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Copa America 2024 Predictions & Betting tips

Here you will find our prediction on the winner of the Copa America football tournament, as well as our predictions on the matches of this year's competition organised by CONMEBOL and CONCACAF.

Copa America 2024 presentation and predictions

Copa America 2024 presentation and predictions

For the first time in history, 16 teams will attempt to win the Copa America football tournament.

Held from June 20 to July 16, 2024 in the United States, the tournament sees the usual South American teams (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay...) with an additional six countries from the CONCACAF zone (USA, Mexico, Panama...).

Who's the favorite for the 2024 Copa America? Who should you bet on? What odds are offered by the bookmakers, and what are the best betting tips? The answers to these questions can be found in the following paragraphs.

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Predicting the winner: who will win the Copa America 2024?

Copa America 2024 winner prediction

As with every Copa America, the bookmakers have two favourites: Brazil and Argentina. SportyTrader's experts agree, although it won't be easy for the Seleção or the Albiceleste.

Marcelo Bielsa's Uruguay should be a tough nut to crack, as should Ecuador, Colombia and the Mexico-US duo, who will be playing in front of their fervent supporters.

As far as the title is concerned, the editorial team's big favourites are Argentina, led by the one and only Léo Messi.

After winning the World Cup at the expense of France in 2022, Argentina appear to have the quality required to retain their continental crown. 

With a potential final to be played in Miami, Messi's new stronghold, as well as top-quality players in every position, Scaloni's squad should be able to shine on the various American pitches and ultimately retrain the title they won in 2021. Our 2024Copa America prediction: Argentina wins the cup!

Copa America 2024 prediction: odds on the favourites for the title

TeamCopa America Outright Odds

Unsurprisingly, Argentina and Brazil are the two top favourites on the online sports betting sites. If you feel the same way, don't hesitate to turn your football prediction into a bet with a bookmaker. It might just hit the nail on the head.

Copa America 2024 winner: odds on all teams at online bookmakers

Apart from the favorites, every team obviously has a chance of winning this Copa America played in the United States. 

Do you have your eye on a particular nation? Want to know the odds before making your prediction of the winner? Here are all the proposed odds for the winner of the Copa America 2024: 

  • Argentina - 2.75
  • Brazil - 3.25
  • Uruguay - 6.00
  • Mexico - 12.00
  • Colombia - 13.00
  • USA - 13.00
  • Ecuador - 17.00
  • Chile - 29.00
  • Peru - 51.00
  • Venezuela - 67.00
  • Canada - 67.00
  • Paraguay - 67.00
  • Costa Rica - 81.00
  • Panama - 151.00
  • Bolivia - 151.00
  • Jamaica - 151.00

Odds found on bet365

As you can see, these odds are very attractive for all the nations taking part.

For more betting suggestions on the competition, you can consult our Copa America sports betting odds comparator

You'll find the best odds for betting on each match, as well as tips on how to use them. Bookmakers are offering a great deal on the South American competition, so make the most of it.

Check out the Copa America odds!

Copa America top scorer prediction: who will score the most goals in 2024?

Copa America top scorer prediction

On some sports betting sites, you can bet on the player who will score the most goals in the 2024 Copa America.

We expect a battle for the Golden Boot title as many skilful strikers will be taking part in this summer competition.

We’re still awaiting the top scorer odds to be released by the bookmakers. You can expect the betting sites to start posting them as we get a bit closer to the tournament’s start date. Here’s a list of players to keep an eye out for that could challenge for the 2024 Copa America Golden Boot:

  • Lionel Messi (Argentina)
  • Lautaro Martinez (Argentina)
  • Gabriel Jesus (Brazil)
  • Vinicius Junior (Brazil)
  • Julian Alvarez (Argentina)
  • Darwin Nuñez (Uruguay)
  • Luis Suárez (Uruguay)
  • Rodrygo (Brazil)
  • Alexis Sanchez (Chile)
  • Ben Brereton Diaz (Chile)
  • Santiago Giménez (Mexico)
  • Folarin Balogun (United States)
  • Cucho Hernandez (Colombia)
  • Rafael Borré (Colombia)
  • Jonathan David (Canada)
  • Ricardo Pepi (United States)
  • Christian Pulisic (United States)
  • Antonio Sanabria (Paraguay)

To make the best possible prediction on the top scorer at the Copa America 2024, there are several aspects to consider.

