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What is Martingale method in sports betting?

Martingale process

Martingale is a technique widely used by casino players. Can you use this technique to win at sports betting? We’ll answer that in the article below.

What is a martingale in sports betting?

Making a martingale is a system that has been around for a long time. So just what is a martingale? Initially created for casino players, the sports betting martingale is simple to understand: if you lose one or more bets, you gradually increase your stakes to cover all your losses and make a profit on the first winning bet. Once the expected profit has been made, the next step is to go back to the original strategy and bet your initial stake.

The following formula can be used to calculate the amount you bet : 

  • Stake = (P+B)/(C-1)


  • P = Cumulative amount of previous losses
  • B = Desired profit
  • C = Décimal odds

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What are the risks of martingale?

Of course, this system is not perfect and entails risks in the world of sports betting. The real limit of martingale lies in its practical application. In the event of a bad run of results or judgment by the bettor, the stakes quickly become very high. In a classic martingale, a series of 5 losing bets at odds of 2 and the stake on your 6th bet must be equal to 32 times the initial stake! Therefore, be careful if using this system.

What's more, the sports betting martingale is not in itself a way of making profits over the long term. The only way to do this is to calculate probabilities that are more accurate than those of the bookmakers. As you will have realised, this system is not really for beginners, and you will need a certain amount of experience in betting to be able to try and master it, as there is obviously a risk of loss. What's more, you shouldn't always be too greedy and want to earn more money. Sometimes you have to be satisfied with small gains. It's important to remember before using this technique, especially when a bad set of results comes along and you want to "make up for it".

Martingale example

Series of martingale bets

To simplify this example, we assume that all the odds are equal to 2.00 (evens).

BetStake £ResultProfit/LossBalance
Bet 110Lost-10-10
Bet 220Lost-20-30
Bet 340Lost-40-70
Bet 480Won8010
Bet 510Won1020

Suppose you want to make a profit of £20 using the martingale technique. You bet £10 at odds of 2.00. Your first few bets are losing, so you gradually increase your bets doubling your stake on each occasion.. Your fourth bet produces a win and takes you into a £10 profit situation. For your fifth bet you return a stake of £10 and get another win, taking you to £20 profit and your target has been achieved. The best bookmaker to work out your sports betting martingale/

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