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Staking plan

Choosing a staking plan is an important part of successful sports betting and once again, it is important to follow certain key rules.

First and foremost, you need to choose how much money you'd like to allocate to betting. you should bet with any disposable income you have available and prepare yourself for the possibility of losing it. This money represents your betting portfolio and the amount in it will vary according to your wins and losses. Once your portfolio is in place, you can start to develop your staking system.

Why develop a staking plan?

First of all, it is the best protection against euphoria that can cloud a punter's judgement after a series of winning bets. It is also one of the two sources of profit in sports betting: The first having the ability to correctly predict and the second is maximising the financial potential of your bets. Choosing the best staking system allows you to win more money while taking fewer risks, so why miss out?

Different staking plans

Fixed and proportional stakes
systems to reduce your risks.

An apparently attractive but high-risk staking plan. 

Kelly criterion
A technique for calculating your stakes according to the risks of your bets.