Favour a player whose team is likely to go far. This will logically result in more games, and thus more opportunities, to score compared with other players.

Scorers who play for dominant, attack-minded teams are also to be favored, to the detriment of strikers who wear the colors of a less imposing nation.

For these reasons, and also because he takes free-kicks and penalties and plays in front of his new American fans, Lionel Messi seems to be the ideal player for this top scorer prediction.

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Our predictions for the Copa America 2024 group stage

Held in the United States and featuring a 16-team format for the first time in history, the 2024 Copa America promises to be a great spectacle right from the group stage.

Between June 20th and July 2nd, the 16 participating nations will attempt to progress from their group to the next stage of the competition.

For more information on the Copa America format, click here, but remember that you need to finish in the top two of a group to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Who can do it? Find out group by group, with predictions from our South American football experts.

Copa America Group A prediction (Argentina, Peru, Chile, Canada)

Copa America Group A prediction

In the first group of the Copa America, we find the title favorite, Argentina, as well as Peru, Chile and Canada,

There are no surprises in this group, but we'd advise you to predict first place for the Argentinians, who are clearly ahead of the competition. 

Accompanying Argentina, Alexis Sanchez and Guillermo Maripán's Chile seem to have the edge, with their experience in the competition, their team spirit as well as having one of the best managers in the competition in Marcelo Bielsa. Canada will be their most formidable opponent for a place in the quarter-finals as they possess a number of exciting young players including Bayern Munich's Alphonso Davies and Lille's Jonathan David.

Our Group A winner prediction: Argentina

Group A winner odds

  • Argentina - 1.25
  • Chile - 7.00
  • Peru - 11.00
  • Canada - 13.00

Odds found on bet365

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Copa America Group B prediction (Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Jamaica)

Copa America Group B predictions

The second group of the 2024 Copa America features two unusual guests, Mexico and Jamaica, as well as Venezuela and Ecuador.

In terms of qualification for the quarter-finals, Ecuador have a great chance of progressing and are a potential tournament dark horse, according to our forecasters.

Unbeaten in recent months, Félix Sánchez's side arrive in the USA with confidence and a talented young squad that will be expecting to earn the top group spot over Mexico. 

As for the second qualifying berth, Mexico could do the job and benefit from the support of their many supporters in the USA. All in all, an open and exciting group.

Our Group B winner prediction: Ecuador

Group B winner odds

  • Mexico - 2.10
  • Ecuador - 2.60
  • Venezuela - 6.50
  • Jamaica - 10.00

Odds found on bet365

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Copa America Group C Prediction (USA, Uruguay, Panama, Bolivia)

Copa America Group C Prediction

The third group of the Copa America features the host nation USA, Uruguay's eternal Celeste, Panama and Bolivia. 

Panama did well to finish as the runners-up in the 2023 Gold Cup but will have their work cut out to reach the quarter-finals. The same applies to Bolivia, who have been more used to defeats than successes in recent years.

With no real surprises in store, we therefore advise you to predict qualification for the Uruguayans and the Americans, with Uruguay ahead of the United States in first place. The work done by Marcelo Bielsa to turn around the 1930 World Champions is truly incredible.

Our Group C winner prediction: Uruguay

Group C winner odds

  • Uruguay - 1.75
  • USA - 2.38
  • Panama - 17.00
  • Bolivia - 17.00

Odds found on bet365

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Copa America Group D prediction (Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Costa Rica)

Copa America Group D prediction

Group D of the competition, the final one, includes Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and Costa Rica.

