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How to beat the bookmakers?

How to beat the bookmakers

Beating betting sites, especially when placing wagers on sport requires an extensive skill set. It isn't easy to make a better analysis than that which has been performed by the bookies. By having a better understanding than them about a match, you can take advantage of odds you believe are higher than they should be. A good win can be achieved and this is known as the Value Bet principle. 

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Beating the bookmakers with a Value bet

An essential tool for smart sports bettors, the Value Bet concept revolves around identifying bets whose odds are better than you believe they should be after your analysis. In essence, finding a Value Bet is discovering a bet whose odds are more likely to suceed than what the bookmaker suggests. Bookmakers determine their odds based on extensive analysis, statistics and expertise. However, they cannot perfectly estimate all the variables that influence a match, especially in lesser-known sports or events. This is where opportunities arise for smart bettors. To identify a Value Bet, you need to conduct your own thorough analysis and calculate your own odds for a given outcome. If your calculations indicate that the probability of success is higher than what the bookmaker suggests, then there may be a Value Bet. It may be that you believe a side is in good enough form to win a match and should have lower odds. In this case, placing a bet is advisable.

They are safer than average bets, because you are basically betting on a positive expected value over the long term. It does not mean you will always win, but in the long run you are likely to make a profit even if you lose occasionally. Understanding odds and probabilities is crucial to being successful in sports betting. By understanding odds and probabilities, you can form realistic expectations and protect yourself from emotionally driven gambling. It requires discipline and consistency to identify and exploit Value Bets, but it can also be powerful tool to increase your chances of winning in sports betting. 

Early bets to outsmart bookmakers

Finding Value Bets and beating the bookies requires a strategic approach, and one of the crucial elements is placing bets as early as possible, as soon as the odds are available at various online betting sites. Placing bets early can play an important role in preventing bookmakers from becoming aware of the possible misjudgement that has been made with the initial price offered. 

When bookmakers first release the odds for a match or event, their experts will have carried out analysis of the event. Odds aren’t static though and will change over time. If more bets than expected are placed on a particular result, then the odds will be shortened. On the other hand if few bets are placed on a team or individual then their odds will lengthen.

By placing your bets as early as possible, before many bets have been placed, you can take advantage of initial odds that may have been set unfavorably by the bookmaker. If you bet early and identify a Value Bet, you have the chance to benefit from the bookmaker's incorrect valuation before it is corrected. However, it requires speed and efficiency to bet early. Monitoring odds on various betting sites and reacting quickly when you find a Value Bet is essential. Moreover, you have to be willing to take risks, as early odds can potentially change as time passes and more information becomes available. Placing bets early is just one of the many strategies smart bettors use to find Value Bets and beat the bookies. It is important to stay disciplined, do your own analysis and only bet on bets that you are convinced have positive expected value in the long run. With consistency and patience, you can increase your chances of winning and be successful in sports betting.

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The importance of odds comparators

Odds comparators, such as this one from Sportytrader, are valuable tools for sports bettors aiming to beat bookmakers. At a glance, these online platforms provide an overview of the odds offered by different bookmakers for various sporting events. By comparing these odds, bettors can quickly see which bookmaker may have made a mistake in rating a match, creating Value Bets. A Value Bet occurs when the bookmaker underestimates the probability of a particular outcome and therefore offers higher odds than is justified. By recognising this possible error, smart players can place bets where the expected value is positive. In other words, they bet on outcomes whose odds are more favorable than the actual probability of those outcomes. Using an odds comparator allows bettors to quickly find the best odds on the market and take advantage of favorable odds. This increases their chances of placing profitable bets and being successful in sports betting in the long run. By relying on objective data and smartly using odds comparators, bettors can bet strategically and make informed decisions, giving them a competitive advantage over bookmakers.

To beat betting sites and make profits in the long run, it is crucial to exploit Value Bets that have been underestimated by bookmakers. Make sure you place your bets early to avoid bookmakers adjusting their valuation and use odds comparators to find the best odds quickly and effectively. Stay focused on simple bets that have been overlooked by the bookies to increase your chances of success.

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