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French Cup Predictions & Betting tips

Find our free prediction on the winner of the French Cup, as well as our experts' predictions on all the French Cup matches (2023-2024). Plenty of information for your sports betting!

Presentation of the French Cup - Football

Coupe de France presentation

The Coupe de France is the oldest football competition in the country. First played in  1917 and organised by the Fédération Française de Football, it pits professional and amateur clubs against each other, through various qualifying rounds to the grand final at the Stade de France. 

The tournament is a dream come true for the lower league French sides who dream of a cup run and matches against Ligue 1 teams. It remains one of the most popular competitions for sports bettors.

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Our free prediction for the 2023-2024 Coupe de France season

Prediction Coupe de France winner 2023-2024

There was a surprise win last season for Toulouse who won the cup despite only finishing 13th in Ligue 1. Winning the cup again this year will be a tough task but it’s a cup competition and anything can happen. PSG are the obvious favourites to win this season but they haven’t won the cup since 2021.  A club like Olympique de Marseille, deprived of Champions League football this year, could make the French Cup a target, while the likes of LOSC, Lens, Monaco, OL and Rennes will also have something to say. Nantes won the cup in 2021-22 and could again go well.

Despite all this competition, the odds are on Paris to win the final. Having triumphed in 6 of the last 9 editions, PSG could put an end to two consecutive 'surprise' seasons, marked by titles won by FC Nantes and Toulouse. Our 2023-2024 French Cup prediction: PSG win. Do you agree? Your predictions are in!

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Coupe de France prediction - odds on the favourites for the title

Sports betting sites offer you the chance to bet on the next French Cup winner. Here are the highest odds found: 

  • Paris SG, odds of 1.72
  • Marseille, odds of 10.00
  • Lille, odds of 12.00
  • Monaco, odds 13.00
  • Lens, odds of 13.00
  • Lyon, rated 15.00
  • Rennes, at 21.00
  • Nice, rated 29.00
  • Reims, odds of 34.00
  • Strasbourg, rated 34.00
  • Montpellier, odds of 41.00
  • Toulouse, odds of 41.00

Odds taken from and

As you can see there are some very good odds available here with only PSG at a short price. If you believe the reigning French champions won’t win the cup, then a good profit can be made if you pick the winner.  You can also bet on the matches by opting for the best values by comparing the Coupe de France odds. Otherwise, as a reminder, our main prediction is for PSG to win.

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Beginner sports bettors - how does the Coupe de France football competition work?

With the demise of the League Cup in 2020, the French Cup is now the only tournament contested between French clubs from different divisions.

Each year, the winner of the competition earns a ticket to the group stage of the Europa League, Europe's second major competition. The big clubs are of course the best represented - PSG, Marseille, LOSC, Monaco, Lyon - but the smaller clubs have also had their moments of glory, including Guingamp, Lorient, Nancy, Sedan and Sète.

The Coupe de France is a 13-round competition with a final, with each division participating progressively:

  • Clubs from departmental districts (from Départemental 1 upwards) play in the Coupe de France from the 1st round.
  • Regional league clubs (from Régional 1 to Régional 3) enter the competition in the 2nd round.
  • National 3 clubs play in the 3rd round
  • National 2 clubs play in the 4th round
  • National clubs enter in the 5th round

The first 6 rounds are organised by the regional leagues, with quotas of qualifiers per league. The 7th round sees the entry of League 2 and overseas clubs, while the 9th round welcomes League 1 clubs and the defending champions.

The format changes from the round of 32 onwards, when single-elimination matches are held. In the event of a tie at the end of the 90 minutes, the teams are decided by penalty kicks, and extra time has been abolished since the 2020-2021 season.

In terms of dates, all you need to know is that the Round of 32 (where League 1 clubs take part) kicks off on 7 January 2024 and the final is scheduled for Saturday 25 May.

Keep these important points in mind as you prepare your French Cup bets!

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Expert advice for your Coupe de France predictions

French Cup match predictions

Let's move on to a completely different subject, one that will certainly be of interest to punters who want to bet on French Cup matches. Here are some tips from our football experts to help you place the best bets on the competition. Of course, they can be supplemented with the key figures you need to know about the tournament, which will also be revealed later.

  • Analyse the real motivation of teams
  • Observe the history of different clubs
  • Take bench depth into account
  • Play at odds that are worth the risk
  • Keep your bets small

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Analyse the real motivation of the teams

French Cup betting tips

Let's take a closer look at the parameters you need to take into account to make a success of your French Cup predictions. Firstly, you need to carefully examine each club's objective in this competition. In fact, to make a success of your bet, you first need to analyse the form of the two teams involved in the match of your choice, which will often determine their real desire to put together a good run in the competition. In concrete terms, if a Ligue 1 club has to play a decisive match for its survival a few days later in the league, it may not throw all its weight behind the French Cup. It would be better to predict that their opponents will win, especially if they are prepared to go all out in the tournament. First things first.