For first place, there are no surprises in sight, with Brazil the overwhelming favourites.

With their strength, experience and status, the Seleção have everything it takes to win the group. Behind them, Colombia are undoubtedly capable of accompanying them into the quarters.

With players like Luis Diaz, Jhon Arias, James and Rafael Santos Borré, head coach Nestor Lorenzo has the team to get through the first round. 

Our Group D winner prediction: Brazil

Group D winner odds

  • Brazil - 1.40
  • Colombia - 3.75
  • Paraguay - 13.00
  • Costa Rica - 19.00

Odds found on bet365

In the four groups of the Copa America, the battle for the quarter-final tickets is set to rage on.

On the face of it, the favourites will all be in the knockout phase, and we don't expect any major surprises among the eliminated teams. Follow the action live from the beginning to the end on our Copa America Livescore.

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Beginner sports bettors - how does the Copa America work and what is its format?

The format of the Copa America 2024 is quite simple. It is divided into two stages: the group phase, followed by the knockout phase.

In the group phase (June 21-July 3, 2024), the 16 participating teams are divided into 4 groups of four.

The group stage is a round-robin format with each team facing off against the other members of the group just once, for a total of three games per team. The top two places in the group advance to the quarter-finals, while third and fourth places lead to elimination.

The tiebreakers for teams even on points are determined by the overall goal difference, then on the total number of goals scored if necessary, and finally on direct head-to-head results between the two tied nations.

At the end of the group phase, 8 teams have qualified (2 from each of the four groups). This brings us to the quarter-finals, with knockout matches.

This is followed by the semi-finals, the match for third place and the grand final on July 15 at 01:00 UTC.

Note that in the event of a tie at the end of regulation time from the quarter-finals onwards, the teams go directly to a penalty shoot-out, except in the final.

In the final match of the competition, extra time is played in the event of a tie before a possible penalty shoot-out. Don't forget this before betting with an online bookmaker.

Football tips for the Copa America 2024 tournament

  • Tournament hosted by the United States
  • 16 teams in total (CONMEBOL + CONCACAF)
  • Group stage (4 pools of 4) from June 21 to July 3, 2024
  • 1st and 2nd in each group qualify for quarter-finals
  • Knockout matches from July 5 to 15
  • Quarter-finals, semi-finals, 3rd-place play-off, final
  • No extra time before the final, direct TAB
  • Final at Hard Rock Stadium (Miami)

To make the best possible predictions for this Copa America football tournament, always keep these tournament basics in mind. This will help you avoid any mistakes when placing your sports bets.

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Good to know: the final two teams are set!

Copa America betting tips - Canada

Before the competition kicks off this summer, the Copa America had two participatory tickets to award through qualification matches. 

Below are the results:

  • Canada vs Trinidad & Tobago: 2-0 win for Canada (61' Larin, 90+1' Shaffelburg)
  • Costa Rica vs Honduras: 3-1 win for Costa Rica (12' Galo, 56' Madrigal, 62' Brenes; 10' Chirinos) 

It's worth remembering that Canada took part in the last World Cup in Qatar, while Costa Rica boasts a wealth of international experience. They were the bookmakers favorites to advance and were able to take care of business in relatively comfortable fashion.

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Our tips for predicting Copa America 2024 matches

Copa America prediction

Now that you know the format of the competition and the various predictions made by our football specialists, let's talk about good betting practices.

After all, it's not enough to know the competition in order to make successful predictions; you also need to adopt sound betting practices.

Here, according to SportyTrader's editorial team, are the main tips to follow: 

  • Take into account the form of the teams
  • Observe the strength of the nations involved
  • Consult the list of absentees in this Copa America
  • Consider any rivalries on the American continent
  • Note tactical schemes and playing habits

In addition to relying on the key statistics of the tournament (see this paragraph), applying these 5 tips during the Copa America 2024 can only improve your predictions.

For more details, read on.

