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How to manage your sports betting funds?

manage your sports betting funds

To manage your sports betting funds, you should :

  • Determine your monthly budget
  • Evaluate your funds units
  • Evaluate the confidence index of your bets
  • Analyse the matches in depth

By respecting these four key points, you will surely manage your funds better with the bookmakers. More importantly, follow Sportytrader's expert advice!

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Sports betting: How to manage your funds?

Here are the detailed points to respect in order to manage your funds for sports betting. Be careful as this is important to ensure reliable bets are made.

Determine your monthly budget

Obviously, as a first step, you have to decide how much money you would like to use on sports betting. To do this, and since we address that a funds is in fact a capital, it is advisable to determine your budget allocated to online betting each month.

There is no specific number for a monthly budget of sports betting in general. Depending on your available income, it varies from person to person, and it should never put your living expenses at risk. 

As gambling addiction is a disease, you should avoid falling into the trap. Determine your budget according to your resources and never exceed it. To help you do this, don't forget that you can set your own monthly deposit limits with the bookmakers so there is no risk of spending beyond your means. Do not gamble money you cannot afford to lose.

As far as the amount of your funds is concerned, we advise you never to allocate more than 4-7% of your monthly income to sports betting. Although this ratio may vary according to your betting profile, it is often sufficient to start collecting considerable winnings from bookmakers.

How to calculate your sports betting funds?

Calculation of a moderate funds = 0.04 x net monthly income

Example: 0.04 x 1800 = £72

In short, a budget of £70 per month is therefore reasonable, when the net salary is £1800.

Calculation of a higher funds = 0.07 x net monthly income

Example : 0.07 x 1800 = £126

In short, a budget of £130 per month is acceptable when the net salary is £1800.

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Evaluate your funds units

After evaluating your funds, another step will be vital is to evaluate your funds units. In other words, this means to divide your budget into units, so that you know at the moment how much money to place on a sports bet.

Generally, the total funds is estimated as 100 units, which are used gradually over weeks. If your funds is, for example, 150£ per month, each unit will be worth £1.50.

It is up to you to decide how many units you want to use for your bet. Generally, it is recommended that you use no more than 5 units for a bet, in order to avoid bankruptcy. In the example given here, the maximum stake per bet will therefore be £7.50, while the minimum bet will be £1.50. It’s to be determined in particular according to the confidence index of your bet.

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Evaluate the confidence index of your bets

When your funds is determined, and the amount of your units is known, you are ready to go to the bookmakers to bet. To know the amount to bet, you have to determine the risk, which is indicated by the confidence index.

Confidence ratingNumber of units to bet
1 out of 5 - Very High risk bet1
2 out of 5 - High risk bet2
3 out of 5 - Moderate bet3
4 out of 5 - Possible winning bet4
5 out of 5 - Good chance of being winning bet5

Using the table above, you can determine how much money is wise to place on your bet. To take the example of a funds of £150, i.e. £1.50 per unit, a bet with a confidence of 4 out of 5 could therefore see a bet of £6 placed, i.e. four units of £1.50. 

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Analyse the match in depth

Finally, the last key point is to analyse the event concerning your bet.

As we have just mentioned, in order to manage your funds properly, you will need to evaluate the confidence index of each bet. To do this, you will need to analyse in depth the context of the match concerned, whether it be the statistics, the psychological character or the strengths of each side of the field. Here are some points to look at systematically in order to determine the confidence index, let’s take a football match as an example:.

  • Consult the current form of the teams
  • Analyse the number of players
  • Check to see if there will be any major absentees
  • Take into account the importance of the match
  • Take into account the rivalry between the teams
  • Wait for the team line-up
  • Follow the recent news of the two clubs 
  • Consult Sportytrader's prediction

By analysing all these points before betting, you will be able to determine an index of confidence that best fits the reality, and thus avoid betting too much on one bet. A reliable method to optimise the management of your funds. Is everything included? Then it's up to you!

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