Looking at the track record of the various clubs

The second thing to look out for is the track record of the various teams in the competition. As we know, a number of teams have made a habit of shining in the French Cup in recent seasons, whether or not they are in good form in the league. Monaco, Marseille and, of course, PSG are among them, and will never give up on the competition. On the other hand, other institutions such as Lens often tend to take advantage of the tournament to play their youngsters, and therefore fall out of the competition fairly quickly. Something to bear in mind, of course.

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Take bench depth into account

Coupe de France Prediction Tips

In addition to the teams' fixture lists, their participation in European Cups and the atmosphere within the club, don't forget to take into account the strength of each club's squad. A team that can rely on a large, high-quality squad (PSG, Lyon, Marseille, etc.) will have a better chance of competing in the various competitions than one that is limited in this area (Lorient, Reims, etc.). Before placing your bets on the Coupe de France, take a look at the various squads selected by the coaches, as well as the injured and any suspended players.

Play at odds that are worth it

Another important tip is to compare the odds between the different sports betting sites and bet on odds that are worth the effort. As we mentioned earlier, the Coupe de France is a tournament where surprises are far from rare and where the favourite doesn't win every time. So don't try to 'secure the win' by playing at odds of 1.10, but rather favour odds of around 2.00, or even more if you smell a good opportunity. Believe us, the Coupe de France is a very special competition.

Keep your bets small

Finally, and following the same logic as our previous tip, learn to keep your bets on the Coupe de France to a minimum. This suggestion is valid regardless of the league you bet on, but even more so on this tournament, where the risk is fairly high. Make sure you always place bets you are prepared to lose, and don't get carried away by emotion by gambling too much of your budget on one bet. By following this advice, you can be sure that you won't have a bad time during this great competition.

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Winners' list for the last 5 seasons

  • Season 2022-2023 - Toulouse
  • Season 2021-2022 - Nantes
  • Season 2020-2021 - PSG
  • Season 2019-2020 - PSG
  • Season 2018-2019 - Rennes

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What not to do for your Coupe de France football predictions

If you want to place the most reliable sports bets during the Coupe de France football tournament, it's important to avoid certain common mistakes. Here are the things to avoid when making your predictions:

  • Playing at low odds without proper analysis
  • Underestimating teams in divisions lower than Ligue 1
  • Not taking into account statements made by coaches and players
  • Put your money on a team with a string of important matches
  • Ignore competition statistics
  • Bet on French Cup matches at a single bookmaker

You now know what the best practices are for placing reliable bets during the French Cup, and what practices to avoid in order to minimise losses and maximise your results.

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Coupe de France match prediction: key figures

French Cup statistics

A promise made, a promise kept: it's now time to reveal the most important figures to help you bet on the CDF. These figures, taken from the 2022-2023 season, can help you spot some good bets on sports betting sites. Here are the figures and statistics from last season’s competition:

  • Home wins: 26
  • Draws: 30
  • Away wins: 44
  • Average goals: 2.78 goals per game
  • +1.5 goals : 76
  • -1.5 goals : 24
  • +2.5 goals : 52
  • -2.5 goals : 48
  • +3.5 goals : 33
  • -3.5 goals : 67
  • "Both teams score: yes": 51%.
  • Away goal : 75% of games
  • Victory by 2 goals or more (handicap): 43% of matches
  • Exact score 0-0: 11% of matches
  • Most frequent score: 2-1 (14% of games)

With an average of 2.78 goals scored per game last season, this cup promises not to bore us in front of our screens. In fact, just over one match in 10 ends in a goalless draw. So be sure to bet on some high-scoring matches in 2023 and 2024, because the trend is likely to be the same.

Unlike in Europe's main competitions, home wins are a rare occurrence. In fact, it was the least common result in the previous financial year, when only 26% of matches were won by the home team. During a Coupe de France match, placing a bet on a draw or on a win for the visiting team, which scores at least one goal in 75% of duels, could be a good idea again this year.

Finally, and we mentioned this earlier, good odds can be placed on a team winning by at least two goals. With a success rate of almost one in two predictions last year, you'll see that if you take into account the odds on this type of bet, there's plenty of scope for interesting things to happen.

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In short: how do you bet on the Coupe de France and win as many bets as possible?

Coupe de France betting tips

Are you looking to maximise your winnings while finding attractive odds for this 23-24 French Cup season? Keep in mind that there are certain elements that should not be overlooked when analysing a French Cup match, such as the real motivation of the clubs and players, the composition of the teams and the record of the clubs in this competition.

Finally, you can take advantage of our experts' predictions for the Coupe de France. From the Round of 32 onwards, be sure to keep an eye on this page, or even the page containing all our predictions, for expert analysis. It's all 100% free, so make the most of it!

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Our Current French Cup Prediction

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French Cup: best odds

25 May 2024 - 13:00 Lyon - PSG
1 5.64
X 4.56
2 1.62

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