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Over/Under Football Betting Tips & Predictions

Under/Over Football Predictions - Our mathematical predictions

23 Jun 2024 - 15:00

USL League Two

Swan City SC Swan City SC
Miami AC Miami AC
+2.5 Probability of 52%
23 Jun 2024 - 16:00

National Premier Soccer League

Wc Predators Wc Predators
Jackson Lions FC Jackson Lions FC
+2.5 Probability of 88%
23 Jun 2024 - 17:00

USL W League

United Pdx United Pdx
Lane United FC Lane United FC
+2.5 Probability of 81%
23 Jun 2024 - 19:00

National Premier Soccer League

FC Frederick FC Frederick
Alexandria Rough Diamonds Alexandria Rough Diamonds
+2.5 Probability of 94%
23 Jun 2024 - 19:00

National Premier Soccer League

Grove Soccer United Grove Soccer United
Virginia Dream FC Virginia Dream FC
+2.5 Probability of 86%
23 Jun 2024 - 19:00

National Premier Soccer League

Philadelphia Union Ds Philadelphia Union Ds
FC Motown FC Motown
+2.5 Probability of 65%
23 Jun 2024 - 19:30

USL League Two

Sarasota Paradise Sarasota Paradise
Weston FC Weston FC
-2.5 Probability of 50%
23 Jun 2024 - 20:00

USL League Two

Ballard FC Ballard FC
FC Olympia FC Olympia
+2.5 Probability of 82%
23 Jun 2024 - 21:00

Copa America

Uruguay Uruguay
Panama Panama
+2.5 Probability of 56%
23 Jun 2024 - 21:00

USL League One

Spokane Velocity FC Spokane Velocity FC
Lexington SC Lexington SC
+2.5 Probability of 63%

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Our Under/Over mathematical predictions are based on statistical calculations and powerful artificial intelligence on football.

Under/Over predictions : Predictions of our football experts


25 Jun 2024 - 18:00

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Copa America

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Peru Peru
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Under 2.5

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New customers only | Commercial content | 18+ age limit | T&Cs apply

Our football experts' Under/Over predictions are written by sports betting professionals, based on SportyTrader’s exclusive analysis method applied since 2006.

What is a Football Under Over prediction?

The Under Over football prediction (sometimes referred to by bookmarkers as Over Under) is a market that has proved to be very popular with bettors.  An Under  Over football prediction means betting on “over” or “under” a specified number of goals being scored in a match.

If you are making an Over prediction, you are literally betting on “Over” the set number of goals in the bet. On the other hand, if you bet on an Under, you predict under the specified number of goals. There are different types of Over Under predictions. There may be differences depending on the bookmakers but also depending on the types of sports betting. Everything is explained just below. Good reading !

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The different types of Under Over football predictions

Football being the sport most coveted by bettors, several types of Over Under bets are available at all online bookmakers.

Football Over Under 0.5 Predictions

Even if this bet is not the most popular, the first possible Over Under prediction concerns 0.5 goals. You therefore have the choice of betting on an Over 0.5 (which means +0.5 goals in the match), or on an Under 0.5 (which means -0.5 goals in the match) aka a goalless draw.

If you bet on an Over 0.5 and there is a goal in the match, then your bet will be a winning one. If you have bet on under 0.5 goals, then only a goalless draw will see your bet be a winning one. Here are some examples of Over Under 0.5 predictions.

  • Liverpool 3-1 Everton | The Over 0.5 forecast is a winner, while the Under 0.5 is a loser.
  • Milan 0-0 Juventus | The Over 0.5 forecast is a loser, while the Under 0.5 is a winner.
  • Nice 1-1 PSG | The Over 0.5 prediction is a winner, while the Under 0.5 is a loser.

Be aware that even if  your bet on over 0.5 goals is a winner, the odds that the bookmaker offer are always low. On average they are 1.07 simply because of the fact only one goal is needed for your bet to be successful. Under 0.5 bets are more rarely winners but are always at very high odds. This is easily explained because the only option for the Under 0.5 to be validated is for the score to be 0-0 at the end of the match.

