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Best Eliteserien Betting Odds (Norway)

One of the most important factors in sports betting and one you should always keep in mind before placing a bet are the betting odds that are offered to you. These values are set beforehand by the various bookmakers who will establish various probabilities as to the outcome of a match. So, by placing your bet on the odds you are interested in, your stake will determine the potential winnings if your bet is successful. With this article in reference to the Norwegian Eliteserien, we will naturally refer to the odds in Norway’s top flight domestic league. 

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How are the Eliteserien odds calculated?

All bookmakers use nearly identical processes to determine their odds, which is to rely on their various advanced algorithms and other statistics. Therefore, the betting odds for a match is the mathematical probability that an outcome of an event will occur – this, of course, also applies to matches in the Norwegian Eliteserien matches. The basic logic behind how it works is quite simple to understand: the higher the odds on a match, the less likely the bookmaker considers the chances of the result occurring. Conversely, the lower odds offered, the greater the probability of the event occurring in the eyes of the oddsmaker. 

To understand this, here is a concrete example of a match in the Norwegian league between Molde and Ham-Kam. Molde regularly contends for the league title and is the reigning Eliteserien champions. It is therefore logical that they are the favourites to win this match against the weaker visiting team, especially at home. Thus, an Eliteserien bet of “Molde to win” will be offered at relatively low odds (e.g. 1.30) because the chances of the defending champions winning are quite high. Whereas the odds for a “Ham-Kam to win” bet will be very high (e.g. 6.5), as the chances of this limited team in the Norwegian league winning are quite low based on their recent performance and the fact that they often find themselves battling against relegation. Therefore, the odds of Eliteserien matches will logically change and be modified by the different bookmakers according to several criteria such as: the quality of the teams playing each other, the location of the match, the importance of the match, the absent players (injured and suspended), the rivalry between the clubs of the Norwegian league.

It is also important to know that the odds will change during the match depending on the scenario playing out on the pitch. If an important event happens in the match like a Ham-Kam goal followed by a red card for the Molde team in the first half, the odds for the victory will logically drop and be adjusted by the bookmaker. Thus, the odds for a Ham-Kam victory for your live bet will decrease sharply (e.g. from 6.50 to 3.00), while on the contrary the odds for a Molde win will increase (e.g. from 1.30 to 2.90). This logic will apply to all Eliteserien matches.

How to calculate Eliteserien odds for bettors?

Depending on the bets offered, the odds for Eliteserien matches vary in value at the different sports betting sites. This has several advantages for the bettor, the most important of which is of course to calculate your potential winnings according to the prediction you make. In other words, if you want to know quickly how much you will win if you place a bet, you need to multiply the odds by the amount you will invest (odds x stake = bet winnings). This calculation is the first thing you need to do to find out what you can expect to win.

That's not all, you will then have to be able to analyse the odds that the bookmaker proposes in relation to your prediction. This is necessary because only in this way will you know if your prediction on the Eliteserien match is in line with the logic of the result. Let's take the example of a match between Rosenborg and Haugesund. You think that Rosenborg have a much better chance than the visitors to win the match at home. If you take a closer look at the market odds, you will see that the odds offered by the various bookmakers are 1.50 for the home team to win. So we can say that the logic is respected and there is no noticeable anomaly.

However, if you realise that the odds for Molde to win are much higher than expected (e.g. around 2.00), you will have to go back to some of the key points of the match and understand where this significant difference comes from. It is quite possible that you have missed some important information about the match (injury or suspension of a major player, derby, European Cup match within a few days of each other, coach in the hot seat, etc). If this is the case, the value of your prediction is no longer optimal and you must therefore take this new information into account for your prediction. Another possibility is a difference of opinion between the predictions of the sports betting sites and your own. For example, bookmakers may underestimate a team or overestimate a team's ability. What is important to remember is that you have to keep this in mind in all Eliteserien matches.

Future betting markets in the Eliteserien

One last thing to know is that you have the possibility to make predictions on the competition itself. Indeed, you can choose who will win the Eliteserien. This will be possible before the start of the Norwegian championship, but also while the competition is in progress, which can be an excellent opportunity. You will also be offered other side bets such as who will be the top scorer in the league, who will finish on the podium, or even who will be relegated at the end of the season. These different types of bets will allow you to follow the competition over the course of the entire season with a vested interest.

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As far as sports betting is concerned, to maximise your winnings on the Eliteserien, there is no secret, you need to take advantage of the best odds on the market, i.e. the highest possible odds for your specific betting selection. This is a method that is well known by all experienced bettors! For an identical bet, different bookmakers will offer you different prices and this can even vary quite considerably (up to 10% difference on some matches). The question is: are you ready to lose 10% for the same sports bet? The answer, of course, should be no, especially if you multiply this over the course of a full season! You will therefore have to compare the different odds on the market in order to take advantage of the best possible returns.

Let's take the example of the Eliteserien match between Bodø/Glimt and Viking, on which you want to invest the sum of €100 on Bodø/Glimt to win. After having studied all the odds on the market, you will notice that the home team's victory is displayed at 1.60 on average at the sports betting sites, except at bet365, which offers it at 1.70. The calculation is quite quick to make, it is a much more financially sound decision for you to place your £100 with the latter in order to win £70 in net profits, compared to an average of £60 with other bookmakers.

It is therefore essential to be registered with as many sports betting sites as possible so that you can always benefit from the best possible odds on each Eliteserien match. Thanks to this tip, in the long run, you will have a non-negligible difference in terms of winnings in your favour on your various player accounts. Using this logic, we propose to guide you towards the best bookmakers available at the moment, thus do not hesitate to consult our various opinions, bookmaker reviews and advice before taking your next Eliteserien bets. You can also consult our odds comparator.

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