Taking current series into account

In the Copa America, as in any other football competition, a team's current form and run counts for a lot in terms of confidence and the potential outcome of a match.

If a team hasn't won in 5-6 matches, avoid predicting its success. And vice versa.

Before placing your bet on the Copa America, take the time to check the latest performances on both sides to avoid unpleasant surprises. Teams in good form are always to be preferred.

Observe the line-ups of the participating nations

Copa America 2024 Format - the United States

Between two teams of a similar level, players from the bench can often make the difference in deciding a match. So it's worth taking a closer look at each team's squad! 

Does one side have access to quality substitutes while the other does not? Even if the two starting lineups are roughly at the same level, you'll have to favour the team with the deeper bench due to their ability to positively impact the match in the second half.

Take Uruguay, for example, with the option to call on Luis Suarez to replace Darwin Nuñez for a late blow in attack. Such quality substitutions are not possible for teams like Peru or Paraguay, which can make all the difference!

Check out the Copa America odds!

Consult the Copa America absentee list

Another tip that ties in with the previous one is to always consult the list of absentees before betting on a Copa America football match.

If an influential player is suspended or injured, the result to be expected from his national team would not be the same as if he was in the squad. This is especially true for medium-sized teams who can’t rely on a large squad.

Is Alisson Becker absent in goal for Brazil? Ederson is there to fill in. If Matt Turner isn't there for the USMNT, the USA will find it harder to replace him on their line.

It's up to you to check on any absences before placing your bets, to avoid any mishaps

Make your selections

Consider possible rivalries on the American continent

Copa America 2024 betting tips - Clasico del Pacifico

On the American continent, as everywhere else, there are rivalries that can influence the scenario of a match. Tension, fouls, cards... the game can become choppy, and impact your various sports bets. So it's important to be aware of them.

Examples include the Brazil-Argentina and Brazil-Uruguay rivalries, but also the Chile-Peru rivalry (Clásico del Pacífico), Argentina-Uruguay, and in this particular case of the Copa America 2024, the Mexico-United States rivalry.

To get the most out of your winning predictions on the competition, always check the possible antagonism between the two teams involved in your sports bet.

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Take note of tactical patterns and playing habits

Last but not least, when betting on the number of goals, handicaps or goalscorers, it's essential to take note of each nation's tactical patterns before betting online.

While Brazil and Argentina are expressive, favouring winning Over bets, nations like Peru and Paraguay are more disciplined and low-block oriented, this time favouring Under bets.

To shine during this Copa America organised in the US, you also need to take an interest in the game played by each team. Just like any self-respecting betting enthusiast.

Place your bets!

What Not to Do for Your Copa America predictions

There are also a number of pitfalls to be avoided if you want to predict the Copa America in 2024.

In our experience, here's what you shouldn't do before betting on the South American competition: 

  • Focus too much on the prestige of a South American team
  • Not knowing what's at stake in the match (qualification? direct elimination?)
  • Betting on your favourite team without being objective
  • Betting to make up for a losing bet
  • Favour the big nations without thinking
  • Excessive live betting

To avoid falling into the Copa America trap, avoid these 6 practices at every match of the competition. 

Whether you want to bet on the 1N2, on scorers, or on the number of goals in matches, this is bound to help you grab a few winning bets.

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Copa America statistics for your 2024 predictions

Copa America stats

Betting on the Copa America like a pro also requires a good knowledge of the competition's key figures.

To help you with your alternative bets, here are the key statistics from the most recent edition of the tournament.

