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Betting on Goalscorer: Each Way First vs Anytime

goalscorer betting

Goalscorer betting is very popular particularly on the first and last goalscorer markets. However, there are two similar bets that are also very popular with soccer bettors.

They are the Each Way First Goalscorer Bet and Anytime Goalscorer Bet.

It is a common mistake to think that these two bets are effectively one and the same, but that isn’t the case.

In this post we will explain what the key differences are between the two and discover when it would be best to use one of the bets, as opposed to the other. 

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at both the bets in question starting by looking at what the criteria is to win either of the two bets.

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Each Way First Goalscorer Betting and Anytime Goalscorer Betting – The Key Similarity

Both these bets differ from betting on the First or Last goalscorer in a game because they will offer you a payout if your chosen player scores at any point in the game. 

This is important because it offers far greater flexibility with a goalscorer bet than the First or Last goalscorer markets.

Remember, when you place this bet, you don’t know how many goals will be scored in a game. You may have completed some research and have some idea whether there will be goals or not, and you could have an inkling of how many goals are likely to be scored, but games do not always go as the statistics suggest they would.

Then a further complication is that even the top goalscorers for any team do not necessarily score the first, or last, goal in a game particularly often. If you pick one player for this then there are 21 other players on the field who could turn your bet into a loser.

And remember, with the new rules on goal scoring now, if your chosen player shoots at goal and it is deflected in, that goal may go down as an own goal, depending on the ruling of the goals panel. 

Each Way First Goalscorers and Anytime Goalscorers do away with the need for the goal to be the first or last in a game to generate a payout. This offers punters much greater flexibility with their bets as any goal scored by that player will generate a return no matter when it occurs in the game.

Of course, the downside of that is that the odds tend to be considerably lower value to reflect the greater flexibility the bet offers punters compared to the First or Last goalscorer markets. 

So, if both these bets offer a payout when a backed player scores at any time in the game, how are they different?

The answer lies in the type of bet you are making and how that bet will be paid out to you if it is a winner.

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Each Way First Goalscorer Betting and Anytime Goalscorer Betting – The Key Difference

The key difference between the two different types of bets is in the structure of the bet and how it is paid out.

An Anytime Goalscorer bet is a bet that covers one line. That the player will score at any point during the match. 

But an Each Way First Goalscorer bet is an Each Way bet on the First Goalscorer market. As is the case with any each way bet, there are two lines to cover. They are the player to score first in the game and the player to score at any time in the game. 

It is this which makes the bets very different. So while both will pay out on a player scoring at any time in a game, with the Each Way First Goalscorer bet, you can also earn a payout if your selection scores the first goal in the game.

That combination of the two parts of the bet winning means that Each Way First Goalscorer bets can potentially pay out more than Anytime Goalscorer bets, but if the first goalscorer part of the bet does not come in, then you will earn more with an Anytime Goalscorer bet. 

This is easier to explain by means of an example. 

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An Example of How Returns May Differ from an Each Way First Goalscorer Bet Compared to an Anytime Goalscorer Bet

We have decided to place a bet of £10 per unit stake on the Any Time Goalscorer and Each Way First Goalscorer bets on the Manchester United v Luton game. 

As you can see in the screenshots, we have selected Argentinian winger Alejandro Garnacho to score at Any Time in that game and his odds at the time the bet was placed was 21/10.

That means if the bet wins it would cost £10 for the bet, then I would receive £31 if Garnacho scores at any time in the game.

Additionally, if the player does not start the game, then I have ticked the option to void the bet. This is an option you can select or deselect if you so wish. 

But, for our Each Way First Goalscorer bet on Garnacho to score in the game, as we have to cover two lines at £10 per unit stake, then the bet would cost £20 in total. £10 to cover the First Goalscorer bet and £10 to cover him scoring any other goal in the game.

The odds offered on this bet were 13/2, which you will see is considerably more than the anytime goalscorer bet. We can also see that the each way portion of the bet pays out at 1/3 of the stated odds on unlimited places.

If Garnacho scored the first goal in the game, then both the bets would come in and we would earn a total return of £106.66. That’s £86.66 profit from your £20 stake. 

However, if Garnacho did not score the first goal, but did score a goal at a different point in the game, then the win section of the bet would lose, but the Each Way section would pay out. That would see you earn a total return of £31.67, or £11.67 in profit

As you can see the Each Way First Goalscorer bet is more expensive to place for the same unit stake but does offer a chance at a much higher payout, with a chance also at a smaller payout, but one that still generates a profit.

The Anytime Goalscorer bet generates a smaller top return, but that return is bigger than the each way return you get with the other bet.

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When Should I Use an Each Way First Goalscorer Bet Over an Anytime Goalscorer Bet and Vice Versa?

Given that both bets offer payouts if your chosen player scores at any time, is there a time when you should pick one bet over the other?

The Each Way First Goalscorer bet is the one to use if you think there is a good chance that your chosen player will score first in the game. The chance to earn a better return by landing both parts of your each way bet is an enticing option.

However, if you are going to go for a bet on a longer odds player, then the anytime goalscorer offers a good middle ground bet and it is also the cheaper bet to place (assuming the same unit stake),.

The main thing to take out of betting using Anytime or Each Way First Goalscorers is that easy to understand. While the odds on these bets may not be as appealing as the First or Last Goalscorer markets, they do offer much greater flexibility and thereby, a better chance of generating a return.

However, the returns generated by Each Way and Anytime Goalscorer bets are not as large as bets on the First and Last Goalscorer.

But, and perhaps this is the most salient point for punters who want to seek long term profitability, there is a much better chance of generating at least some kind of return with these bets, as opposed to the longer odds First and Last Goalscorer bets.

In the end, betting should be fun, and some punters may be more than willing to accept fewer wins in the goalscorer betting markets, if they are longer odds wins when they land. Others may prefer smaller but potentially more frequent wins from each way or anytime options.

Just remember to pick the type of bet that you enjoy betting on the most and hope that the player you pick hits the back of the net! 

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