Do you want to predict the Under 0.5 bet in a match? The advice we offer you is the following: look at both the odds of the Under 0.5 but also that of the exact score 0-0. Sometimes the odds differ between these 2 bets even though they represent the same thing. Think about it in order to optimize your earnings as much as possible!

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Football Over Under 1.5 Predictions

The level above the Over Under 0.5 is the prediction for under or over 1.5 goals in the match. This is available at all online sports betting sites.  If you have followed what was explained previously, you will understand that the Over 1.5 bet means “More than 1.5 goals in the match”, while the Under 1.5 bet means “Less than 1.5 goals in the match”.

If there at least two goals in the match, the Over 1.5 bet is a winning one. For the Under 1.5 goals bet to be successful, either no goals or one goal has to be scored in the match.  Below are some examples of Over Under 1.5 predictions to help you.

  • Bayern 4-2 Dortmund | The Over 1.5 forecast is a winner, while the Under 1.5 is a loser.
  • Lille 1-0 Lens | The Over 1.5 prediction is a loser, while the Under 1.5 is a winner.
  • Sevilla 1-1 Osasuna | The Over 1.5 forecast is a winner, while the Under 1.5 is a loser.

Since the majority of matches end with at least 2 goals being scored, the odds are therefore higher for Under 1.5 than Over 1.5 on the bookmakers.

Do you want to predict the Under 1.5 bet in a match? Do not hesitate to look at the odds of the bet “Both teams to score: no”. Indeed, it may be higher than the odds offered for Under 1.5, for the same scenario. The Under 1.5 includes three possibilities, namely the following scores: 1-0, 0-0 and 0-1. In these three cases, none or only one team scores in the game. It is therefore essential to look at the odds of these 2 bets. Keep this tip in mind.

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Football Over Under 2.5 Predictions

We come to the most played prediction in the field of Over Under football betting, namely the Over Under 2.5 bet. This is explained by the fact that Over 2.5 (Over 2.5 goals) and Under 2.5 (Under 2.5 goals) are offered at attractive and often balanced odds on bookmakers. On average, these odds are at a value around 1.70 each.

Regarding the rules of this bet, they are similar to those of the previous Over Under. If the number of goals in a match exceeds the threshold of 2.5 (i.e. 3 or more goals), the Over 2.5 prediction is counted as a winner. Conversely, when the total of goals does not exceed the specified number of 2.5 (i.e. two goals or less), it is the prediction Under 2.5 which is counted as a winner. To help you understand, here are several examples of Over Under 2.5 predictions.

  • Arsenal 3-1 Leeds | The Over 2.5 forecast is a winner, while the Under 2.5 is a loser.
  • PSG 2-0 OM | The Over 2.5 prediction is a loser, while the Under 2.5 is a winner.
  • Porto 3-2 Benfica | The Over 2.5 forecast is a winner, while the Under 2.5 is a loser.

As a majority of football matches end with 2 or 3 goals, you will have to be precise in your analysis if you are moving towards an Over Under 2.5 goals prediction. Every detail counts: the goals scored and conceded by the two teams, what is at stake in the match, styles of play, absences, etc. If your analysis is fine, you can enjoy good odds on this type of bet and why not walk away with winnings.

Although the Over Under 2.5 bet is the most popular and interesting in terms of odds, there are also Over Under 3.5, Over Under 4.5, and Over Under 5.5 which are available on the majority of bookmakers and matches. Something to delight any type of bettor.

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Over Under variants for Football betting

Now that we have seen the Under/Over predictions for an entire football match, be aware that this type of bet can also be made for a specific half (Under/Over 1st half or Under/Over 2nd half-time), on one team only, or even on a quarter of an hour of the match. Here is a non-exhaustive list of available bets noted on the market.

  • Over/Under bet - Half time
  • Over/Under Betting - Second Half
  • Over/Under Bet - Team 1
  • Over/Under Bet - Team 2

For these predictions, the logic is the same as that explained previously. For example, if you predict an Over 0.5 for the second half, there must be at least 1 goal in the second half for your bet to win (the number of goals in the first half does not affect so not your prediction, only second half goals count). If you bet Under 1.5 on team 1, the home team must score 0 or 1 goal for your bet to win (if 2 or more goals are scored by team 1, the bet loses) .

