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Marathonbet bonus

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New customers only | Commercial content | 18+ age limit | T&Cs apply
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Best bonus : £20 Bonus type : Deposit bonus
Bonus code Marathonbet : BONUS20
Bonus amount : £20

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Marathonbet Welcome Offer

At the Marathonbet sportsbook, you can receive a welcome offer of a £20 free bet. To see that go into your new account, you need to make a deposit of £20 and then turn that over five times on accumulators with at least three legs and minimum odds of 1.5 (1/2) for each selection. This welcome offer is for UK customers only.

How to get the Marathonbet Welcome Offer

There's plenty going on at the Marathonbet sportsbook with betting opportunities available throughout the day. Joining the site is a great idea and your time there will begin with a welcome offer. This will require you to make a deposit and then fulfil the 5x wagering requirements. Below, you can discover the required steps that will see you receiving the £20 free bet.

  1.  Open a new account with Marathonbet
  2. Please note, this welcome offer is for UK customers only
  3. Now make your first deposit with Marathonbet. This has to be one of at least £20 and when making it you have to use the promo code BONUS20. Neither Skrill or Neteller can be used for this deposit if you wish to receive the welcome offer.
  4. Now you are required to fulfil the 5x wagering requirements and this has to be done within 90 days of making that initial deposit.
  5. To fulfil the wagering requirements, you need to place accumulators that have at least three legs. Each leg must have odds of at least 1.5 (1/2) to count. It may be that you need to make further deposits into your account to fulfil the wagering requirements.
  6. Once the wagering requirements have been met, you will receive a £20 free bet. This is valid for seven days and has to be used on win single sportsbook bets. The free bet stake will not be returned with any winnings.

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How to sign up a Marathonbet Account and receive their welcome offer

There's so much happening at this site and with this impressive welcome offer tere's even more reason to open an account with them. Now we explain just how you can open a Marathonbet account.

1) Opening your Marathonbet Account

Becoming a member of the Marathonbet site won't take you too long at all. You can use a link on this page to be taken there right away. Now it's just a case of filling in the registration form which will contain questions that should be very familiar to you. Once that has been completed (it won't take you long) then your membership of the Marathonbet site has been completed.

2) Verify your Account

It is vital that you verify your Marathonbet account. This is to prove to them that you are old enough to gamble on the site and own the payment method that you choose to use. All that is required is to send them some proof of your age and identity.

3) Deposit £20 

To be able to receive their welcome offer you must make an initial deposit of £20. This welcome offer is for UK customers only. If you make a higher deposit, it's still only the £20 that will be subject to wagering requirement in order to receive the welcome offer. When making your deposit, remember to use the promo code BONUS20 and don't use either Skrill or Neteller for this deposit (it's ok to use them later on).

4)  Fulfil the wagering requirements

Now you have 90 days from that deposit to fulfil a 5x wagering requirement. This means you will need to make £100 worth of bets and meet the qualifying terms and conditions. No singles or doubles are allowed and bets must not be cashed out. To qualify, the bets have to be accumulators with at least three legs, each with minimum odds of 1.5 (1/2). While you are fulilling the wagering requirements, it is possible that you will need to make further deposits into your account. 

5) Receive a  free bet of  £20

When you have met the 5x wagering requirements, a £20 free bet will be received. You have seven days to use this free bet and it must be used on win single bets on their sportsbook. If your free bet produces a return, the free bet stake will not be part of that.

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Marathonbet bonus sign up terms and conditions

With this Marathonbet welcome offer comes a set of terms and conditions. It is important that you follow these or it may be that you lose out on receiving this offer of a £20 free bet.

The main one to take into consideration is that to receive the welcome offer you must be a UK resident.

For example, make sure your initial deposit is one of not less than £20. Use the promo code BONUS20 and do not use Skrill or Neteller as your payment method.

Verify your account and then set about fulfilling the 5x wagering requirements inside the 90 days since the deposit has been made. To do this, place accumulators with at least three selections, each with odds of at least 1.5 (1/2) and don't cash the bets out.

When the wagering requirements have been met, the free bet is received. This has to be used on a win single bet on the sportsbook and within seven days of being received.

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Our tips on how to use your £20 Marathonbet Bonus

It is important that you take some time with your free bet. This welcome offer sees you receiving a £20 free bet and you don't want to waste it. Make sure that it is used within the seven days so that it doesn't expire. Don't just use your free bet on the first selection you see on the sportsbook. Take time to do some research and find a selection that has a great chance of winning. Remember the free bet stake won't be returned with any winnings.

Getting the Marathonbet Welcome Offer Step by Step

What to Do

Take some time to ensure that you read all the terms and conditions attached to this welcome offer. It's easy to make a mistake so double check everything to prevent this happening. Supply the site with correct information when registering,  verify your account, use the accepted payment methods and don't whatever you do forget to use the promo code BONUS20.

