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What is the European Handicap: How it works, examples and strategies to make money

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The world of sports betting is full of strategies and techniques to level the playing field between teams or players of different skill levels. One of the most commonly used methods is the European handicap. In this article, we’ll explore how it works and discuss the types of handicaps used for various sports.

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What is the European handicap?

In the passionate world of sports betting, the European handicap is a fundamental concept that aims to even the odds between teams and players of varying skill levels. This system, widely used in various sporting disciplines, adds an additional layer of excitement and strategy to betting by introducing an adjustable variable into the final outcome of the event.

The European handicap works by assigning a numerical advantage or disadvantage to a team or player prior to the start of the sporting event. This advantage or disadvantage is then added to or subtracted from the actual outcome of the event, creating an adjusted score that determines if the player's bet is a winner or not. Unlike other types of handicaps, the European handicap allows for the possibility of a draw.

This system is applied in a wide range of sports, such as football, basketball, rugby and more. In football, for example, a team that is considered a favorite would receive a negative handicap. The team would then have to overcome the additional point or score that the handicap presents, before the outcome of the bet is determined. On the other hand, an underdog team would receive a positive handicap, giving it additional points on the scoreboard to work with.

The European handicap offers bettors a unique perspective when analyzing sporting events. It allows them to consider not only the final result of the match, but also how the handicap affects the outcome of the bet. This adds a strategic component, as bettors must evaluate how the assigned advantage or disadvantage may influence the outcome.

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Types of European Handicaps

The European handicap is a valuable tool in sports betting that seeks to create a more even contest between two competing teams or players. There are three types of European handicaps: positive, draw and negative. What each of these types consists of is explored below:

  • Positive European Handicap: The positive handicap gives an advantage to the team that is considered to be the underdog. Suppose that in a match between Team A and Team B, Team A is the favorite. If Team B receives a positive handicap of +2 (goals), and the final score is 1-0 in favor of Team A, the adjusted score would be 1-2 in favor of Team B and thus resulting in a winning bet.
  • European Tie Handicap: In this case, a fractional advantage or disadvantage is given to one of the teams. For example, in a soccer match, if Team A has a handicap of +1 goals, you are essentially betting on that team to win by a single goal. Should they win 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, etc, you would win your bet as the adjusted +1 handicap would make each of those score lines a draw.
  • Negative European Handicap: The negative handicap is applied to the team that is expected to win the match. Suppose that in a match between Team A and Team B, Team A is clearly the superior side. If Team A has a negative handicap of -2 goals, they would have to win the match by at least three goals for the bet to be a winner. This is because Team B is effectively being spotted two goals, and thus a score line such as 3-1 would be adjusted to 3-3. Similarly, a team with a -1 handicap must win by at least two goals for the bet to be a winner.

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European handicap betting strategies: How to earn more money?

To make the most of the European handicap market, it is essential to adopt smart and well thought-out strategies. Below, we will explore some of them:

  1. Detailed Research: Before placing any bets, it is vital to thoroughly research the teams or players involved in the event. Analyze statistics, performance histories, game tactics and any other relevant factors. A solid understanding of the circumstances will allow informed decisions to be made when applying the handicap.
  2. Trends and Patterns: Analyze historical trends in similar situations - how have teams or players performed in the past with certain handicaps applied? Identifying patterns can provide valuable information on how the handicap might influence the outcome.
  3. Competition Study: Understanding the specifics of the competition or tournament that you are betting on is crucial. The specific dynamics of the league, the teams and the tactics used can influence how the handicap is applied and the final outcome.
  4. Value the Timing of the Handicap: The timing of the handicap can make a difference. Some teams or players may be stronger at certain stages of the game (e.g. first half handicaps, second half handicaps, etc.). Consider when the handicap is most likely to have a significant impact on the outcome.
  5. Bankroll Management: Prudent bankroll management is essential to any betting strategy. Set clear limits for your bets and avoid betting more than you can afford to lose. The European handicap offers exciting opportunities, but it is important to maintain financial discipline.

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Use the Asian handicap to eliminate the draw!

The Asian handicap is similar to its European equivalent in that they are both betting systems that aim to make the event in question a more even contest. The main difference lies in the elimination of the draw when betting on the Asian handicap. This market also utilizes quarter, half and three-quarter goal amounts (e.g. +1.25, +1.5, +1.75). In the case of a tie when betting on an Asian handicap such as +1 or +2, the bet is canceled and the money wagered is refunded. In the European, it is applied to the victory of the home team, visitor or draw, winning or losing the bet outright.

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