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Best French Cup Betting Odds (France)

France - French Cup
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We can't talk about sports betting without discussing odds. They are a numerical element related to the probability of an event taking place and are an integral part of online gambling for each sport or competition you wish to bet on. When we talk about French Cup betting, we also talk about the odds that are available. They are used by punters to find out the potential winnings of a bet on the only national cup in France, the French Cup football odds are important and will often determine your betting decisions.

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How are the French Cup odds calculated?

Logically, the odds will be calculated according to the statistics that relate to the French Cup tie that you want to bet on. It is important to know that the higher the probability of an event taking place, the lower the value of the odds. Let's take an example: a cup game between Marseille and Red Star.

Olympique de Marseille, playing in Ligue 1, are naturally expected to win by the experts when they play Red Star who are in the National League. Therefore, a French Cup bet of the type "Marseille victory" will be offered at relatively low odds by sports betting sites (e.g. 1.20), since the probability of a Marseille victory is quite high. On the contrary, the odds offered for the "Red Star win" bet will be high (e.g. 8.50), since the chances of the National players winning are relatively low given the statistics and the history. The odds on French Cup matches will therefore vary according to the figures and stats of each club, player, and even coach! You do need to be wary of the fact that Marseille will likely field a weakened line-up.

The odds will fluctuate throughout the match all depending on what is happening on the pitch. If Red Star opens the scoring at the Orange Vélodrome, the odds for their victory will drop for your live bet (e.g. from 8.50 to 3.60), while the odds for a Marseille success will increase (e.g. from 1.20 to 1.95). 

How to use French Cup odds?

Varying in value according to the bets offered by the bookmakers, the odds of the French Cup matches will have several tasks. The first one is of course to calculate the potential winnings of your bets. In concrete terms, it is by multiplying these odds by the amount of money you are going to bet, that you will be able to know the winnings that will be paid out by the bookmaker in the event of success (odds x stake = bet winnings).

Secondly, the relationship between the odds and the French Cup match will also make sense if you can compare your ideas with those of the bookmakers. Let's take the Strasbourg-Guingamp match as an example. If you think that Racing have a better chance than En-Avant to win on their home turf, and that you see odds of 1.50 at the sports betting sites for such a scenario, no worries on the horizon, you remain within the market logic.

On the other hand, if you see that the odds for a win by the Alsatians are much too high (e.g. 2.20), you should question yourself. Either, in the first case, you have missed a major piece of information (injury of a player, suspensions, game at stake just after...), you will have to review your strategy. Or, in the second case, if you think that the online betting sites underestimate Strasbourg in relation to the context, you should then bet without hesitation on the victory of Strasbourg. The same reasoning applies to all teams playing in the French Cup.

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Bet on the long term with the odds of the future winner

In addition to being linked to the matches of this national cup, the odds will also be linked to the competitions as such. Thus, on the French Cup as on the other cups or the various championships, you will have the opportunity to bet on who will win the cup. Odds will be available throughout the season so take a look at them, especially if you fancy an outsider to lift the trophy.

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To maximise your winnings on the French Cup, you should bet on the highest odds on the market. Indeed, for the same bet, the different bookmakers will often offer you different odds values, sometimes varying from 0.10 or more. In this case, the interest of comparing these odds will be undeniable: to take advantage of the best possible gains.

Let's take the example of a French Cup match between Nantes and Nice, for which you want to bet £100 on Nice. After checking, you will notice that the odds on a victory for Nice are 2.28 at VBET but at bet365 they are 2.35. In this case, it would be preferable to bet your £100 with bet365 who will give you £235 in gross winnings in the event of a winning bet, compared to €228 with the other bookmaker.

To do this, you will of course need to open an account with all the sports betting sites on the market, otherwise the French Cup odds comparison will not be very useful. Register with as many sites as possible but read our reviews before doing so. So, you are now aware of the importance of comparing the odds before betting on the French Cup. Now is the perfect time to do it, with our odds comparator. Find out without further ado the odds for the next French Cup matches.

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