  • Average goals in group phase: 2.30 goals per game
  • Average goals from the quarter-finals onwards: 2.38 goals per match
  • Average goals over the duration of the tournament: 2.32 goals per match
  • Matches with +1.5 goals in group phase: 65
  • Matches with +1.5 goals from the quarter-finals onwards: 50%
  • Matches with +1.5 goals over the duration of the tournament: 61%
  • Matches with +2.5 goals in the group phase: 40
  • Matches with +2.5 goals from the quarter-finals onwards: 38
  • Matches with +2.5 goals over the course of the tournament: 39%
  • Matches with +3.5 goals in the group phase: 25%
  • Matches with +3.5 goals from the quarter-finals onwards: 25%.
  • Matches with +3.5 goals over the duration of the tournament: 25%
  • Matches where both teams score in the group stage: 45%
  • Matches where both teams score from the quarter-finals onwards: 38%.
  • Matches in which both teams scored over the course of the tournament: 43%
  • Victories by one goal in the group phase: 40
  • One-goal victories from the quarter-finals onwards: 50%.
  • Victories by one goal over the duration of the tournament: 43%
  • Victories by 2 goals or more in the group phase: 30%
  • Victories by 2 goals or more from the quarter-finals onwards: 13
  • Victories by 2 goals or more over the duration of the tournament: 25%
  • Most frequent score in group stage: 1-0 (30% of matches)
  • Most frequent score from the quarter-finals onwards: 1-0 (38% of matches)
  • Most frequent score over the duration of the tournament: 1-0 (32% of matches each)
  • Ratio of draws in group stage: 30%
  • Ratio of draws from the quarter-finals onwards: 38%.
  • Ratio of draws over the duration of the tournament: 32%
  • Shoot-out ratio: 38% of matches from the quarter-finals onwards

In view of these Copa America stats, it's best to bet on a low number of goals in each match, and why not try the big draw odds in the group stage?

Don't forget that this 2024 edition does not offer extra time in the event of a tie in the knockout phase, except in the final. This may also encourage tied scores.

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In short: how to make good predictions for Copa America 2024 matches?

Knowing the stats, adopting good betting practices, learning about the competition format and following SportyTrader's predictions... There's no secret to a successful Copa America prediction: you need to take the time to study everything.

Analyse the matches with our betting guide, and rely on the predictions of our specialists to try to shine at the bookmakers. Your success rate on sports betting sites could benefit this summer.

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Our current Copa America predictions:

There are no previews at the moment for this competition

Best odds: Copa America

20 Jun 2024 - 20:00 Argentina - Canada
1 1.27
X 5.9
2 13
21 Jun 2024 - 20:00 Peru - Chile
1 4.4
X 3.38
2 2.04
22 Jun 2024 - 18:00 Ecuador - Venezuela
1 16.4
X 4.91
2 4.6
22 Jun 2024 - 21:00 Mexico - Jamaica
1 1.7
X 3.85
2 6
23 Jun 2024 - 18:00 USA - Bolivia
1 1.3
X 6.4
2 15
23 Jun 2024 - 21:00 Uruguay - Panama
1 1.35
X 5.3
2 11
24 Jun 2024 - 18:00 Colombia - Paraguay
1 4.88
X 3.59
2 5
24 Jun 2024 - 21:00 Brazil - Costa Rica
1 1.18
X 10.7
2 24
26 Jun 2024 - 21:00 Venezuela - Mexico
1 3
X 3.5
2 2.25
27 Jun 2024 - 21:00 Uruguay - Bolivia
1 1.15
X 6.18
2 11.4
28 Jun 2024 - 18:00 Colombia - Costa Rica
1 30
X 6.61
2 1.05
28 Jun 2024 - 21:00 Paraguay - Brazil
1 2.91
X 3.11
2 2.24
30 Jun 2024 - 20:00 Jamaica - Venezuela
1 2.5
X 3.4
2 2.63
01 Jul 2024 - 21:00 Bolivia - Panama
1 3.25
X 3.6
2 2.1
02 Jul 2024 - 21:00 Brazil - Colombia
1 30
X 8.07
2 1.02
02 Jul 2024 - 21:00 Costa Rica - Paraguay
1 1.45
X 4.28
2 5.21

The content of this page and the predictions were reviewed on 4/14/24 by our team of enthusiasts. Happy reading and good betting on this great Copa America 2024!

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