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Best Copa America Betting Odds (South America)

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Do you want to bet on the Copa America football tournament and be thrilled with each of your sports bets on this great competition? We understand you! But first of all, and since it's an essential basis of these online bets, let's talk about these famous odds around the Copa America. In the final phase of this major event as in any competition, the odds will always be to analyse, in priority.

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What are bookmaker odds?

To begin with, it is worth defining what odds are when talking about sports betting. The odds are a numerical element whose value will impact the potential winnings of a bet as well as the probability of it being a winner, and therefore the bettor's final decision. When you want to make a bet on the Copa America, you will actually be betting on the odds that are set for it by a bookmaker. For example, do you want to bet on Argentina winning against Chile? Then you will bet your money on the Copa America odds of the "Argentina win" bet that will be offered by the different operators.

In terms of value, it is important to know that the odds reflect the likelihood of something happening. The higher the Copa America odds for a bet, the less likely it is to happen.. Conversely, the lower the odds, the more likely the bet will win, depending on the odds. Good to know for your Copa America prediction. To illustrate, let's take the example of a Copa America match between Brazil and Colombia.

For this match, which is largely in favour of the Seleçao, the odds offered for the "Brazil win" bet will be fairly measured (e.g. 1.50), while the "Colombia win" bet will be rather high (e.g. 3.80). As the Brazilians are more talented and experienced than their opponent of the day, the "Brazil win" bet will logically be more likely to win, the odds offered by the bookmakers will then logically be lower. And it will always be like that, in the Copa America as in any competition. Moreover, as far as these odds values are concerned, you should know that they will generally range from 1.01 to 6.00, or even more in case of an improbable bet.

Each Copa America odds determines the payout of a bet

In addition to the link to the odds around each match of the tournament, you should know that these Copa America odds will determine the potential winnings of your bets on the competition. Thanks to the formula Odds x Stake = Winnings, you will know how much you can win in case of a winning bet, and therefore the interest or not to place your bet. Here is an example of the Uruguay-Peru match in the group stage. The Uruguayans' logical success is offered at odds of 1.55, the Peruvians' surprise win at 5.50.

  • I bet £50 on Uruguay's victory: odds of 1.55 x £50 bet = £77.50. I can get a return of  £77.50.
  • I bet £50 on Peru to win: Odds of 5.50 x £50 bet = £275. The return will be £275.

It is clear that the value of the winnings will be determined by the value of the odds, and that the higher the Copa America odds (and therefore the riskier the bet), the bigger the prize pool. At the Copa America football tournament, it will be up to you to determine whether a bet is worth taking, by finding the ideal compromise between risk and potential reward.

How do you know if an odds is worth playing at the Copa America?

In addition to calculating the potential winnings of your bet and comparing them to the risks incurred by your stake, you should know that another formula will be very useful to determine if an odds is worth playing: the odds decided by the bookmakers. Via the formula 1 / (odds) x 100, you will know in an instant the bookmakers' estimate for each bet of this Copa America. Let's illustrate this with the example of a match between Brazil and Paraguay. Brazil's success is offered at 1.30 on average, while Paraguay's success is offered at 7.50.

  • 1 / (1.30) x 100 = 76,92. According to the bookmaker, Brazil has a 76.92% chance of winning.
  • 1 / (7.50) x 100 = 13.33. According to the bookmaker, Paraguay has only a 13.33% chance of winning.

Once you have done these calculations, you have two options. Either you agree with the bookmaker and you judge by other criteria if the Copa America odds are worth playing, or you disagree and you think that one of the two odds will be worth playing.

In this case, if you think that the Paraguayans can pull off an upset and that they have at least a one in three chance of winning, you should try the magnificent odds of 7.50, which are overestimated by the bookmaker compared to your own analysis. A small bet could then allow you to increase your winnings, having had a better feel for the situation than the bookmakers themselves. Odds to always analyse before betting on a Copa America match.

Copa America winner odds: Bet on the long term!

In addition to betting on the final tournament matches, you will also have the possibility to bet on the long term during the Copa America, with the odds offered for the winner of the tournament. The latter are often interesting and should not be neglected, as you can make several different bets, increasing your chances of winning. Let's take the example with these odds:

  • I bet £30 on Brazil winning the title (odds 5.00) = Potential return of £150
  • I bet £30 on Argentina winning the title (odds 5.50) = Potential return £165
  • I bet £30 on Uruguay winning the title (odds 7.50) = Potential return £225
  • I bet £30 on Chile's surprise win (odds of 12.50) = Potential return of £375

By making these four bets, we can see that you will win £30 in the worst case scenario, if at least one bet out of the four wins (£150 win - £120 total stake = £30), and up to £255 if the highest odds payout (£375 win - £120 total stake = £255). This is an interesting strategy with a good chance of winning. So don't lose sight of these odds on the final winner of the Copa America. Often, they are quite generous with the different operators! If you want to follow all the action, take advantage of our Copa America livescore page, where you can follow every match and, of course, the grand final.

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Finally, we would strongly advise you to sign up with all the sports betting sites to bet on the Copa America, if you still want to take advantage of the best odds of this competition. As each sports betting site can offer different values for the same match, this is the only way to always bet at the highest values, and therefore hope to get the best winnings on each match. To do this, please check our ranking of the best bookmakers. The best Copa America odds of our comparator are at stake! Good luck to all!

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