionally offer a Free Bet Promotion to customers. To qualify for a Free Bet offers, customers will generally receive an email or a message via the Bonus tab their customer account. This free bet can be placed on a single event of your choice, and in the event of a winning bet the stake will not be included in the returns. Also, if the Free Bet is a non-runner, it can be replaced with other selections.

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For more information about the bonuses offered by Marathonbet - including Luck 15, 31 & 63’s, Best Odds Guaranteed, and Double Result (First Past the Post), visit the ‘How to Bet’ page of the site, which can be found under the services option in the top right of the site’s main page. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions associated with each offer, which are detailed under Section 2 ‘Bonuses and Offers’, to ensure that you are fully eligible to receive Marathonbet’s promotions.

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