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What is a single bet?

single bet

In sports betting, a single bet is a bet made on a single market, at an online bookmaker. In other words, it is a bet that is placed on just one event for example Chelsea to beat Manchester United.  This is opposed to a combined bet which consists of at least two events (a double) on the same bet. For example, Chelsea to beat Manchester United and also Arsenal to beat Tottenham. So remember: betting on just one event = making a single bet.

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Example of a single bet

To illustrate the definition of a single bet, here is an example made on the Bet365 website . You can clearly see that the bet has been placed on one event only and that is a £10 single bet on Liverpool to beat Real Madrid in the Champions League final. The betslip shows the selection made and the potential winnings.

single bet bet365

It is a bet on one and only one event as  opposed to a combined bet like the following one, which combines the bet ‘Manchester City to beat West Ham United’ and ‘Arsenal to beat Newcastle United.’ The betslip shows the matches selected and the return if both the selections win.

combined bet bet365

The single bet therefore sees a player betting on just one match. It is the easiest bet to place and has always been a popular one for bettors to place due to its simplicity.

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How to make a single bet with a bookmaker?

Making a single bet with a bookmaker couldn't be easier. Simply follow the exact steps below, regardless of the sportsbook you choose.

  1. Log in to your player account
  2. Go to the 'Sports Betting' section
  3. Search for the match you want to bet on
  4. Select the bet and the odds you are interested in
  5. Enter the amount you wish to bet in the slip
  6. Click on the "confirm" button at the bottom of the slip

By following these six easy steps, you will find that it is easy to place a single bet when visiting your online bookmaker.

Single or combined bet: which is better?

These two kinds of bets do differ in how they operate. The more selections, the higher the odds on the bet but that does mean the lower the chance of your winning.

For example, a single bet will be easier to win than a combined bet, as only one winning bet will be required. On the other hand, while a combined bet will be less easy to place, it will offer much higher winnings if successful. However, each of the selections must win for your bet to give you a return, so always remember that.

To maximise your chances of winning and increasing your winnings, we advise you to vary the types of bets, as well as the stakes. We believe that 70 to 80% of your bets should be singles. This will increase your chances of success.

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What is the best site for single bets?

A single bet is a bet on just one event, so the best bookmaker to place a single bet is the one that generally offers the highest odds on all matches and sports. In this respect, three bookmakers seem to stand out Bet365, 1xBet and VBET.. On average, regardless of the competitions we are talking about, these three operators do offer higher odds than others, making them ideal for making single bets. If therefore, you want to be placing single bets, these sites are recommended.  What's more, all three operators are currently offering attractive welcome bonuses. So it would be a shame not to take advantage of them! 

If you are interested, click the links in the article, or find them in our betting sites section. You will be collecting your winnings in no time.

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