When fulfilling the wagering requirements, ensure that you place minimum trebles with each leg having odds of at least 1.5 (1/2). You have 90 days to fulfil the wagering requirements, ensure it is completed by then. You need to take time to make your selections, if not you could place a series of unsuccessful bets that will see you making losses.

When the free bet is received, use it within seven days or it will expire. Again, put some thought into how the free bet will be used and give yourself a good chance of making some money from the free bet.

What not to do

Don't try to claim this offer if not a UK resident. Do not give the site incorrect information, this will only cause problems later on. Make sure that you verify your account and then make a deposit of £20. Only the first £20 counts towards your free bet offer. Do not use Skrill or Neteller to make your first deposit as doing so will invalidate you from receiving the welcome offer. Do not forget to use the promo code BONUS20.

Make sure that you don't place singles or doubles when fuflilling your wagering requirements. Also, ensure that you use odds that are not below the minimum odds set by the site and don't cash out the bets. Keep an eye on the date and don't let the 90 days expire without the wagering requirements being fufilled. When the free bet is received, don't let it expire and use it correctly, not placing doubles etc.

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Other Marathonbet Promotions


Advancebet is a promotion that is offered to customers and one that you will enjoy once you have become a Marathonbet member. It is offered to those that have unsettled bet amounts in their account, allowing you to continue to place bets even if you don’t have the sufficient balance in your account. Essentially, if you make use of an Advancebet promotion to place a bet that is higher than the amount of returns that you receive within 48 hours, the liability for paying this amounts falls with  Marathonbet- you will not have to pay back the rest of the Advancebet stake amount that you used.

To demonstrate how Advancebet works, let's take an example. Say that you currently have two unsettled bets in your Marathonbet account:

  • £50 stake bet, on odds 3/2, fo which potential returns are £75
  • £75 stake bet, at odds 2/1, for which potential returns are £150

The available balance in your account is £30, and Marathonbet subsequently offers you an Advancebet balance of £100 - meaning that you can now place bets up  to the sum of £130 (£30 balance + £120 Advance bet amount). You decide to place a bet worth £125 - using £30 from your available balance and £95 from your Advancebet - where the price is 2/1, so your potential returns are £250.

Your account will then look like this:

  • Available balance: £0
  • Unsettled bets: £275
  • Potential Returns: £380
  • Used Advancebet Balance: £95

There are then a number of possible scenarios that can occur resulting from your use of the Advancebet offer.

  • Should all your bets lose, you will not have to pay back the outstanding Advancebet stake, as the debt will be waived by Marathonbet. Providing that you have not made any new deposits, your available balance will be £0.
  • If the first bet and second bets win are the only winners, your available balance will be £75 + £150 - £95 (Advancebet stake) = £130.
  • If the Advance bet is the only winner, your account balance will be £125 x 2/1 - £95 = £155.
  • If all your bets win, your available balance will be £75 + £150 + £250 - £95 (Advancebet stake) = £380

Advancebet terms and conditions

There are a number of terms and conditions that must be met before a customer can benefit fully from the Advancebet bonus. Any bets placed on other Marathonbet offer that are settled within 48 hours after placing an Advancebet  will be used to pay any outstanding Advancebet stake. New deposits placed while you still have unsettled Advancebets in your account will not be used to pay back Advance bet debts - they will go directly to your available balance. Advancebets can be placed on events that are live, or due to begin within 24 hours. To be able to place an Advancebet, you must have at least one unsettled bet placed on events which are due to start in the next 48 hours, and you can have more than one Advancebet in play at a time.

For full terms and conditions, go to the Marathonbet site..

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Marathonbet Free Bet

Marathonbet will also occasionally offer a Free Bet Promotion to customers. To qualify for a Free Bet offers, customers will generally receive an email or a message via the Bonus tab their customer account. This free bet can be placed on a single event of your choice, and in the event of a winning bet the stake will not be included in the returns. Also, if the Free Bet is a non-runner, it can be replaced with other selections. Another good reason to sign-up with Marathonbet.

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For more information about the special bets offered by Marathonbet - including Lucky 15, 31 & 63’s, Best Odds Guaranteed, and Double Result (First Past the Post), visit the ‘How to Bet’ page of the site, which can be found under the services option in the top right of the site’s main page. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions associated with each offer,  Find out how to use the Marathon bet promo code if available.

Marathonbet – Start Playing at the MarathonBet Casino

There are countless reasons why you should register an account with Marathonbet. They have a sensational range of casino games for you to play, Joining the MarathonBet Casino is a straightforward task, just click on a link and off you go to the site. The MarathonBet Casino is packed with games to play, so don’t expect anything like a quiet time. You can be playing everything from roulette to blackjack and there’s a live casino too. So, time to click on the link, go to the MarathonBet Casino and start enjoying their great games.

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When you decide to join the Marathonbet site, there is an impressive welcome bonus you can receive.  The page you are currently on has all the vital information on how to claim the bonus.

5) Is there a promo code at Marathonbet?

On joining the Marathonbet site, there is a welcome bonus that can be claimed. Find out about the promo code that is needed to claim this offer.

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