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Football: how to analyze Over Under bets?

For your bet on the total number of goals in a football match to be successful, several criteria must be analysed. Here are, according to our football prediction experts, the ones to take into account:

  • The form of each team
  • The form of key players
  • The latest defensive performances (number of clean sheets, average goals conceded, shots taken per match)
  • Latest offensive performance (average goals scored, chances created, shots on goal per game)
  • The match venue
  • How important is the match?
  • Absences (suspensions, injuries, personal reason, choice of coach, etc.)
  • The usual tactics
  • The psychological aspect of the teams (derby, rivalry, etc.)
  • The fixture list for each team

Studying these 10 criteria will be really essential in order to gain reliability on your Over Under predictions. We have prepared 2 examples to illustrate it well:

Example 1: the perfect match to bet on Over predictions at Football

Head to the Premier League for a season-ending match between Arsenal and Leeds. Arsenal is aiming for a place in the Champions League and has just had 7 successes in a row. In addition, they have just beaten Aston Villa  4-1. Leeds do not have anything to play for at the end of the season and they have scored 1 goal and conceded 2.5 on average over the last 5 games. This match therefore seems conducive to an Over forecast.

Example 2: the perfect match to bet on Under predictions at Football

Serie A this time. Genoa faces Torino at the bottom of the table for a very important game. Both teams want to avoid defeat at all costs, as they could be left behind in the standings and threatened with relegation. Genoa and Torino haven't scored in their last 3 games. Genoa's top scorer is injured and Torino's top passer is suspended for this game. Here, betting on an Under prediction is ideal because you don't expect many goals.

If you analyze the different factors above correctly, you can bet optimally on Over Under type bets on a football match. No match is the same: the context of the match, the teams, the championships, the players will never be the same and will change the outcome of the match. Don't be fooled and follow our expert advice.

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What is the best betting site for your Football Under Over predictions?

In June 2024, most bookmakers offer you Over and Under bets. Take a look at our ranking of the best sports betting sites to find out which ones stand out in the field. 

In addition to being able to take advantage of the best Under Over odds on soccer and optimize your winnings, signing up with the best bookmakers of the moment will allow you to benefit from great welcome offers to increase your bankroll.

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Remember to consult your bookmaker's rules on Under Over in football

Finally, before taking your bet on an Over Under football, do not forget to read the rules of your bookmaker. There may be small differences between operators, which can give you a bad surprise if you do not know them.

To give you an example, you can predict Over Under on absolute values ​​at certain sports betting sites (Over/Under 1, Over/Under 2, Over/Under 3, etc.). Generally, the odds are lower than on the classic Over Under. However, your prediction is refunded if the number of goals in the match is equal to the value of your bet (ex: you are refunded if you bet on an Over 2 in a football match, and the score ends on a 2 -0 or 1-1). Pay attention to the bookmaker's rules so that nothing is left to chance.

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In short: how to make a good Over Under prediction on Football?

In summary, to establish the best possible Over Under predictions, it will be necessary to respect several steps. The first is obviously to analyze the matches well (as a reminder, the criteria to be taken into account are a few paragraphs above). Then, it will be important to compare bookmakers to take the best odds and optimize your winnings. It will also be necessary to consult the regulations of your bookmaker and to deepen your knowledge of football as much as possible to take a certain advantage. Finally, never be fooled by the value of the odds, even an odd of 1.05 is not 100% sure to pass. A rating should therefore never be taken at random but rather because you find it interesting. In order to limit errors, you can consult our predictions and forecasts at the top of the page on Over-Under.

On our pages of tomorrow’s football predictions and today's football predictions, you will find the most enticing prediction in terms of reliability but also potential winnings (odds) is proposed to you. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it, as hundreds of thousands of Internet users have already seen their winnings impacted by our predictions on different betting markets - betting tips 1X2, both team to score prediction, half time full time predictiondouble chance prediction and more. Make the most of it when betting on the beautiful game! Football Betting Tips & Predictions at SportyTrader are also interesting to read. Good double luck football betting to you!

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